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Just some disappointed grumbles (ive been watching 'new' (not tos) trek)

2020.09.25 02:41 JustThrowMeOutLater Just some disappointed grumbles (ive been watching 'new' (not tos) trek)

The american BBC shows nothing but TNG and DS9 all day. And I've had it on as background noise while I work from home, so I've really caught up on these series' in the last uh.....jeez, six months really. But some part of my bitter little gay heart (yeah it's gay complaining, leave now if it's not your cup of tea pls) is also... disappointed?
It's not like the 'new' ones aren't progressive or anything, and I like them a lot! But if I talked about everything I liked, that'd be like (50) different threads. So this is just for me complaining... about, you guessed it; no gay characters ;-; A friend showed me the vid of renee and armin's cut quark/odo kiss, which made me look up why they couldn't do the kiss if both actors were down... and then I learned about all of Berman's bs, and man. It was depressing. The sheer opposite of the kirk/uhura kiss. Knowing that takei and roddenberry even discussed gay crewmates in the friggin sixties just makes it feel worse. It wasn't really possible then to get past the censors then no matter what they did, so I completely understand. But in 1999? They wouldn't even be the first, much less worried about being cancelled (and it was the end of the series anyway!)
(No, neither quark nor odo are at all hot, much less together- but something doesn't have to be fanservice for me to think it's a good idea! There's plenty of need in this world for more grouchy married gay men.)
I'm sure you've all seen this particular complaint before. I'm just feeling extra bitter, so I hope you don't mind it being posted anyway. A future utopia where humanity has more or less surpassed all it's societal woes and shortcomings, but where gays like me aren't present (ha! maybe eliminated as a piece of that ;-;) really does suck. The fact that I like the world and the series so much just adds to it. I guess I thought there'd be a little more than there was, even if I knew there were no main characters who got to be queer. I certainly didn't expect a world more homophobic than friggin "Friends" or "Roseanne" for christ's sake. Silly me, huh?
I honestly feel like things were primed to keep going as they were with the trailblazing TOS, but none of the new series delivered. Does anyone else feel the same way? Where's the firsts? Where's the creative acrobatics to get around censorship and put out a message? To put it plainly, the 60s' version of the show, from chekov's whack-you-over-the-head russian pride during the cold war, to the first interracial kiss on tv, still feels like the most progressive-spirited one to me...and it really, really shouldn't. (There is some REAL dated stuff in there.)
Spoiler part although I've never seen Discovery: is it any better? From what I understand, there was a gay couple that did indeed exist, but then they immediately killed one of them- and I'm not exactly interested in that sort of bs.
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2020.09.21 18:00 EmpireOfChairs Capstone for Part 3: Gravity's Rainbow

Hello, everybody! It’s finally time to leave the Zone!
Can you believe that you haven’t even gotten to the most difficult part of the novel yet?
Anyway, I’ve included a massive plot summary here, because the last capstone had one, but this is only for the benefit of new and future readers who are struggling to make sense of the plot threads, and it doesn’t contain any real analysis. If you feel like you understood the gist of what happened already, then feel free to skip it. I am hoping that this summary will elucidate this part of the novel for those who are having trouble following the narrative but still want the opportunity to come to their own conclusions about what it all means.
Throughout In the Zone, I found my real life suddenly full of random obstacles that meant that I couldn’t contribute to as many threads as I would have liked. I would read those other threads and find that things which had fascinated me were either being ignored wholesale or else (I felt) misinterpreted in the comments. As such, I would like to give my thoughts on them here and now, before we leave the Zone and the opportunity to discuss these things is lost.
However, because the plot of In the Zone is so damn long, I’ve decided to do things a little bit differently: I’m going to use this main thread for the summary, and then I’m going to write individual comments on the various parts of In the Zone which I think deserve more analysis before we move on to The Counterforce. The parts I will be analysing will be titled Bianca, Enzian, and The Castle, with associated page numbers based around the 902-page Vintage edition.
Plot Summary:
As you would imagine, I can’t put a lot of detail into a brief summary of what would, on its own, still represent a fairly long novel. I’d like to apologise in advance if I happen to miss anything important, story-wise.
In the Zone opens with Slothrop in his new secret identity as British journalist Ian Scuffling, travelling by train trough the remnants of post-war Germany, the Zone, where he shall remain for most of the book. He meets a racist, jingoistic military man named Major Duane Marvy, who is promptly thrown off the train by a mysterious African ‘rocket-trooper’ named Orbst Enzian. Wandering through the Zone, Slothrop encounters Geli Tripping, a witch with an owl who reveals herself to be the lover of a murderous Soviet cyborg named Tchitcherine, who is involved with finding the Schwarzgerät; a one-of-a-kind V-2 rocket. Having apparently escaped Them, finding out what happened to this rocket then becomes the primary goal of Slothrop – his new epic quest.
Slothrop attempts to infiltrate the Mittelwerke, a vast SS-shaped underground tunnel complex, used by the Nazis to create V-2 rockets using slave-labourers from the nearby Dora concentration camp. He finds the place invaded by Marvy’s army, and the Russians – who both decide to murder Slothrop for discovering what seems to be… an ongoing operation? After his escape, Slothrop finds himself escaping to Berlin via hot-air balloon, only to be hunted by Marvy’s boys once more, but luckily the balloon is filled with custard pies, which are then thrown into the engine of Marvy’s aircraft, presumably killing most of them.
We come to learn more about Enzian, who turns out to have lived previously as a sex-slave to Weissman, a high-ranking German officer who participated in the Herero genocide that wiped out Enzian’s family. As time progressed, Enzian became Weissman’s Monster – the sinister, black right-hand man during his master’s involvement with the development of the V-2 rocket and the mysterious Schwarzgerät. In the Zone, with Weissman’s disappearance, Enzian has taken on a new, commanding role as the leader of the Schwarzkommando – a paramilitary death-cult made up of members of the Erdschweinhöhle (the death-obsessed Herero-survivors scattered throughout various communities in Nordhausen), who have made it their goal to find the Schwarzgerät. He even gets his own right-hand man in the form of the radio-enthusiast Andreas Orukambe. Among the Schwarzkommando, however, there is disagreement – some, like Enzian, believe in the destiny of destruction promised by the Rocket, whilst others, such as Ombindi of the Empty Ones, wish to initiate their own form of ‘racial suicide’, which uses sexual deviancy to ensure a negative birth-rate, which is seen as a triumph of material pleasure over the European ideals of Christian asceticism and death-worship.
Because of his quest to discover the Schwarzgerät, he is by default the arch-nemesis of Tchitcherine. Tchitcherine, we find out, is the long-lost half-brother of Enzian, their father having had a steamy affair with a Herero girl whilst in the midst of deserting the Russo-Japanese War. He grows up into a high-ranking agent of the Leninist Soviet regime, being principally tasked with giving the native people of Kyrgyzstan a new language (the New Turkic Alphabet), which isn’t historically accurate, by the way. During an uprising against conscription in 1916, thousands of native Kazakhs were killed, in an event which Tchitcherine refers to as the Kirghiz Light, which loses him his cosy, bureaucratic job. He is haunted by this light, which he sees as an illumination, a transcendent moment in which he saw the force behind it all. Sent out to the Zone, Tchitcherine has quickly adopted the new role of Rocket-fanatic, believing (like Enzian) that there is a spiritual force to be revealed to him in the Schwarzgerät. He is not entirely sure why his superiors sent him to the Zone, but he is absolutely convinced that it somehow involves Enzian and the Schwarzkommando.
Back to Slothrop, who briefly runs into Enzian again, only to be told, rather ominously, that reality is not real. Enzian, indeed, seems to treat his existence as though they were all conjured into being by some director or writer-God, and that all they can do is follow a pre-determined path to His ending. Weird. Anyway, Slothrop then meets Säure Bummer, the coolest man in the Zone – a proto-hippie drug dealer and money-counterfeiter, who suggests that Slothrop take on the superhero identity of Rocketman (which he does) and then advises him to travel to a bar to meet a contact (Seaman Bodine, the foul-mouthed sailor) who will show Slothrop the way to the Schwarzgerät in exchange for picking up a massive shipment of marijuana – located in the centre of the Potsdam conference. He is then to return with the product, which will be given to an influential Zone personality called der Springer, who will know Slothrop is cool because Säure has given him a chess-piece (a white knight) with which to identify himself. With this potential reward, along with part of the score and one million fake marks, Slothrop decides to haul ass to the conference. He invents another disguise (Max Schelpzig, the name on the fake ID which brought him to Europe in the first place) and sets forth, first by taking a boat into the Russian sector and then running on foot through an Autobahn, jumping the barricade into Potsdam. He gets the dope eventually, after a few awkward encounters with politicians and a few epic stealth moves, and then returns to his boat, where he is then drugged and dragged away, unconscious. Turns out, Tchitcherine has been watching him the whole time, and has just drugged him with the truth-serum/LSD stand-in Sodium Amytal.). He then tries out a huge chunk of Slothrop’s product with his right-hand man, Dzaqyp Qulan, and dumps Slothrop in an abandoned film studio. Waking up, Slothrop encounters Greta Erdmann, a pre-war pornographic actress, who is searching the studio in the hopes of finding her daughter, Bianca, who was conceived at this very studio, with a man named Max Schelpzig, during the filming of German director der Springer’s movie Alpdrücken. Slothrop confides that he isn’t so sure that he’s not in a movie right now.
Meanwhile, the Argentinian anarchists of Squalidozzi find themselves in a submarine, longing for the Zone to become a permanently decentralised monument to the freedom of the individual, in stark contrast from what is happening back home, in their native Buenos Aires. They believe in the power of art to inspire revolution, and desire to work with der Springer to create a film version of Martin Fierro which will force their revolution into existence – just as his propaganda films seemed to will the Schwarzkommando into existence.
Quite the opposite kind of person is then introduced to us: Franz Pökler, a Nazi engineer who worked on the V-2 rocket and the Schwarzgerät under the command of Weissman (now calling himself Captain Blicero). Pynchon shows us basically all of Pökler’s adult life, in a non-linear order. What happens, in short, is this: Pökler is inspired to become a rocket-engineer after taking university lectures in chemistry via Laszlo Jamf, the Pavlovian who somehow conditioned Slothrop as a baby to get erections during V-2 rocket strikes, decades before the V-2 was invented. He marries Leni Pökler, a communist reactionary who will drift apart from him as Weimar Germany becomes the hotseat for a new form of Evil. After watching the late-night premiere of Alpdrücken, Pökler runs home and impregnates Leni with their only child, Ilse. Raising her, he feels compelled to instil within her a desire to travel to the Moon, which is handily reinforced with frequent visits to Zwölfkinder, an amusement park run entirely by children. With Leni gone, Pökler falls deep into his work for the Nazis. As time goes on, he begins to question the nature of his work – is what he is doing just as Evil as what They are doing? Blicero and the other higher-ups catch wind of this, and, to prevent sabotage, Ilse is removed from Pökler’s life. He realises that bringing up the topic will result in termination, possibly of his life, and so he keeps on with the rocket work. He then sees Ilse again, delivered to him at his office without a note, and is advised to go to Zwölfkinder with her, which he does. She disappears the next day. This happens year after year on the same day, with Pökler gradually developing a harrowing fear that she died in the first year, and was replaced by a similar-looking girl. On their final visit to Zwölfkinder, after the Nazi defeat, they find the park empty, and ‘Ilse’ no longer likes the Moon. She tells him that they will no meet again. He returns to the office to find that it has been bombed to smithereens – interesting, isn’t it, how this just so happened to occur on the same day that Pökler goes on his holiday? Bewildered, Pökler travels to the location that Ilse and Leni were supposedly being held, only to find himself in the middle of the Dora concentration camp.
We then encounter the quick story of Horst Achtfaden, another Nazi engineer who, whilst on-board a possibly imaginary “Toiletship” vessel, is captured by Enzian and the Schwarzkommando, who demand that he reveal to them the location of the Schwarzgerät. Deciding that the entire War was just a big joke and that it definitely isn’t worth dying for, he claims that he has no idea what they are talking about, but that there was a colleague named Narrisch who worked directly on the project, so maybe bother him instead.
Back to Slothrop, who is now following the slightly unhinged Greta Erdmann’s lead as she follows a hunch that she hopes will lead straight to Bianca. This leads to a coastal town near the Lüneberg Heath, where the glimpse of a shrouded figure in the mist sends Greta into hysterics before it disappears. As evening approaches, a party-boat named the Anubis drifts by the coast. Upon seeing it, Greta becomes convinced that Bianca is on-board, and jumps into the water after it. Slothrop swims after her, losing his entire Rocketman costume to the sea as he does so. He discovers that the ship is a massive upper-class, elite society orgy vessel - people are indulging in the most depraved sexual acts he has ever seen, all the time, all over the place. And as the night wades on, the centrepiece of this orgy commences – a young girl (Bianca) performs half of a Shirley Temple routine before being publicly humiliated and whipped by Erdmann, her mother. The following morning, Bianca enters Slothrop’s room and the two have sex. Later, a Japanese people-watcher named Ensign Morituri, who lived on the same coastal town that Slothrop was at when they saw the Anubis, relates the horrible truth of Erdmann’s past life. In the lead-up to her time with Slothrop, Erdmann, a fellow native of the town, had gradually gone insane with her partner Gerhardt von Goll, believing herself (for some reason) to be part-Jewish. As some sort of psychotic payback against the Nazis, she began dressing in a shroud and luring the local children out to the swamps, where she would role-play with them (her as Nazi, child as Jew) before drowning them. The figure Erdmann saw earlier is revealed to be a grown-up version of one of the few survivors of her serial-killings – a survivor only because Morituri was there to stop her.
Later, Slothrop endeavours to find Erdmann after she locks herself in her room out of guilt. However, she reveals that her guilt is out of a completely unrelated event – during her time at the Heath, she became the sexual associate of Captain Blicero, who is revealed to have gone insane whilst pursuing some kind of apocalyptic project with a sex-slave (a young boy named Gottfried, who has mysteriously disappeared…) and has now come to see himself as a mythic figure in a fantasy world, running through a different version of Germany from everyone else. During her career as a sex-icon, Blicero took Greta to a remote room in a petrochemical plant, filled with politicians and business tycoons, who introduced her to clothing made entirely out of a new form of plastic – she finds it so stimulating that she wanted to immediate get down and dirty with those around her, but was just as quickly led out of the room again, and, over time, left with a growing concern that she witnessed the birth of something too horrible to really get to the bottom of.
Shortly after this encounter, a major storm hits the Anubis, and many of the passengers, including Slothrop, find themselves thrown head-first into the Sea. Slothrop seems content that the ‘Fascist cargo’ of the ship will soon drown to death. Of course, he is not included – he is soon picked up by an illegal smuggler and sweet old lady called Frau Gnahb, who travels with her young descendant Otto. Reaching land the following morning, Slothrop quickly finds a white-suited man calling himself der Springer, who (after Slothrop shows him Säure’s chess-piece) reveals himself to be none other than Gerhardt von Goll. He is travelling with his friend, an ex-scientist named Narrisch. They all then hop on-board to journey to Peenemunde, where von Goll is immediately arrested by Russian authorities. Narrisch, angered by the whole thing, then forces Slothrop to accompany him as they do another deep-cover infiltration, this time of the Tchitcherine’s military base where they are keeping von Goll. Freeing von Goll, who is on Sodium Amytal, Slothrop finds himself kocking a guard unconscious and taking his uniform. Then, Slothrop and Narrisch run into Tchitcherine and Qulan, where they all get very confused about the uniforms, thus buying enough time for von Goll’s escape. Narrisch then decides to stay behind to fight off the Russians, to allow Frau Gnahb and the gang to get away safely.
Then, to Slothrop’s horror, they once more find the Anubis, where Slothrop is told that he will find his stash to give to von Goll in the engine room. Going on-board, he finds that no-one on the ship remembers or recognises him at all. He gets to the engine room, where the lights go out completely, and voices proceed to taunt and beat him. Frightened, he looks up to find the corpse of Bianca hanging from a noose, just above the stash. He gets it and runs, finding invisible hands grabbing his own as he tries to climb the ladder out of there.
Meanwhile, two older characters, Katje and Pirate, find themselves entwined with a counter-revolutionary force after the destruction of the White Visitation. Katje discovers a film by Osbie Feel which seems to reveal to her the whole Plan and how to combat it, whilst Pirate, on the other hand, has a psychic vision in which he discovers that people of those whom he had trusted are actually parts of Them, and, what’s worse, They know that he is watching them. Both Katje and Pirate begin to form a vague hope of something that can defeat Them, some kind of Counterforce…
Wandering homeless around the Zone again, Slothrop begins to wonder about his own family history, and the environmental damage wrought by his family’s paper company. Furthermore, he thinks back to his first American ancestor, William Slothrop, a pig-loving anti-establishment figure whose political pamphlet was burned on-masse by the Elite, and was then forced to return, defeated, to England. Slothrop once more meets both Marvy and the Schwarzkommando, neither of whom recognise him in the Russian uniform. We soon find out that Marvy is now in league with the Soviets, who have been extracting information about the Schwarzgerät from Narrisch and selling it back to Marvy. While this is going on, Slothrop finds Cuxhaven, where the local children ask him to become their mythical pig-hero, Plechazunga, as part of a pagan festival. Crashed by the cops, Slothrop takes refuge with a teenage girl, who wishes to escape with him, but refuses to leave when the time comes. Slothrop, on the road again, finds a slightly mad German child who demands that Slothrop help him find his lemming, which they fail to do, but Slothrop himself finds a pig, who accompanies him on his journey, which is interrupted by one evening in which Slothrop finds a fellow homeless wanderer named Franz Pökler, who he finds strangely relatable.
Meanwhile, we get to hear about Lyle Bland. Bland was a member of the Masons, though he did not care about the society in the same way that the other Masons seemed to. However, as time went on, he felt that he understood their rites and rituals in a way that the real members never did. He became connected to arcane magickal forces, creating nightly out-of-body experiences, saying on his deathbed that he would choose that night to break through to the Other Side and achieve transcendence. Bland’s life prior to this event was a mish-mash of government deals with mobsters, with the conniving blackmail techniques of intelligence agencies, with the grand conspiracies of international technology tycoons. This last one seems particularly interesting, don’t you think? Bland thinks so too, and he actually has quite a pet passion for a remarkable scheme involving pinball machines that are built to fail – the machines will, in fact, fail immediately after they are fixed. How? Good question.
The final Slothrop scene of In the Zone shows him once more with Bodine, running away from American troops and straight into a mansion which happens to be hosting the party of the century. Ditching his pig-costume in a closet, he takes up in a bedroom with a prostitute named Solange, who is actually Leni Pökler in a new identity. Meanwhile, Bodine runs into Major Marvy, who is here to have sex with a minority so that he can live out a racist power-fantasy. Bodine gives Marvy a vial of cocaine, which Marvy then stashes into his jacket. Later, the mansion is raided by American troops – Marvy, having sex with a minority, freaks it because of the coke he left in his pocket, runs to the closet to find the jacket, only to discover that his whole uniform is missing – the only outfit he can put on to escape is some sort of pig costume. The American troops then find him, ask him if he is Tyrone Slothrop, which Marvy agrees to, hoping that Slothrop hasn’t done anything too bad. He is then kidnapped and dragged into the woods by Muffage and Spontoon, the two hitmen hired by Pointsmen in a previous part of the book to find Slothrop, who proceed to drug and castrate Marvy.
The final section features Mossmoon and Scammony, two government boys back in England who gossip about Pointsman’s career ruination over the castration of Marvy, and the collapse of the whole Scheme. They uneasily discuss the role of homosexuality in government conspiracies. They reveal, finally, what Slothrop was supposed to do in Their Grand Scheme. He was supposed to begin the extermination of the black race. Oh well, they think. If he can’t do it, They will just have to develop different methods.
In the Zone ends on, or around, August 6th 1945 – the date of the atomic bomb strike on Hiroshima. It is also the celebration the Transfiguration.
Discussion Questions:
· Has it occurred to you that most of the dialogue in these sections would have been spoken in German?
· Why do you think the novel is divided into four parts, and what do you think separates them?
· What do you make of the use of the Wizard of Oz quote that begins this section? Quite interesting, especially considering that this is the only epigram that seems to have no reference point in the actual novel.
· What has changed between the beginning and the end of In the Zone?
· Many have expressed the view that Gravity’s Rainbow is not about WWII at all. In fact, Gravity’s Rainbow is about Vietnam. How do you feel about that interpretation, given the focus on the Zone here? More importantly, what does In the Zone tell us about the world in 1973?
· Do you believe that Gravity’s Rainbow is at all autobiographical?
· Why do you think Slothrop keeps becoming a superhero in these sections? What do superheroes and comic books mean to Pynchon?
· Some people have pointed out, with a particular focus on the episodes in which Slothrop wakes up in the studio and Katje finds Osbie Feel’s movie, that the plot is actually a giant film. How does that strike you, and how do you think that metafiction and the introduction of alternative mediums relates to the themes of In the Zone?
· In the Zone makes up literally half of the book. But why? What’s so important about it that could not expressed elsewhere?
· For that matter, what do you make of the Zone itself? Why do you think he wrote a book around it?
· Does Pynchon evoke the imagery of ghosts, magic, angels, demons, telepathy and other phenomena with genuine sincerity, or are we supposed to take these as metaphors for more grounded events?
· This section is far more epic in scope than the two preceding it. Did you encounter anything cool or interesting that you think we forgot about in the discussion threads?
· What do you make of the Rocket-cartel, and what do think Their grand plan actually is?
· What was your favourite episode of this part? Also, what was your favourite Pynchon-tangent or speech?
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2020.09.17 21:45 ar_david_hh Sep/17/2020 news: \\ TUMO expansion: labs & nano-tech \\ anti-corruption: officials to disclose purchases \\ oppo vs govt: verbal battle \\ busted: rector & cops \\ clinics+ \\ PM intervenes \\ COVID is back? \\ tourism sights \\ Human Capital Index \\ bills pass: free lawyer, genocide calls \\ debt

TUMO high-tech school to expand / Labs / Nano-tech / Programming / Science

Education Ministry gave a 15,000m2 land in Yerevan to TUMO so it can build an engineering and scientific facility.
Education Minister Harutyunyan: // the new labs will examine nano-technologies, biotech, and artificial intelligence.
Other universities can build their own specialized labs in TUMO and cooperate with TUMO's labs, under the condition that everyone will share all labs. Adults only.
They'll teach programming to non-programmers by using a French school's curriculum. Students of all ages are welcome.
A French university's programming faculty will be established in this building.
The construction begins in 2021 and ends in 2023. The facility will be self-financed a few years later. //

Parliament voted not to discuss Education Minister's resignation

Here is a context in case you missed the fight between opposition parties and Education Minister Harutyunyan:

Pashinyan joins Education Minister to roast Tsarukyan

Context: yesterday the "traditionalist" opposition politicians accused Education Minister Harutyunyan of harming the Armenian language, church, history, etc. because they disagree with the upcoming major reforms. The argument heated and the Minister said you can't rape women in church then talk about the church (hinting to BHK leader Tsarukyan's rape conviction).
Pashinyan today: // it's hard not to agree with the Minister. At first, you as a sergeant of police forces invite foreign women to show them a church, then you group-rape the guests and mug them. Then you engage in the protection of national values and identity. A true "patriotism". //

Tsarukyan roasts back

Tsarukyan responds: // I think it's time to amend the Constitution to clearly state that people with serious mental problems should not have the right to hold high political positions and endanger the public. //
Context: it's aimed at Pashinyan. Possibly related to the former regime's media circulating rumors that Pashinyan was exempt from military service due to mental problems. The record, however, shows he was exempt because two of his brothers had already served, which disqualified him.
Former regime also spread unverified Telegram rumors that Pashinyan went to a psychiatric clinic in 2019 and they even gave a specific doctors' name. Fact-checkers found it to be false; the doctor wasn't even in Armenia.

Ruling MPs respond to Tsarukyan / Minister's past

QP MP Alen Simonyan: // I'm confident that Tsarukyan's post about mental disorder was aimed at a fellow BHK MP Gevorg Petrosyan [the overly-traditionalist and anti-gay dude]. There are reports that he had mental problems dating back to the time when he was the Labor & Social Affairs Minister. His mental problem is why he had to leave the position after only holding the position for a few months. I'm sure the decision to replace him was made by Tsarukyan, who is currently trying to pretend to be a politician. //

BHK replies / they didn't joke about amending Constitution

BHK MP Iveta: // whoever that [mental health Facebook] post was aimed at has understood it was for them. No doubt QP MP Alen has a vivid imagination [about it being aimed at BHK Minister]. We're serious about amending the Constitution to block officials with serious mental problems. //

QP isn't joking, either / a bill already exists

QP MP Kristine: // then perhaps BHK should join and support the bill I introduced in 2019 which would require mental tests for MP candidates. If Parliament MPs elect a prosecutor who has to undergo a mental evaluation, why shouldn't MPs themselves undergo one?
BHK was against this bill. At the time, they said it was discriminatory and that anyone should be able to become MP. They must have had a change of mind since then. Maybe they'll support it now. //

QP summoned a meeting

The ruling party held a large meeting this evening. The PM, Governors, and Ministers were present. It wasn't over the spat with Tsarukyan.
Some QP MPs will resign to get a job at the government. There might be other rotation.

anti-corruption reform: purchases by public officials could be monitored

Justice Minister Badasyan introduced a draft bill to amend the law to require public officials to disclose [in annual declaration form] any purchases larger than $4,000, or if a collection of similar purchases exceed $6,000 (so officials won't split the same purchase into smaller pieces to hide).
Moreover, the newly established Corruption Prevention Commission would be allowed to request an explanation if the official gains large properties within 2 years of leaving the office.
The definition of a luxury property would lower from $16,000 to $8,000 so more properties would need to be declared.

should city council members also disclose their properties?

Another anti-corruption reform will require municipality councilmen to file the aforementioned declarations.
LHK is against this because "it adds extra burden on councilmen so the cities could lose valuable councilmen who can't manage to handle their work and file papers at the same time. It already takes a great amount of effort to convince some good councilmen to work."
QP countered LHK's argument with, "it doesn't matter that good councilman volunteer their time for the city. If they are public officials and make decisions for the public, they should file paperwork to reduce corruption."
One of these logics is simp while the other is chad. You decide...

former Yerevan State University rector is charged with embezzlement

Aram Simonyan is accused of embezzlement and/or waste. It's related to the Feb/19/2019 investigation in which he was accused of taking $10,000 in bribes. The SOC auditors had also discovered $830,000 in "damages" at the time.
It was later clarified that the new charges are about alleged embezzlement of $71,000 in 2015, which is part of that wider $830,000 corruption investigation done by SOC two years ago.
The former rector denied the accusations.

ex-police chief Gasparyan charged with assaulting a journalist

Vladimir Gasparyan is officially charged with assaulting Azatutyun journalists who were using a drone to film his Sevan beach-front mansion, which was built too close to the lake and is subject to partial removal.

investigators bust another police brutality case

This one involves a prominent weightlifter and international referee Armen Ghazaryan. He and another detainee were assaulted in a police station by a group of cops, say the investigators.

Hardline traditionalists vs Goerge Soros

Self-proclaimed hardcore traditionalists from "Kamq" group danced in front of the govt building and attempted to pour gasoline and burn Goerge Soros's dummy:

Air Force One painting

Some outlets circulated rumors that last month the PM's office spent $250,000 to paint Prime Minister's Airbus A319. The govt says it's "completely fake news".

the new judges took the oath

Three new Constitutional Court judges were earlier approved to fill the vacant seats in court. Today was the oath ceremony for two of them. They swore while in Parliament.

update: clothing import tariffs

Last week several clothing importer businesses protested the new law that will calculate border tariffs based on each imported item instead of the package's weight. Something about EAEU rules that were announced last year but was implemented now due to COVID delay.
Today the IRS and businesses met to discuss ways to ease the burden on businesses. They struck a cooperation deal.

COVID stats / schools / another wave coming?

4,319 tested in one day, the highest since July. +295 infected. +162 healed. +2 deaths. 3,232 active. 252,158 tested.
Pashinyan: although the daily tests have increased, the number of daily infections has increased too, crossing 200 again. The public should be concerned.
Healthcare Ministry: 7% of tested came positive. That's higher than before.
Pashinyan: I saw street traffic for the first time since March. Probably related to school reopening. Perhaps the uptick in infections is related to the shopping/social activities that happen before the school season.
Practically, masks are our only tool to fight the virus. The police should strictly enforce the mask law. Masks aren't for covering your chin, it's for your mouth and nose.
Healthcare Ministry: we predict a rapid spread of COVID. 1 patient will infect >1 healthy. Right now it's at 1.02, just days after it was less than 1. Wash your hands and keep a distance.

Coronawalrus forces Armenians to finally explore their country

Internal tourism boomed while air travel was banned. Here are some lesser-known sites that Armenians "discovered...
Tsiranavor church
... is in Ashtarak, Aragatsotn. The legend says 3 sisters fell in love with a dude named Sargis. The two elder sisters sacrifice themselves so the small sis will be happy with Sargis. They wear orange "tsirani" dress and jumped off a cliff, hence the name Tsiranavor. (FFS)
Dashtadem Castle
Located near Dashtadem, Aragatsotn, the castle was built on the 7th century on top of an ancient Urartian castle.
Agarak historical-cultural reserve
... is near Agarak, Aragatsotn. It's a rocky promontory of volcanic tuff protrusions (god bless google translate).
More in the link with maps and photos:

Yerevan's clinics are developing

As part of a plan to develop Yerevan clinics, which are often a subject of quality-related complaints, this year the city spent $415,000 (3x vs 2018) to buy medical equipment.
"Clinics should be good enough to prevent patients from ending up in hospitals," said Mayor Marutyan, "last year we purchased 325 pieces of equipment. This year it's 134. Five clinics will be renovated."

Pashinyan intervenes to extend Yolyan director's contract

Yolyan blood clinic's director was supposed to be laid off on October 1st due to the contract's expiration. Ministry said it was due to his retirement age. A group of doctors asked Pashinyan to extend the contract, or else they'd quit.
Today Pashinyan decided to extend his contract. He also criticized some of the doctors who "pressured him by threatening to quit and intentionally place cancer-patient children's lives at risk."

The discrimination of ethnic Armenians in Moscow continues

Moscow's largest Azeri-owned "Food City" bazaar still won't allow Armenian sellers to place an ad sign in their booths. Sellers complain it harms trade.
Truck drivers with Armenian license plates still aren't allowed to enter, although the bazaar administration left a "loophole" and allows trucks if the plates are covered.
Moscow authorities earlier claimed the conflict was "settled" but the sellers say otherwise.
The conflict between Food City and Armenians began after Azerbaijan lost the July Battles and Food City's Azeri owner got upset at ethnic Armenian civilians.

the fighter jets fly together

Pashinyan uploaded a video of all 4 SU-30SM fighter jets flying together for the first time during training.

making fighter jet flights safer

Today the govt approved a transaction to repair two pieces of technologies (PAR-10 and MRM-80) to make jet flights safer and good and bad weather conditions.

more families of deceased soldiers to get free lawyers

Parliament voted 120-1 to approve a BHK bill to expand the list of people who qualify for free legal services.
Until now, families of those who died from the enemy fire could get lawyers for free. With the new law, non-combat deaths will also qualify.
Presumably, this isn't only about legal services related to the soldier's death; it's in general. The families cannot use the free legal service for business disputes, trials in which the compensation sum is very large, etc.

inciting a genocide is now a felony crime

Parliament voted 121-0 to approve a QP bill to set an 8-10 year prison sentence for publicly and directly inciting a genocide.
10-14 years if it's done by a group with the help of mass media.
Up to life sentence if it's done by a group of public officials.

sports gambling offices will be 150 meters away from...

... schools, cultural-historical buildings, government buildings, etc.

gas explosion victims will get new apartments

A gas exploded in a Yerevan apartment complex a few weeks ago. 12 families were left homeless.
Today the govt decided to give them vouchers to buy new apartments. The subsidy is calculated based on the property's average price at $690/m2.
$378,000 will be spent for 12 families. They can spend all the aid on a "large" apartment, or they can buy a small one and keep part of the cash.

preparing for Sep-21 Independence Day celebrations

The national symphonic orchestra will perform in the evening on the roof of the Opera building. The orchestra uploaded a teaser photo that said "can you guess where we are right now?". (հետո էլ երաժիշտներց կռիշի փող կհավաքեն որ ջարդածը վերանորոգեն)
This year, too, the organizers will invite entrepreneurs as part of the "Մեր ժամանակների հերոսը" (hero of our times) program launched by Pashinyan last year. It's about encouraging startups. "The theme of celebrations is to honor the citizens of Armenia."
Elsewhere, the Armenia flag will be lit on the world's tallest Burj Khalifa building, and the Niagara falls.

Armenian wrestlers win 12 medals

... during an international competition in Belarus. 2 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze, unlimited minutes and SMS.

Human Capital Index

Armenia has slightly improved its ranking in WorldBank's Human Capital Index among 174 countries.
"A baby born in Armenia today could expect to achieve just 58% of their potential human capital, relative to a benchmark of complete education and full health."

Foreign debt

Armenia's foreign debt was reducing until the pandemic arrived. There was a sharp increase in April, followed by a smaller monthly increase.
Today it's $6.057b compared to $5.700b in April.

Iranian company will build a trash facility in Hrazdan

As part of a 2016 agreement with the European Development Bank, Armenia will have a new trash collection facility in Hrazdan, with European standards.
Iranian Tunnel Sad Ariana won the auction for the contract after meeting the standards and offering the lowest price.

Metsamor nuclear power plant

The ongoing repairs are meant to extend its lifespan until 2026. Today Armenia held talks with the Russian RosAtom energy giant about the possibility to extend the reactor beyond 2026.

Armenian writings of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo used to write mysterious letters with both hands with each hand going in the opposite direction. He used to drop other mysterious bits and pieces to confuse the reader.
The dude also wrote an "Armenian letter" which depicts part of Armenia.

Armenian "Krisp" high-tech company

... made it in Forbes's top-20 "rising star" list. It uses AI to remove background noise and recently held a successful fundraiser.
You've read 2435 words. That's a lot. Have a sip ☕

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2020.09.17 16:59 koine_lingua Response to "If you are a smug Democrat or leftist coming here to see how 'stupid' we are..." on /r/Republican

So I'm actually kind of uncertain about the rules for posting here. I know the actual rule section states that "unless you identify as Republican that you refrain from commenting "; though I feel like from the time I've spent here, I haven't seen this upheld very often.
Maybe my post will be removed, as I'm unambiguously not a Republican, and am pretty clearly left-leaning in most of my views. I figure, though, that since your post is explicitly directed at left-leaning individuals, and since a number of commenters here are inviting them to respond, that it might be considered a bit of a one-off exception.
Just to be clear on a few things: I wouldn't consider myself smug, nor do I come here with any notions about how "stupid" the posters here are — though (like other subreddits representing other political perspectives) I do recognize this as a partisan subreddit, where I think views are often expressed far too carelessly and hostilely.
I'm not a centrist, even if I don't consider my political beliefs to be the most important type of beliefs that I hold as a person, and even though I put great emphasis on finding common ground when it comes to dialogue.
On one last note, I don't think much productive discussion is usually had around these kinds of "gotcha" posts. The main type of argument that this post seems to be centered around is tu quoque, or whataboutism; and I think that this style usually just drags both sides down, and comes dangerously close to the view that two wrongs make a right.
So the style of this post presents hyphenated claims that have presumably been expressed by some Democrats/leftists, followed by a critical response in bold. I'll quote that format as is, and then comment on each item.
  • Trump is trying to encourage peace in the world. He's making moves to end the wars we are in.
Democrats have brought the violence here to our streets. They are failing to condemn it and normalizing the idea that even more will happen if they don't get what they want.
Ideologically/philosophically, I'm a bit more of a rigid pacifist than most; so you won't see me condoning violence. You'll see how a number of my responses here are influenced by this.
In terms of foreign policy and militarism: Trump's stated views, and a number of his actions, indeed tend toward the non-interventionist direction, which is commendable. One question here, though, is whether there's a sort of inevitability to the "war machine," as it relates to the assertion of American power and in the administration's actions in relation to inherited conflicts; and I think this is part of what leads some commentators to speak in terms of some contradictions here. For example, this short piece in Foreign Policy begins by stating
On matters of war and peace, U.S. President Donald Trump says what he means but rarely does what he says; the result has been his administration’s contradictory combination of hawkish militarism and strategic retrenchment. Alongside Trump’s overt militarism—demonstrated in practice by the expansion of troop deployments and airstrikes in the wars he inherited—he has, paradoxically, repeated a rhetorical preference for reducing certain overseas military commitments, both deployments and wars.
(I'll leave to others to determine whether all the assessments in the full article that's quoted here are fair or not. I quote it more so just to showcase more complex views of this than out of blanket agreement. Also, it was written in 2019, and as such obviously doesn't take into account recent peace deals.)
Turning to the domestic situation: I still think that the overwhelming trend is for people on all sides to make a substantive distinction between committed political protesters and opportunistic rioters — certainly including Joe Biden. That being said, the symbiotic (or maybe parasitic?) relationship between political protest and rioting and destruction has always been a super thorny issue — prominent during the civil rights protests, for example, and something that those like Martin Luther King, Jr. famously struggled with.
But yes, again, as someone who leans pretty firmly in a pacifist direction, I'm uncomfortable with normalizing violence, even if some might characterize it as an "inevitable" byproduct of profound political and social change.
  • You tell us Black Lives Matter is just about better police treatment of black people.
Trump doesn't control the police, so why were people trying to storm the White House?
Along with some of what I said in my previous comments, storming the White House is silly and won't accomplish anything, but isn't necessarily contradictory to the larger aims of Black Lives Matter in terms of reducing racial discrimination. (Nor do I think that those more misplaced actions should be taken to be representative of Black Lives Matter supporters as a whole.)
And not by way of justification, but by way of explanation, the President — any President — will always be a figurehead, real and symbolic, for larger political and social views. (And on another note, while the Trump administration indeed doesn't control police, the issue of law enforcement funding is indeed a federal issue, over which Trump and Biden obviously have some differing views.)
  • It's just about "unfair treatment".
Why do you all ignore the ACTUAL justice reform that Trump signed?
First and foremost, justice reform isn't just about one thing. Also, for what it's worth, the First Step Act is almost certainly the measure supported by the Trump administration that has the greatest amount of bipartisan support, and passed 87-12 in the Senate.
We should probably be careful about overstating the amount of reforms initiated by the Trump administration, though. In the section on justice reform on the official site for Trump accomplishments, for example, this seems to center almost exclusively on the First Step Act. (Also, just on a more historical note, the First Step Act has its roots in the 2015 Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act. That's not to downplay its significance, but to give a bit more context about its origins.)
  • You think we care nothing about people's lives.
But you don't say anything about states that passed bills making it legal to abort a child literally as it's being born.
I think it'd be silly to think that Republicans and others don't care about people's lives. More generally speaking, I think that both strongly-held pro-choice beliefs and pro-life beliefs both come from concern for people's lives; and/or what might best be described as moral intuitions — sometimes at the expense of rational justification and argument.
That being said, I actually don't know anything about (what I assume) is the debate over "partial-birth abortion," so I won't say anything else about this item.
  • You think we are selfish for wanting to go to church.
How many crowded funerals did George Floyd get, again?
I'd honestly think that the vast majority of criticism here is aimed specifically at church-going that pretty flagrantly refuses to practice social distancing. But yes, I think improper social distancing should be condemned no matter where it takes place. It really, really sucks to be where we are, especially when it comes to our inability to grieve and be with people.
  • You chose Biden and try to sell him as a reasonable centrist.
We know that he may have been that 20 years ago, but he's changed his agenda to be far more "progressive."
I'm not someone who's necessarily inclined to apologize for a more substantive shift to the left. That being said, it remains to be seen how much of Biden's rhetoric here is simply more... opportunistic, in terms of appealing to a wider, younger base that leans far more progressive, whereas he'd be aware that there's little he could really do in terms of more progressive measures actually passing in the Senate.
  • You tell us we're "selfish, greedy bastards."
Republicans give more than Democrats do to charity, and do so at all levels of income.
Some may say that, but I’d never make such a statement.
That Republicans are more charitable than Democrats is a well established fact; and there's no excuse for that — we have to do better. Maybe taking a closer look to try to found out exactly why this is the case can yield some interesting insights, though. (As it stands, I know virtually nothing about that.)
  • You say that Trump is going to have roaming bands of Nazi brownshirts on the streets terrorizing people.
You are now gathering to harass diners trying to eat meals outside...demanding they raise their fists, political figures trying to have dinner are being accosted, conservative journalists have had to move from their homes, you are shouting death threats outside the Senate Majority leader's house and now BLM apparently has a group targeting racist "citizens" to show up at their homes...
Again, as someone fairly committed to non-violence, you won't see me defend these more extreme actions. I do think, though, that at the same time that there are those who opportunistically hijack this movement for more anarchistic or radical purposes, there are a number of people on the other side who also over-eager to use moments like these to make radical political and social statements of their own. (I'll pick this back up in the section about armed protestors.)
Hit the character limit; continued below.
Part 2
  • You say that WE are "in a cult".
You have most major media giving you talking points that you agree with and you discuss how you've had to cut actual family and friends out of your life because they like "Mango Mussolini".
If my takeaway from the point about charity is that we Democrats/etc. have to do better, the takeaway from this one is is that we all have to do better. We especially need to work on not allowing ourselves to by riled up by media commentators — along with being more critical when some of their same sensationalism can spill over into the non-commentary section, too.
As for relationships with friends and family: I struggle with this in my personal life, too. Specifically, while I have an iron-clad policy to never initiate a political conversation or anything with my father, he sends me very sensationalist media and videos unsolicited all the time; and when I try to engage in some of the most respectful conversation about some of these things, he has a tendency to lose his temper very quickly. I know some struggle with the opposite problem.
  • You say that you are the ones who love minorities.
The vitriol that you express towards any member of a minority group that champions conservative beliefs is testimony that you do not.
I think this is one of the weaker responses in your post. It's easy to distinguish larger concern for a populace's well-being from political differences with individual minorities, without thinking the latter entails the former. But yes, occasionally, the idea that minorities can "vote against their own interests" (etc.) can be expressed silly and insensitive ways that have racist connotations — see Biden's "you ain’t black" comment.
  • You say that taking our kids to church is child abuse because they are impressionable.
But when kids are taken to riots by antifa parents and tear gas is deployed, it's the cops' fault for endangering the kids.
I'd imagine the view that taking kids to church s child abuse is fairly radical and uncommon. I'd imagine taking your kids to an Antifa rally is similarly radical and uncommon. I think focusing on these rare events creates more heat than light.
  • You say that you love America.
You voted for a dude that wanted it fundamentally say that "it was never great" and some of you are openly wanting a socialist state and you are burning American flags in the streets now.
I think that "fundamentally transformed" can easily be taken more charitably. The Constitution and other legal fundamentals represent a certain set of principles that can't be abandoned; but it also allows for a wide range of views and policies re: how America should function politically and socially.
I’m aware that many have strongly held views about our "national" moral failures. And related to ths, one time, my dad expressed some very strong and disturbing views about Colin Kaepernick and his original protest. I tried to explain that I don't think his was a statement of anti-Americanism, but a provocative challenge to perceptions of the "America" of unbridled optimism, instead calling attention to those who have continually experienced America in a different, painful way (and who obviously looked forward to a day where they didn't have this experience).
  • Teachers are concerned that "conservative parents" might overhear the lessons they are teaching our kids.
You think they have a right to be scared of the parents who are paying their salaries.
I honestly have very little idea of what this is in reference to, so I'll skip this one. (Though I think it also risks conflating "some teachers" with "all teachers.")
  • You snidely said, "All buildings matter" on 9/11.
BLM Riots Are Officially the Most Costly Man made Damage to American Property in History
“All buildings matter” is silly statement basically expressing whataboutism — trying to critique a perceived disproportionate focus on 9/11 by comparing it to anti-BLM sentiment, which presumably is premising on pushing back on (what's perceived to be) a disproportionate focus on a relatively small number of lives.
  • You think you are the ones who understand civics.
You still insist that Hillary really won the 2016 election.
Maybe there's a (small) movement of people who think Clinton really won the electoral vote; but so far as it goes for most people, this obviously comes down to different philosophical views about the role of the electoral college vs. popular vote in determining the President.
  • You used to deny being socialists.
Now you often try to make self-posts here asking us, "What's wrong with having socialism?"
I won't say too much about this one. Somehow, though, I imagine that most of these aren't calls for "full-blown" socialism, but attempts to establish some common ground re: the necessity of a number of programs and initiatives of social welfare.
  • You think that kids making MAGA videos is wrong and exploitative.
But at the same age it's okay for other kids to do dancing in drag at strip clubs.
This is definitely one of the most bizarre and seemingly absurd items here. I can't imagine how small the number of people is that thinks it's okay for kids to be dancing in drag at strop club. But yes, I think that almost no one under the age of 14 or so is capable of grasping the nuance of most political debates (though I suppose that applies far beyond age 14), and that any media paying attention to this is sensationalism by very definition.
  • You demand that subreddits that seem to encourage violence and are conservative be "shut down".
You defend subreddits that advocate violence from the side that is currently PERPETRATING violence in the streets.
I've honestly never followed a lot of the controversy here, so I don't have anything to say on this. Again, though, as someone bit more inclined toward pacifism than most, I'd imagine this is an area that we have to do better on.
  • You complained when re open protests had armed people at them.
A member of a black militia actually opened fire accidentally at a BLM protest and shot three comrades in Louisville. We never hear about it.
In tandem with what I said in my previous comment, I have more blanket opposition toward weapons altogether. At the same time, I still support concealed carry, and would prefer to see much less open carry here — and I think we'd see much less violence here.
  • You think we're poorly informed due to the terrible media we consume.
You still don't know the true story of what happened to the Covington kids in DC and you still want Nick Sandmann to suffer for that hate-smirk.
I do think that our choice of media — particularly its emphasis on opinion/commentary — has a profound and negative effect on political thought, and especially dialogue. As for me personally, at the time of the Covington incident, I spent a great deal of time writing an objective account of events.
  • You think that Russia somehow nefariously influenced the last election via social media.
But you never question who might be behind your favorite left-wing social media sites and posts.
With the caveat that I haven't spent a lot of time researching this issue Russian state influence on social media here, my understanding was that this wasn't exactly a conspiracy theory, and more solidly established. Whatever the case, though, I think that something like this should be a concern to both sides of the political aisle, less than an opportunity to engage in whataboutism.
  • Trump has increased troop pay, improved military readiness, invested in support and worked for REAL reform for a VA long beleaguered by problems.
You tried to float the idea that Trump hates the troops.
My understanding (having not spent a ton of time focusing on issues like this in particular) is that the ideas of a reduced military readiness, etc., could be misleading at best.
As for Trump's personal attitude toward those in the military: one major thing I've learned from having spent extensive time critically analyzing the way we form and maintain beliefs is that way some of the ways our different views and opinions relate to each other can be complicated and perplexing. They can even be contradictory. It's certainly possible that Trump can both have respect for the military and service members as a whole, while at same time also harboring more cynical sentiments, too. (The same goes for his purported views about evangelical Christians, etc.)
  • You said it was grossly offensive, horrible, awful and racist to blame the virus on China.
But every day you slog on trying to blame the virus on Trump.
I think "responsibility" for COVID is spread out a lot more diffusely than some think, even domestically. But at the same time I think Trump's is a calculated deflection.
  • You complain at how the virus is decimating the economy.
But you don't care that the House won't get together with the Senate to cooperate on a Covid relief bill.
I wouldn’t have thought of the original claim as an idiosyncratically Democratic view. I also haven’t followed debate/analysis of the congressional talks about the relief bills, so I have nothing of value to add on that. I'll only say that obstructionism is in many ways the MO of the legislative branch as whole, and I think usually both sides end up making each other look bad, even if one could be said to be acting in more “good faith” than the other.
Hit character limit again; a little more below.
Part 3
  • You think it's too dangerous to vote in person.
But you think these protests just have to happen because the cause is too important.
I think this one has some slight nuance that I can't get fully into due to running out of character space. As a whole, though, if people believe this, I can't see it as anything other than hypocrisy. But again, I think it'd be silly to use that as the basis for insisting on one and not the other.
  • You think that white people are clueless and pretty racist and generally kinda bad and responsible for most of the suffering in the world.
But you want us to adopt the Nordic model of healthcare.
I think this is another of the weaker responses. I think very few of those (white persons) emphasizing the role of systemic racism are unaware that most governments officials — even ones they support — are, well, white. And I think it's silly to accuse them of hypocrisy in this. (I guess I just think "[y]ou think white people are clueless and pretty racist" is a pretty ridiculous characterization in the first place.)
  • You are LGBTQ+ - supportive!
... but when 45% of gay men say that they are backing Trump...SUDDENLY they are "immoral."
I feel much the same way about this comment as I do about your previous one about minority Trump supporters. I'd imagine a number of people were surprised at those poll results (on the dating app Hornet); but I don't think their surprise — and/or dismay — would have anything whatsoever to do with thinking that they were now immoral for being gay.
  • You've spent years blaming anti-vaxx on "the right."
But when Biden and Harris suggested that they wouldn't trust a Covid 19 vaccine because Trump is President, you were silent. They lied, people died?
I haven't really formed an opinion about this yet. For context, though, this Axos article quoting Biden's statement in full reads as follows:
“Let me be clear: I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump,” Biden said. He then called on Trump to answer the following three questions, and said the American people should not have confidence if the president can't answer them:
"What criteria will be used to ensure that a vaccine meets the scientific standard of safety and effectiveness?"
"If the administration greenlights a vaccine, who will validate that the decision was driven by science rather than politics? What group of scientists will that be?"
"How can we be sure that the distribution of the vaccine will take place safely, cost-free and without a hint of favoritism?"
(End Biden quote.)
  • You keep insisting that the USA is the worst nation at dealing with Covid...
Per population, seven other countries have done "worse"...they are Belgium, the UK, Spain, Peru, Italy, Sweden and Chile.
If someone's misrepresented the statistics here, they should correct their view. On the other hand, I don't think the battle for "least worst" is particularly glorious one.
  • You seem to oppose any measure that would make our vote more secure and less prone to fraud. You insist that fraud doesn't happen.
But you are yelling that somehow Republicans are going to steal the election via some nebulous voter fraud.
I think both Democrats and Republicans have an interest in election security, but differing views on how to go about this — some more self-interested than others. I don't think there's a blanket denial that there's actually no election fraud whatsoever; just push-back against sensationalism about its prevalence. (I think anyone who thinks that there are millions of fraudulent votes is clearly engaging in a baseless conspiracy theory. I'd be surprised if there were more than 1,000 instances in any national election.)
But yes, by the same token, Democrats can also engage in this kind of hyperbole/hysteria about massive Russian-influenced voter fraud or whatever.
  • You think that our only objections to Obama were mustard and that tan suit. And only because we are racist.
IRS scandal, unconstitutional DACA, health reform disaster, Fast and Furious, disappearing stimulus money, spying on journalists and persecuting Fox, Iran pallets of cash, incoherent Middle East name a few...
I think we all need to be a lot more critical of the politicians we support, even if it's inconvenient or uncomfortable. I think a number of those are perfectly valid reasons for criticizing things that took place during the Obama administration — of course bearing in mind that it's not always direct Obama appointees, etc., who bear the brunt of responsibility for these scandals. (The same goes for the Trump administration, or any other one.) I think Trump of all people could/should admit that not everything that takes place in the course of an administration is the responsibility/fault of the administration.
  • You suddenly think you need guns because Trump is "worse than Hitler" and you might need to protect yourself from the government.
You are going to vote for a man who just tweeted that he's going to take the guns.
I'm assuming this is the tweet in question:
Weapons of war have no place in our communities.
We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
This coheres with the stated policy on the official Biden policy site:
Ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Federal law prevents hunters from hunting migratory game birds with more than three shells in their shotgun. That means our federal law does more to protect ducks than children. It’s wrong. Joe Biden will enact legislation to once again ban assault weapons. This time, the bans will be designed based on lessons learned from the 1994 bans. For example, the ban on assault weapons will be designed to prevent manufacturers from circumventing the law by making minor changes that don’t limit the weapon’s lethality. While working to pass this legislation, Biden will also use his executive authority to ban the importation of assault weapons.
I'm sure opinions range on whether this is a good thing or not; but calling this "taking your guns" is doubly inaccurate, in that 1) it doesn't suggest anything about taking these existing weapons from their currents owners, and 2) it seems to suggest a blanket ban on "guns" in general.
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2020.09.14 12:07 franchik96 Grandma ruined my childhood

Cw: suicide, murder, forced separation, death, homophobia, racism, abuse
For some context, I have known exactly one grandparent my entire life, that being my mom’s mom. She grew up in the Soviet Union and to put it kindly... she had some serious attachment issues (both her dad and her husband were murdered, and forcibly separated from her mom for 20 years and couldn’t be with my mom for like 3 years, and essentially a refugee twice in her life). She passed away last December after a very sudden decline from Hep C. I recently came to terms with not only how emotionally manipulative she was, but also how her paranoia and extremely volatile personality basically fucked me up and prevented me from having any semblance of a remotely normal childhood.
A brief list of her greatest hits: * Saying she would kill me if I married someone who wasn’t white and Christian * Saying that because I wasn’t conservative that I was a Communist and wanted her dead * Making me deliver a fake suicide note to my mom when I was 12 * Trying to make me look up how many sleeping pills she had to take to commit suicide (also at 12) * Repeatedly shaming me for not having long nails (I had/have a nail biting habit because guess what I’m a nervous wreck) * Hunger strikes for when she thought she was being mistreated * Walking out of a manicure place because my dad was 20 minutes late to pick her up and saying she would walk 3 miles in 100 degrees just to get sympathy from her manicurist. When I held her wrist to get her to stay she said that I was hurting her. * Insinuating that my dad was cheating on my mom with my nanny to my mom with 0 proof * Going through my mom’s address book when she was a teen, calling some friends of hers (my mom didn’t have many) and demanding they never speak with my mom again * Whenever my parents and I would watch a program and laugh, she would come down the stairs (she lived in the same house as us) and interrogate us about what was so funny * Verbally berating my mom because an unrelated group of people at a restaurant didn’t sing her happy birthday. * Insinuating that my mom’s birthday was meant to celebrate her instead since she “nearly died giving birth to her.” This logic never applied to my birthday or her own but alas. * Telling me and a manicurist that gay people were the reason Sodom and Gomorrah (sp?) happened (she never really read the Bible, I read that section for Catholic school, oh and I ended up being gay) * Playing Russian state news at 2 in the morning and refusing to turn it down (this happened repeatedly the night before exams) * Watching me sleep for 10 minutes at a time * Looking over my shoulder to see what I was doing on my computer (after unconvincingly telling me that she wasn’t looking). * Verbally berating my mom any time she saw me crying/upset. Because of her, I didn’t get to go to or have any kind of sleepover, date (even when I thought I was straight), visit friends without it being a whole thing, get therapy I desperately needed, have many after school activities, get any alone time, or have any normal relationship with authority or personal limits. I feel like I’m mourning a life I could have had. What if she were even half as bad as she was? Could I have had more friends? Be healthier and not a chubby kid? Gotten my ADHD evaluated? Been able to get the therapy I needed? Gone abroad at least once? Now whenever I think about limitations my parents put on me, I wonder if it was them or the imposition of her. It was a miracle I got to go to college 1800 miles away, but I feel like I had to because otherwise I knew she would look for me wherever I went. I also feel humiliated because I felt as controlled as I was by a lady in her 70s and 80s. I know anyone can be abusive but like... it’s kind of disempowering. I have never really heard of abusive grandmas before, and her form of abusive in many ways was so subversive that I didn’t realize it happened until now. I am mourning this part of my life, but also there are times where I want to just hear her voice and remember her the way I did when I was 5. I understand it’s normal but I really do feel conflicted. This group was one of few places where I have even heard of the concept of an abusive grandma, and I am thankful for it. Thank you for reading.
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2020.09.13 21:18 BloodyPassion Apple devices are being hacked

I'm telling right away - TL;DR - I,m facing unprecedented hacking attack on Apple family of devices and need help. I'm in San Francisco and need someone who can do forensics of my mac mini and help to protect myself from people attacking me.
I'm the owner of 2 Macbooks pro, mac mini, Ipad, Iphone and iwatch, 1 apple id and 3 gmail accounts.
Everything was fine till August 3. Well I was dumb enough to use 3 variants of the same password with all my accounts. Implementing 1password or another password manager I was delaying for quite some time out of laziness I guess. We use lastpass at work and I silently hate it so didn't want to deal with something like that at home. It was an introduction. I'lll try to be as brief and as detailed as I can now.
Some details became a blur because I'm literally on a verge of a nervous breakdown at the moment.
On August 3 all my email accounts including apple id were hacked. Taken over by someone for at least several hours. Among those only 1 account is main, others are secondary, for job search, another for facebook and ebay, and the last one - apple id - for dating sites.
I was able to restore access to my accounts using my phone number within several hours. I work in big tech and our company was attacked by some people who used texting phishing tactics. First I thought it was connected to work and even filed a ticket telling them that my phone is hacked (there was some weird behavior on the phone) but work stuff seemed unaffected and ticket was closed. Hackers also got to my NAS where I has some old movies and frankly lots of porn collected since 2007. NAS wasn't connected, I mean I didn't have access to it because my wifi point went offline and I didn't bother to go to landlords and set it up (we have internet from landlords, one ISP but 2 different networks) but they somehow were able to take the porn library out, not the files but links to them. The stuff was from torrents so I decided ti get rid of the NAS and its contents, moreover I watch porn legally online now, torrents were in the past.
For several weeks it was quiet. Meanwhile I got a membership from Lookout and Lifelock because I had pics of my documents in icloud library: ssn, driver's license, medical insurance cards, Russian passport etc. It was literally an identity theft. Meanwhile Lookout informed me that my credentials were on dark web monthly since January 2020 and my SSN is public information.
As I said, 3 week were quiet. And then it started. All my emails were taken over again. First I found hidden backups of my machines with some video files on my macbook. Tried to delete them using sudo - didn't work, not enough rights. WTF. Then I pulled all the needed info to the cloud and decided to wipe the macbook and install the OS from scratch. Laptop started acting weird fast and I wasn't able to shut it down. Force quit didn't work, fan sounded as if it's a plain and it's going to take off. I had an impression someone controls my machine and erased if from icloud. Well, that's what I thought. Next time when I turned it on, there was a password on a disk. Password that I didn't add. Attempt to log in recovery mode led to grey screen with a passcode which I didn't implement either. After next reboot I discovered firmware password which was removed by Mobile Kangaroo but as for disk they told me to change it, thank god ssd are cheap now. Machine became a brick without a new disk. Apple mac genius bar was able to remove the lost passcode and install the OS only today. Then I had an awful Saturday on September 6th - they almost induced hysteria by taking over my accounts many times during the day. I changed the passwords numerous times before it. I have 2FA, mixed, with sms and authenticator app. But still they were able bypass these steps and changed the passwords to my accounts. I was barely able to take the accounts back but then started thinking that they know what I type as new password and somehow know the 2FA code. It didn't feel right, Apple is so secure. So I switched to iphone - allegedly the most secure device and changed the passwords from it. It seemed to help.Meanwhile it turned out they downloaded the whole archive from my gmail account since 2009 - there is such functionality. And also all my icloud. I have no idea what emails they send and where and what they deleted when they controlled my account. I know nothing about hacking but I had an impression they used safari to go to some websites - such as datadog, howtogeek, appletoolbox and lookout/legal and trendmicro/legal. Btw I have 4 antivirus apps, none of them found anything. Then I installed Little snitch, saw some incoming connections, not sure what it was, and then noticed tht my chrome started having hundreds and then thousands of outgoing connections to different Ipv4 addresses. Packets were rather small though.
Nightmare just started. IT turned out they knew my gmail passwords that I set up from the phone - they just sat quietly and waited for something. My mac mini started showing strange file with extension .prefPane in recents and different system folders in history where I haven't been. Then I finally intalled Google Wifi app and discovered unknown machine with the same name as my mac mini and almost the same mac address. It was sitting on our wifi for a week and downloaded 46gb of data. I have a screenshot, not on this machine unfortunately. I shut down my mac mini and didn't turn it on since then. I started checking my devices and discovered that my work laptop laptop also had some .prefPane files in history and bunch of system folders which I didn't touch. I know almost nothing about macOS structure and can just look at hidden files, that's it. I was more than concerned, told InfoSec at work that something is happenning, had 3 hours conversation with 2 serious men who told me that according to the logs my work machine is safe but personal stuff is probably breached. Judging by the recent files showing up in dropbox, icloud and google drive. Files which I didn't touch t all and many of them have sensitive and confidential information, health-related for example. Right there I decided to implement 1password but with all the craziness and password changing everywhere I saw that it didn't help - they still were able to change the password and take account back to them. Or after I changed the password I saw 4 different devices having access to my gmail account. I changed my laster password several time and after 1password had 21 most important logins and vault with pretty valuable documents - I finally forgot my masterpassword. I remember the words but specil characters in the end are a blur - I was tired and couldn't focus and forgot to write it down. So farewell my stuff in 1 password - unless I find the right combination 1 day. I made a conclusion that they were able to see my screen. Btw they bought apowersoft from my account, I found 1 email they apparently forgot to delete but I didn't find the software on my machines.... Apple support said everything what I say happening is highly unlikely especially on ios devices since they have government level of protection. But I see that with my own eyes... Also there is an army of bluetooth beacons around me, in very residential neighborhood. Many of them are literally near according to BLE Scanner. There is also BlueZ 5.44 device which connected to my Iphone bluetooth without any permission from me. I have no idea for how long. I think that's how hacking started... Then I discovered that my calls and messages were forwarded to bunch of devices which has the same names as mine but there are several mac minis there etc. My google voice had 2 or 3 extra devices to forward to.... Btw who am I - mid level QA engineer who is just studying programming and trying to do some automation at work. My technical level is pretty low. I saved some money since I moved to America. Not a lot, San Francisco is expensive city. I was born and raised in Russia but never had access to any secret info or high ranking persons, no one can be influenced by pressure on me, I'm a regular gay guy who fled from difficult life and persecution of gays in Russia and been living here in SFBA for the last 7 years.... So I'm nobody but I had a feeling there is team with 24/7 surveillance on me - I even thought it's government but government can silently spy on you and the come with subpoena or arrest order. These guys literally torture. Later - more. I definitely notice my ios devices went rogue. Face id stopped working and I had to reset it every time. Today passcode stopped working and I couldn't unlock the phone - had to wipe it using recovery mode. Created 2 wifi networks at home, one already had 2 unknown apple devices, one of the mac addresses is again very similar to mine. The biggest torture of this weekend - untransferable authenticator app where I keep 2FA codes for work and personal stuff. I spent bunch of time on ipad, freshly wiped via roommates mac, adding the codes to new transferrable app and when was about to transfer, they used the encryption function of the app with the password which can't be reset. Authy, I hate you as much as 1password. So all my codes turned out to be locked and useless. I wiped my ipad clean and started from scratch with 2 different apps - one for work, another or personal stuff. You not gonna believe it - they suppressed internet on ipad. It's connected to wifi or mobile spot but there is no internet icon on the upper right and it's not connecting. How is it possible on ios? Then my passcode on apple watch changed by itself before that showing keyboard on my phone 3 times. Then face id stopped working and passcode on my iphone changed. I'm not kidding. It's after I finished collecting 2FA accounts again. So I can't open my phone! The work of a half day went to shit. Then I tried to turn off the passcode on ipad and it didn't work. Some items disappeared from ios menu, for example Siri and Search... I talked to Lifelock - they said they gonna monitor my ssn, name, etc, like they always do. Wrote to Lookout, they answered with phone number where I need to call. Also need to call FTC, number was given by Lifelock. No money disappeared from my accounts, my saving account is restricted, credit bureaus are frozen. I'm afraid with all that info they have about me they want to take over my apple id or just commit cyber crimes on my behalf. I'm scared and don't know what to do, how to protect myself and my devices from everything happening. I can't live normal life for the last 2 weeks. Thank god people were sympathetic at work but my friends din't really believe me saying Apple has high class protection from such shit. But I saw all that with my own eyes. It takes them about couple of days to hack a freshly wiped phone or ipad, and less than several hours - freshly wiped mac. My roomie's apple devices seem to be unaffected despite the fact he downloads tons of torrents. Btw one more thing - on August 13 Lookout informed me that sim card is taken out of my phon despite the phone was in my pocket. On August 22 Lookout sent notification that sim went online. There were couple of calls to ATT on my behalf that I didn't do. All in all I live in hell last 2 weeks and need to get out of this crazy situation. I looked for some cybersecurity firms but they all work with prevention and with corporations, not individuals. Also my facebook was taken over but I announced it hacked and it's blocked now and neither of us can regain access because I have the email and hackers added their phone where they get 2FA which I ned to log in. No one contacted me asking for ransom or anything. I don't understand what's going on. Please help.
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2020.09.07 15:39 rusticgorilla Lost in the Sauce: DHS hides intelligence that reveals Trump using Russia's playbook, again

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.

Trump’s playbook is Russia’s playbook

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in July withheld an intelligence bulletin warning of a Russian plot to spread misinformation regarding Joe Biden's mental health. The bulletin, titled “Russia Likely to Denigrate Health of U.S. Candidates to Influence 2020 Election,” was blocked by the office of acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf on July 9.
  • The bulletin states that analysts had “high confidence” in their conclusion. However, a DHS spokesperson tried to defend the “delay” in issuing the document by saying it did not meet the agency’s standards. This is curious because just a week later, on July 16, DHS circulated a bulletin on anarchists in Portland that officers admitted they had “low confidence” in. Why was the Russia memo held back but the Portland one released?
  • Trump has been pushing the same line of attack against Biden for months - yet another instance of Russia and Trump operating from the same playbook. For instance, in March Trump said there was “something going on” with Biden; in June Trump ran selectively edited ads asserting that Biden is “unfit to serve as Commander in Chief”; last month Trump ran a digital ad portraying Biden as perpetually confused and mentally unstable. Most recently, Trump said questions about his own health are only in the news because “they want to try and get me to be on Biden's physical level."
DHS is just the latest agency in the Trump administration to erode election security, following actions by the Justice Department and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) last month. DNI John Ratcliffe announced he was ending in-person congressional briefings on election security ahead of November and AG Bill Barr removed a leading career official at the Justice Department’s national security division, replacing him with an inexperienced political appointee.
The ODNI’s decision to halt congressional election briefs may have been influenced by top White House officials. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, among others, have repeatedly discussed in meetings with staff and with Trump “how to restrict and control the flow of information on such sensitive topics to Capitol Hill.”
One White House official told The Daily Beast that Meadows has for months been wary of the type of briefings on Capitol Hill that Democratic sources can potentially use to try to make Trump look bad through surreptitious leaks to media outlets.
Meanwhile, interim Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee Marco Rubio (R-FL) said last week that his committee will be granted an exception to the ODNI’s new policy and continue to receive in-person briefings from top U.S. intelligence officials about election-security issues. This essentially means that only Democrat-led committees have been cut out of the process ensuring election security.
House Democrats wrote to Ratcliffe insinuating if his office does not provide the previously scheduled briefings this month they will issue subpoenas and/or defund the ODNI in the appropriations bill due by the end of the month. Read the letter here.
In addition to attacks on Biden’s health, DHS has determined that Russia is seeking to “amplify” concerns over the integrity of U.S. elections by promoting allegations that mail-in voting will lead to widespread fraud. Intelligence analysts say this strategy has been underway since at least March, coinciding with Trump’s own assaults on mail-in voting.
  • For instance, in March Trump said if he agreed to funding vote-by-mail expansions in the first coronavirus stimulus bill, the U.S. would see “levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again” (clip). Fact check: Neither party has historically benefited. On April 7, at the White House press briefing, Trump claimed: "Mail ballots are a very dangerous thing for this country, because they're cheaters… They're fraudulent in many cases" (clip). Fact check: There is no evidence that mail ballots are dangerous or fraudulent.
At a White House press briefing on Friday, Trump denied there is any proof that Russia poisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Instead of backing the German government's analysis of Nalvany's illness, Trump then redirected the criticism from Russia to China (clip).
"I don't know exactly what happened. I think it's tragic. It's terrible; it shouldn't happen. We haven't had any proof yet, but I will take a look. It is interesting that everybody is always mentioning Russia - and I don't mind you mentioning Russia - but I think probably China, at this point, is a nation that you should be talking about much more so than Russia. Because the things that China's doing are far worse.”
Trump then went on to say he’s “taken stronger action against Russia than any other country in the world,” but added “I do get along with President Putin” (clip).
  • RELATED: Leaked notes obtained by the Telegraph say that when Theresa May asked for Trump to take a strong stand after Russia poisoned Sergei Skripal, Trump replied “I’d rather follow than lead.” He pushed May to “put together a coalition” first.
The Trump administration plans to deport a Russian national living in America, a move experts say is in response to a politically motivated request by Russia. Gregory Duralev was persecuted by the Russian state for exposing corruption. He fled to America and applied for asylum in 2015. While waiting for a decision on his application, he was arrested by ICE and jailed for nearly 18 months. His case is now in court.
“DHS has acted no better than the Russian authorities,” Duralev said. “They simply fabricated charges against me for violations I never committed — and if DHS can trump up charges against immigrants with impunity, nobody can guarantee they won’t start doing it” to regular Americans. “So that’s the main message I now hope to send.”

Michael Cohen & Peter Strzok

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok has a book coming out called “Compromised.” In it, he alleges that FBI investigators came to believe it was “conceivable, if unlikely” that Russia was secretly controlling President Trump after he took office:
“We certainly had evidence that this was the case: that Trump, while gleefully wreaking havoc on America’s political institutions and norms, was pulling his punches when it came to our historic adversary, Russia,” Strzok writes. “Given what we knew or had cause to suspect about Trump’s compromising behavior in the weeks, months, and years leading up to the election, moreover, it also seemed conceivable, if unlikely, that Moscow had indeed pulled off the most stunning intelligence achievement in human history: secretly controlling the president of the United States — a Manchurian candidate elected.”
He now says he doesn’t believe that Trump is literally a Russian spy: “I don’t think that Trump, when he meets with Putin, receives a task list for the next quarter,” Strzok said, referencing the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. “But I do think the president is compromised, that he is unable to put the interests of our nation first, that he acts from hidden motives, because there is leverage over him, held specifically by the Russians but potentially others as well.”
In an interview with Politico, Strzok confirms that he and then-deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, opened a counterintelligence case on the president, but that it likely was never pursued. Two weeks ago, NYT reported that Rosenstein secretly closed it.
As if there weren’t enough political books coming out this summefall, Michael Cohen is releasing his, called “Disloyal: A Memoir.” The following a couple of quick takeaways:
Cohen says that he, Trump, Aras Agalarov, Emin Agalarov, and others, watched a strip show in Las Vegas where one performer simulated peeing on another performer, who pretended to drink it. Trump reportedly reacted with “delight.” Aras Agalarov, a Russian real estate mogul, is a trusted associate of Putin and reportedly served as a liaison between Trump and the Russian president during Trump’s trip to Moscow.
On Russia, Cohen writes that the cause behind Trump’s admiration of Russian President Vladimir Putin is simpler than many of his critics assume. Above all, he writes, Trump loves money — and he wrongly identified Putin as “the richest man in the world by a multiple.” Trump loved Putin, Cohen wrote, because the Russian leader had the ability “to take over an entire nation and run it like it was his personal company — like the Trump Organization, in fact.”
...According to Cohen, Trump’s sycophantic praise of the Russian leader during the 2016 campaign began as a way to suck up and ensure access to the oligarch’s money after he lost the election. But he claims Trump came to understand that Putin’s hatred of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, dating to her support for the 2011 protest movement in Russia, could also help Trump amass more power in the United States.

USPS & mail voting

According to a Washington Post report yesterday, Postmaster Louis DeJoy engaged in campaign money laundering, also called a straw-donor scheme, at his former logistics business. Five of his former employees told WaPo that they were “urged” to donate to politicians in North Carolina and would be paid back through bonuses from DeJoy. Such a plan would allow DeJoy to illegally circumvent campaign donation limits.
“Louis was a national fundraiser for the Republican Party. He asked employees for money. We gave him the money, and then he reciprocated by giving us big bonuses,” said David Young, DeJoy’s longtime director of human resources, who had access to payroll records at New Breed from the late 1990s to 2013 and is now retired.
“He would ask employees to make contributions at the same time that he would say, ‘I’ll get it back to you down the road,’ ” said [another] former employee.
...A Washington Post analysis of federal and state campaign finance records found a pattern of extensive donations by New Breed employees to Republican candidates, with the same amount often given by multiple people on the same day. Between 2000 and 2014, 124 individuals who worked for the company together gave more than $1 million to federal and state GOP candidates. Many had not previously made political donations, and have not made any since leaving the company, public records show.
More than one million mail-in ballots were sent late to voters during the 2020 primary elections, an audit by the USPS IG’s office determined. Most of the ballots were late, the USPS says, because local election boards sent the ballots to voters at the last minute. Official press release.
[The audit] found the problems during primaries had been most pronounced in Kentucky and New York, where a combined 628,000 ballots were sent out late. In 17 states, the audit found, more than 589,000 ballots were sent from election boards to voters after the state’s ballot mailing deadline. In 11 states, more than 44,000 ballots were sent from election boards to voters the day of or the day before the state’s primary election.
One particularly troubling situation, auditors found, unfolded in Pennsylvania, where 500 ballots were sent to voters the day after the election.
Furthermore, only 13% of the ballots were mailed with the recommended bar code tracking technology.
Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) was blocked from attending two scheduled tours of USPS facilities last week. Local Postal Service officials informed her and union leaders waiting to accompany her into the building that national USPS leadership had directed them to bar the group from the building. A Postal Service spokeswoman said they simply needed more notice for a tour.
Many states, including important battleground states, are not legally permitted to process mail-in/absentee ballots until Election Day, leading to concern that results will be delayed by days or weeks. For instance, in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan election officials cannot even begin processing ballots until Election Day. Processing involves opening envelopes, flattening ballots to run through the scanning machine, and prepping for the scanning.
"When voters have to wait so long for results, it erodes trust in the process and leaves room for partisan bad actors to dispute the will of the people," said Amber McReynolds, CEO of the National Vote at Home Institute, a nonprofit organization.
AG Bill Barr made three stunning false claims about mail voting during an interview with Wolf Blitzer last week. First, Barr wouldn’t even acknowledge that voting twice is a crime - because just hours earlier, Trump encouraged his North Carolina supporters to vote twice to “test” the state’s mail-in voting system (clip).
BLITZER: It sounds like he’s encouraging people to break the law and try to vote twice.
BARR: It seems to me what he’s saying is, he’s trying to make the point that the ability to monitor this system is not good. And it was so good, if you tried to vote a second time you would be caught if you voted in person.
BLITZER: That would be illegal if they did that. If somebody mailed in a ballot and then actually showed up to vote in person, that would be illegal.
BARR: "I don't know what the law in the particular state says.”
BLITZER: You can’t vote twice.
BARR: "I don't know what the law in the particular state says.”
Then, Barr tried to assert that foreign countries could fake ballots, but when challenged he admitted he had no evidence (clip).
BLITZER: You’ve said you were worried that a foreign country could send thousands of fake ballots, thousands of fake ballots to people that it might be impossible to detect. What are you basing that on?
BARR: I’m basing — as I’ve said repeatedly, I’m basing that on logic.
BLITZER: Pardon?
BARR: Logic.
Finally, Barr cited a supposed incident of mail-in voting fraud in Texas. Too bad it doesn’t exist.

The payroll

Charles Rettig, the Trump-appointed IRS Commissioner who has refused to release President Trump’s tax returns, has made hundreds of thousands of dollars renting out Trump properties while in office. Rettig makes $100,000 - $200,000 a year from two units at Trump International Waikiki. When first nominated, Rettig failed to disclose his financial ties to Trump Waikiki. When questioned by Congress, he did not directly answer concerns about the properties.
CREW: With Trump’s name removed from some buildings as it began to hurt property values, we can only imagine how toxic it would become if a bombshell in his tax returns were released. Which means the IRS Commissioner has a vested interest in the success of the Trump brand—and of preventing anything that could damage it.
Voice of America staffers say Trump appointee Michael Pack is threatening to wash away legal protections intended to insulate their news reports from political meddling. Since arriving, Pack has fired the network's leaders, pushed out agency executives, refused to approve allotted budgets, and refused to renew visas for foreign employees.
  • Further reading: “Deleted Biden video sets off a crisis at Voice of America,” Politico.
Pack suggested the staff he fired and foreign journalists he essentially kicked out may have been foreign spies, without offering any evidence to support his claim. A group of 14 senior VOA journalists are openly disputing his explanation:
“Mr. Pack has made a thin excuse that his actions are meant to protect national security, but just as was the case with the McCarthy ‘Red Scare,’ which targeted VOA and other government organizations in the mid-1950s, there has not been a single demonstrable case of any individual working for VOA — as the USAGM CEO puts it — ‘posing as a spy,’ ” they wrote.
The White House is searching for a replacement for Federal Trade Commission Chair Joe Simons, a Republican who has publicly resisted President Donald Trump’s efforts to crack down on social media companies. Simons, a veteran antitrust lawyer, cannot legally be removed by the president except in cases of gross negligence. But the White House has already interviewed at least one candidate for the post.
  • RELATED: The Justice Department plans to bring an antitrust case against Google as soon as this month, after Attorney General William P. Barr overruled career lawyers who said they needed more time to build a strong case.
Richard Grenell, formerly the highest-ranking out gay official in the Trump administration, has joined a law firm founded by Pat Robertson that has a history of opposing LGBTQ+ rights. Grenell also recently joined the Republican National Committee to do outreach to LGBTQ+ voters.
The Trump administration has quietly named a new acting State Department inspector general. Matthew Klimow, the U.S. ambassador to Turkmenistan since mid-2019, is the third acting IG since Trump and Pompeo ousted Senate-confirmed IG Steve Linick in May.
Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s current special envoy to Northern Ireland, former Chief of Staff, and former acting head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is starting a hedge fund focused on financial services regulation. Ethics experts say Mulvaney explicitly using his knowledge of CFPB to place bets for and against companies gives him an unfair and perhaps illegal advantage.

Court and DOJ matters

Court cases
The Trump administration must, for now, stop winding down in-person counting efforts for the 2020 census, a federal judge in California ordered.
The three-judge panel hearing a challenge to Trump’s new anti-immigrant census policy seemed hostile to the government’s arguments in a hearing last week.
A federal judge has stopped the Trump administration from enforcing a rule change that would let health care providers deny medical services to LGBTQ patients on the grounds of religion.
Justice Department
Federal prosecutors are preparing to charge longtime GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy in connection with efforts to influence the U.S. government on behalf of foreign interests. Broidy helped raise millions for Donald Trump’s election and the Republican Party.
Barr ordered another round of changes to FISA rules, tightening the use of government surveillance on political candidates or their staffers — a move conservatives will likely cheer, as they have long criticized how the FBI investigated the Trump campaign in 2016.
Before conducting physical searches or wiretaps of a federal election official, members of the official's staff, candidates for federal office, or their staff or advisers, the FBI must now consider giving them a "defensive briefing," to tell them that they could be the target of foreign influence.
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2020.09.06 21:33 SuperCatsYT A pedophile problem.

Hello, I'm new to reddit. I'm not the best with story telling but I'll try my best to explain the weird situation I had to face. I didn't know where to put this so please don't take down my post :< Also, YouTuber Rslash brought me here (I'm working on fan art for him) i will also apologies for my bad grammar. I have some learning disabilities and other dumb poo poo things. Don't get on me! Anywho. I'll do my best to explain what happened.
Begger is the pedo
To let you know, I'm almost a adult (a year away), trans (male to female) who loves to draw. I also do fetish art (won't explain). My info is very important to the story. So I found a group on deviant art that I thought would be fun to join. Me and the owner of that group are actually close online friends. I joined the group and met some nice people. They were really respectful to my decision. I stick around for the group for a few days. Then here comes the begger. (The user is a pedo) they INSTANTLY started begging for art from my friend. I didn't think much of it till they started to use pity shit to get sympathy. Like "I'm a solider who lost my own leg during a war" And other bullshit. I call him out on it because I hate it when people use that card. I told him how disrespectful it was to manipulate to get what they want. After the small chat, I made the dumbest mistake ever. I apologized to them and direct messaged them. I just had a breakup and I'm still having a hard time, I felt like I was being too much of a no no word to them. Me and begger actually got along, they helped me get through some of my suicidal thoughts. Two days later, things got more weird. They started asking for art. I thought I could own up to the "soldier" so I agreed. I made them one drawing then he continued to ask. Me being a people pleaser, I said yes and drawn him another photo. Now the second drawing was probably the fuel for this dumbass. He found out that I have a lil crush on a video game character. Mileena. Ready for some bullshit? Good. This moron tells me if I want a photo then I would have to make him a drawing. Something hit me but I didn't pay attention to it (I should've..) Of course I stepped into it saying sure, He sent me a photo then I would draw. Most of the photos he gave me were something I already had so he would just spam till the right photo came. It was actually a very cute picture so I thanked him and I got to work. Sent them the photo and they started to use kissy emoji gifs. I just thought it was weird but went along with it. During the hours I was working on my school work, he kept blowing up my phone. Saying he has the covid-19 and going to die. I thought it was stupid but I went along with it. Him Saying "How my daughter and wife are going to miss him" I get upset but ask the time he has left. Then he says "Oh, The doctor says I don't have it anymore so I'm free!" I got pissed but played nice, "celebrating with him". A day later, I was stressed out due to the point where my old fake friends were attacking my friends. I finally solved the issue and asked if I could vent to someone, He called dibs then I started to talk. During the middle of the mother fricking chat, he sends a photo of himself. Then asked me to send a photo. I told him I wasn't comfortable with it because I didn't know him. What do I see next? "Camon" (he barely knows English) people pleaser turns on and sends him a photoshopped picture of me without a nose. His response was "Are you serious?" My smartass told him I like to edit my photos for fun. Later on, he told me that he made a surprise for me. I get somewhat excited and ask what it was. This butt sucker sent me a gmod photo of mileena having special hugging with another character. The biggest red flag popped in. (Fyi, I'm not comfortable with.. You know). I just said I digged it but I was busy with my classes. He says "what will you do to me?" I said dunno because I have school. He replies "Want me to do it again?" I just said if he wants to then go ahead. I was multitasking so my ass was stressed out. Then he replies "Haha, Are you going to finish my last request?" (I got on him earlier about the constant requests) I told him maybe because of my classes are important. "OK" was this man's words. The next day and we both start talking to each other in Russian. (I used a translator) Then out of nowhere. "I will commit suicide". He tells me on and on about his family came and they were shot and killed. (He actually those texts...) I finally listened to my gut and said something wasn't right. He goes "My wife and kid were killed! sends crying gif emoji" I chat with him about it. I got silent because my gut told me this dude a baddie. I say again that something doesn't seem right. "do you think you are a liar" I think he meant him but. I told him I was on a call and that's why I was silent. We continued talking about it THEN "Do you live in (country I live in)?". The second he asked the question. I smiled. Like Jack Nicholson's Joker. I lied and said I lived in (country I don't live in), saying (country i live in) is a nice place to be at. I go to my friend who owns the group and ask for him to kick out begger. They do then i get a DM that my friend is dating another user, I go back to my friend and they confirm that it wasn't true. I got pissy but didn't say anything. Then he says "My wife's husband wants to take me to court because I couldn't save her" I just sighed and followed along with the conversation. While in the background, I was chatting with my friend. We kicked him from the server. I was still his friend and I unfriend him and made my day. Two hours later, he dm's me calling me a bitch. (Not even kidding lmfao) I asked if he liked being called out. Then I have a massive panic attack, because I realized he joined back in the effing group!! I panic tagging everyone saying how terrible of a person he is. My friend, who is mad because I woke them up, bans them on the spot. I express how sorry I am. They told me not to worry and to calm down. Yesterday I was on a fun hiking trip while those fake ol friends attacked my friends again. So that was great. Today (while I'm writing this) I get a DM from a new user who joined the group. Guess who it effing is. It's beggerphile in a different account. Tells me I have beautiful art and gives me more compliments. I start laughing and just went along with him. He actually told me he has a surprise for me and said "How are you gonna surprise me?" I smile again and send him a gay porn photo and said "I love how fucking stupid you are! I know it's you (insert their user)! You may be a pedophile but my God you're a terrible liar! Hope you like seeing your dick sucking photo you creepy ass pedo!" And i spent my time to warn everyone on my social medias about how this person tried to use me and get personal information from me. I even messaged the discord moderators about this issue.
I hope you all enjoyed this choosing beggePetty revenge. I know you guys can be mad at me for being stupid about this and handle it differently. But I hate people who think they can use children for sexual labors! Feel free to comment your opinions down below! (Yes, I have screenshots of the conversations)
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2020.09.04 23:21 leorlev Homosexual Threads.

  1. Blind gay people of Reddit, how did you know you were gay?
  2. Gay people of Reddit, you know how straight people say “I’d go gay for him/her”, who’s your “I’d go straight for him/her”-person?
  3. Gay people of Reddit, what was your "Oh shit I'm gay" moment?
  4. (Serious) Gay people who have (or know people who have) suffered through "conversion therapy", what's your story?
  5. Do gay men across the world speak their native languages with the same "gay inflection" that's stereotypical for gay men here in the states?
  6. (Serious) Gay people of Reddit , who had to attend gay conversion camp for some reason. What is your story?
  7. How has the legalization of gay marriage affected you?
  8. (Serious) Gay men who lived through the HIV Epidemic of the 1980s, what was it like?
  9. Gay Guys of Reddit: What is it like having the biggesmaller penis in the relationship? NSFW
  10. Gay couples, what's a relationship problem you've run in to that straight couples don't have to deal with?
  11. (Serious) Gay men of Reddit, what was your "Sorry ladies, I like men" moment
  12. Gay men of Reddit who've had sex with a woman, what was your experience? NSFW
  13. Gay men of Reddit, what are your Grindr horror stories? NSFW
  14. (Serious) Gay men and women of reddit, what is something straight people don't understand about being gay?
  15. Gay community of Reddit, what was the first time you realized you might not be heterosexual? NSFW
  16. Why don't straight men have lesbian friends, in the same way straight women have gay male friends?
  17. (Serious) What are some things about gay sex that a straight person might not know about? NSFW
  18. Closet gay men who have a wife and kids, what's your story, and are you happy?
  19. Straight people of Reddit, what is something you've always wanted to ask gay people but was too afraid to ask? And vice versa. NSFW
  20. Gay men who were adults in the early 80s: what did you think was going on when a disease (later identified as HIV) ravaged the community?
  21. Parents of Reddit with gay children…Did you know they were gay before they “came out?”
  22. Gay Reditors who have been sent away to "Pray away the gay camps." What was your experience like and what went on behind closed doors?
  23. People of Reddit, what's something you've always wanted to ask a a gay person?
  24. Gay people of Reddit, what signs do you look for when trying to find another gay person to date? In other words, how do you know they're gay?
  25. Those of you who are gay but married the opposite sex anyway, how'd it go? Are you still together? Did you come out? Spouses, did you know?
  26. Homosexuals that were "outed" before you were ready to come out, what happened? How did you deal with the aftermath?
  27. (Serious) People who underwent religious anti-homosexual therapy, what was your experience like?
  28. (Serious) Homosexuals that have been in a long term relationship/married with the opposite sex What was it like? NSFW
  29. (Serious) Homosexuals of reddit who have had sex with the opposite sex, how did it feel?
  30. (Serious) Redditors who voluntarily went to treatment for homosexuality why did you do it and how do feel about your decision?
  31. (Serious) Homosexuals of Reddit: When did you realize the opposite sex wasn't for you?
  32. When/how old were you when you learned what homosexuality was and what did you think of it?
  33. Honestly curious... Why are some homosexual women attracted to women that look very masculine, but find men unattractive?
  34. (Serious) Russian homosexuals of reddit, how bad is the discrimination really?
  35. Homosexuals of Reddit, do you have some sort of clear cut method or strategy to find out if someone is gay or not that Hetero people don't notice? How does it work?
  36. To staight redditors (male or female): Have you ever had a homosexual experience with someone?? If so, can you explain what lead to it and what happened after that?? NSFW
  37. Why do a lot of gay men have that 'gay' tone to their voice? Not homophobic or prejudice, but I'm simply curious.
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2020.09.01 14:47 rusticgorilla Lost in the Sauce: Rosenstein secretly curtailed Mueller's investigation into Trump's Russia ties

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.
If you are confused about what's going on with the McGahn subpoena, please see the "Court cases" section where I break it down. Basically, don't panic, it will almost certainly be overturned by the full bench.

Rosenstein grounds the plane

In 2017, former deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein secretly narrowed Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference and ties to Trump, according to the NYT. Some career FBI counterintelligence investigators believed Trump’s own relationship with Russia “posed such a national security threat that they took the extraordinary step of opening an inquiry into them.” Rosenstein reportedly allowed the FBI to believe such an inquiry was ongoing while separately telling Mueller not to investigate the matter.
Mr. Rosenstein concluded the F.B.I. lacked sufficient reason to conduct an investigation into the president’s links to a foreign adversary. Mr. Rosenstein determined that the investigators were acting too hastily in response to the firing days earlier of James B. Comey as F.B.I. director, and he suspected that the acting bureau director who approved the opening of the inquiry, Andrew G. McCabe, had conflicts of interest.
Mr. Rosenstein never told Mr. McCabe about his decision, leaving the F.B.I. with the impression that the special counsel would take on the investigation into the president as part of his broader duties. Mr. McCabe said in an interview that had he known Mr. Mueller would not continue the inquiry, he would have had the F.B.I. perform it.
Rosenstein reportedly told Mueller: “This is a criminal investigation. Do your job, and then shut it down.” This recalls what Rosenstein told Trump circa Winter 2018:
Rosenstein — who, by one account, had gotten teary-eyed just before the call in a meeting with Trump’s chief of staff — sought to defuse the volatile situation and assure the president he was on his team… “I give the investigation credibility,” Rosenstein said, according to an administration official with knowledge of what was said during the call. “I can land the plane.”
  • Definition: A criminal investigation would ordinarily pursue allegations of criminal conduct. A counterintelligence investigation, by contrast, may pursue allegations of “coordination” between U.S. persons and foreign hackers that may be unseemly and problematic if true, but potentially not criminal—such as, to use Professor Kent’s example, the possibility that a person within the United States coordinated to distribute material previously hacked by agents of a foreign government. (Lawfare)

Election security briefings

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) sent a letter to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees last week informing them that it’ll no longer provide in-person briefings on election security issues. Instead, the committees will be given written updates, eliminating the opportunity for congress to question officials.
"This is a shocking abdication of its lawful responsibility to keep the Congress currently informed, and a betrayal of the public's right to know how foreign powers are trying to subvert our democracy. This intelligence belongs to the American people, not the agencies which are its custodian. And the American people have both the right and the need to know that another nation, Russia, is trying to help decide who their president should be," Pelosi and Schiff said in a statement.
Schiff pointed to Russia as the main reason for the change: "What changed is the President, probably in another fit, saying 'I don't want congress informed.' Because the last time Congress was informed, the DNI had to put out a statement to acknowledge that the Russians are helping Trump again. That’s his goal - to suppress that information." (clip)
Schiff added that the House “will compel the intelligence community to give Congress the information that we need. We will compel the intelligence community also to speak plainly to the American people.”

Court cases

Today, Tuesday, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments in Trump’s attempt to block Manhattan D.A. Vance’s subpoena for his tax returns from Mazars. In filings last week, Vance wrote that "continued delay of the grand jury’s investigation is unwarranted” and “would significantly impair the Office’s ability to discharge its constitutionally protected duty to investigate and, where appropriate, prosecute violations of New York law.”
Update: 2nd Circuit promises a decision by the end of the day on whether to stop a subpoena for President Trump's tax returns
  • Further reading: Just Security: “Given the likelihood that Vance has already obtained the needed tax returns and probable appellate rulings which will provide access to the Mazars USA material, it is possible that sufficient evidence has been obtained that would support fraud indictments of the Trump Organization and pertinent executives in the near future.”
A three-judge DC Circuit Court panel ruled that the House cannot use the courts to enforce their subpoena for Don McGahn’s testimony. Judge Judith Rogers (appointed by Bill Clinton) split from the majority, Karen Henderson (a George H.W. Bush appointee) and Thomas Griffith (a George W. Bush appointee), in the 2-1 decision. The House has already vowed to request an en banc hearing - meaning a hearing by the entire DC Circuit bench.
The majority reasoned that the House needs to pass a law authorizing it to enforce subpoenas through the courts, first. Without such a statue, the House is limited to using its inherent contempt powers, they argue.
The dissent by Rogers states that Congress’ power to enforce subpoenas is implied in the Constitution and was reinforced by the recent Supreme Court ruling in the House’s quest for Donald Trump’s financial documents. It appears very likely that the full bench with rule in Congress’s favor given the SCOTUS opinion stating: “We have held that the House has authority under the Constitution to issue subpoenas to assist it in carrying out its legislative responsibilities.”
  • History: In February, the same appeals court panel split along the same lines in addressing whether the House has standing to sue executive branch officials. The House took the issue to the full DC Circuit court, which overturned Griffith and Henderson’s ruling 7 to 2, thus supporting Congress’s right to sue McGahn for testimony. In yesterday’s opinion, Griffith and Henderson write that “The en banc court held that the Committee has Article III standing, but the Committee ‘also need[s] a cause of action to prosecute’ its case in federal court.” It is the latter issue that the court is addressing currently.
  • Note that Judge Thomas Griffith is retired yesterday, as planned, opening the seat for McConnell protege Justin Walker - who was confirmed by the Senate in June (in the middle of a pandemic). Arguably, Walker will be farther right than Griffith. He is perhaps most well known for aggressively lobbying for and defending Brett Kavanaugh during the latter’s confirmation process to the Supreme Court (example of one of his Fox News appearances from the time).
The full DC Circuit ruled that the case against Michael Flynn does not have to be immediately dismissed, thus allowing District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan to question prosecutors’ unusual move to dismiss Flynn’s case ahead of sentencing. The 8-2 ruling reversed a previous ruling by a three-judge panel - made up of Judge Karen Henderson (same as from the McGahn panel) and Neomi Rao, a Trump appointee who has written numerous legally questionable and biased opinions. Obama appointee Robert Wilkins dissented on the panel.
The current full bench opinion states that the court has no reason to compel a district court to decide an undecided motion in a particular way:
"The only separation-of-powers question we must answer at this juncture is whether the appointment of an amicus and the scheduling of briefing and argument is a clearly, indisputably impermissible intrusion upon Executive authority, because that is all that the District Judge has ordered at this point," the majority opinion said. "We have no trouble answering that question in the negative, because precedent and experience have recognized the authority of courts to appoint an amicus to assist their decision-making in similar circumstances.
The House Intelligence Committee voluntarily narrows its subpoena to Deutsche Bank seeking Trump’s financial information in order to expedite the case. The new subpoena focuses only on Trump, Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka.
The Supreme Court laid out a test last month after President Trump fought the subpoena...The opinion itself held that courts should consider four factors when weighing congressional subpoenas that involve a sitting president, including whether or not the information is available in other ways, the breadth of the request, the request’s legislative purpose, and the burden placed on a President by complying with the request.
Similarly, the House Oversight Committee issued a memo explaining why their subpoena to Mazars seeking Trump’s financial records already satisfies the four factors identified by the Supreme Court. In a filing to the DC Circuit, the House counsel writes, "if this Court does not resolve this case now, the Trump Plaintiffs will almost certainly have succeeded in blocking the 116th Congress from obtaining any documents pursuant to its subpoena.”
A coalition led by the National Urban League asked a federal judge on Tuesday to act promptly and extend the 2020 census response deadline, which is just over a month away. The Trump administration set September 30 as the date to stop collecting responses, despite earlier saying it needs extra time due to the pandemic.
A federal judge has ordered the State Department to issue a U.S. passport to the daughter of a married gay couple whom the Trump administration had argued in court was ineligible for birthright citizenship. Derek Mize and Jonathan Gregg are both U.S. citizens. Their daughter, Simone, was born in July 2018 via a gestational surrogate in the United Kingdom using one father’s sperm and an anonymously donated egg.
For the second time in a week, a federal judge issued a blistering ruling against a controversial rule by Betsy DeVos’s Education Department that directs states to give private schools a bigger share of federal coronavirus aid than Congress intended.


The House Oversight Committee officially notified members that Chairwoman Maloney intends to issue a subpoena to Postmaster DeJoy. Maloney said the subpoena will seek “documents he has been withholding from Congress,” including those requested at the emergency hearing on August 24.
On Friday night—two days after this deadline—DeJoy sent a letter to the Committee stating: “I trust my August 24 testimony before the Committee on Oversight and Reform clarified any outstanding questions you had.” DeJoy has not produced a single additional document since the House and Senate hearings were held.
  • Further reading: One week after Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced he was temporarily suspending changes to the United States Postal Service, NBC News spoke with eight postal union representatives from throughout the nation, all of whom expressed concerns and provided examples of ongoing delays in mail delivery.
  • USPS Board of Governors Chairman, Robert M. Duncan, was revealed to be a director of the Mitch McConnell-allied Senate Leadership Fund super PAC. This is in addition to his position as director of pro-Trump super PAC American Crossroads.
The House Foreign Affairs Committee is preparing to hold Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in contempt for his repeated refusal to cooperate with the committee's investigations. Pompeo told the committee that he would only turn over the subpoenaed documents if the House also investigated the same anti-Biden conspiracies as the Senate was.
Chairman Engel said, “From Mr. Pompeo’s refusal to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry to his willingness to bolster a Senate Republican-led smear against the President’s political rivals to his speech to the RNC which defied his own guidance and possibly the law, he has demonstrated alarming disregard for the laws and rules governing his own conduct and for the tools the constitution provides to prevent government corruption. He seems to think the office he holds, the Department he runs, the personnel he oversees, and the taxpayer dollars that pay for all of it are there for his personal and political benefit.
Four House chairs are seeking an investigation by the Defense Dept. IG into retaliation against the Vindmans. Last week, Yevgeny Vindman filed a whistleblower complaint saying he was retaliated against for raising concerns about Trump's phone call with Zelensky and alleged sexist and unethical behavior by national security adviser Robert O'Brien, as well as O'Brien's senior adviser Alex Gray.

Details from upcoming books

The New York Times' Michael Schmidt has a book coming out called "Donald Trump v. The United States."
Schmidt reports that White House counsel Don McGahn sent a two-page memo to Chief of Staff John Kelly arguing that Jared Kushner's security clearance needed to be downgraded in 2018. Kelly had serious concerns about granting Kushner a top-secret clearance in response to a briefing he had received related to the routine FBI investigation into Kushner’s background. The pair reduced Kushner’s clearance from top secret to secret, but ultimately Trump intervened to ensure Kushner got his top-secret security clearance.
Schmidt reports that the day after Trump fired Comey, the president offered then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly the job - but demanded Kelly be loyal to “only him.” "Kelly immediately realized the problem with Trump's request for loyalty, and he pushed back on the president's demand," Schmidt writes. "Kelly has told others that Trump wanted to behave like an authoritarian and repeatedly had to be restrained and told what he could and could not legally do."
Schmidt reports that Pence was ready to take over for Trump during his so-called “routine” visit to Walter Reed Medical Center late last year.
Describing Trump’s unexpected November 2019 visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, he reports the White House wanted Mike Pence “on standby to take over the powers of the presidency temporarily if Trump had to undergo a procedure that would have required him to be anesthetized.” (NYT)
Finally, Schmidt writes that Mitch McConnell fell asleep during a classified briefing on Russia.
First lady Melania Trump’s former senior adviser and close friend, Stephanie Wolkoff, also has a book coming out.
Donald Trump wanted his inauguration to look like a North Korean military parade. When discussing the parade with Winston Wolkoff and Ivanka during the transition, Trump said: “I want tanks and choppers. Make it look like North Korea,” he told them. Winston Wolkoff wrote: “He really wanted goose-stepping troops and armored tanks? That would break tradition and terrify half the country.”
In her book, she describes how Melania didn’t want to move to the White House right away in part because she didn’t want to have to use the same shower and toilet as former first lady Michelle Obama and was waiting for the bathroom to be renovated. (Politico)
Wolkoff says she is now “working with three different prosecutors” regarding their investigations into Trump’s inaugural committee, which she helped plan. The U.S. Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York and local attorneys general in New Jersey and Washington, D.C., are reportedly scrutinizing millions of dollars in allegedly excessive and inexplicable expenditures.

Environmental news

FEMA administrator Peter Gaynor repeatedly declined to answer on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday whether he believes human activity is responsible for climate change, instead saying, "I'm going to leave all that up to the scientists."
A U.S. appeals court on Monday overturned the Trump administration’s July 2019 rule that sought to suspend a regulation that more than doubled penalties for automakers failing to meet fuel efficiency requirements.
On Friday, attorneys general from 21 states joined together to sue the Trump administration to stop changes to the National Environmental Policy Act, often called the Magna Carta of environmental laws.
Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson (D): “NEPA requires something basic, but very important from the federal government,” he said. “It basically requires the federal government to look before they leap. Pretty straightforward. Look at the science, look at the impacts. What's going to happen if we go forward? ...What the Trump administration wants to do is put blinders on before the federal government leaps, so we don't know what those impacts are.”
Two separate coalitions of green groups are suing the Trump administration to challenge plans that would open 82 percent of Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve to oil drilling.
A coalition of 13 groups sued the Interior Department and National Park Service on Wednesday over its decision to ease restrictions on hunting bear cubs and wolf pups at national preserves in Alaska.

Immigration News

The U.S. government has detained children at several major hotel chains — more than previously known — during the coronavirus pandemic instead of transferring them to government-funded shelters. Since March, the Trump administration has used hotels to hold at least 660 children, most unaccompanied by a parent, before expelling them to their countries of origin.
A 50-year-old Honduran man who had been in ICE custody died at a Texas hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. The man had been detained at the Joe Corley Processing Center in Conroe, Texas, where, according to agency statistics, 50 people have tested positive for the disease since the beginning of the pandemic.
Two women who were featured in a video of a naturalization ceremony shown at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night said they did not know it would be aired at the political event.
Customs and Border Protection paid $476K for people's phone location data from a company that's under investigation for selling personal data.
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2020.08.31 23:17 Ilforte Russian translations 3: Toy People, Toy Money

This is a continuation of a series of translations of Russian conservative writings (1, 2, some assorted bits here and there) that I find edifying in present climate. This one specifically is about money and power in near future.
Shout-out to FD4280 who some 17 days ago asked me about a partial quote; and apologies for the culture shock or inadequacies of my sloppy work.
Krylov had a very dim view of the future, and a very paranoid view of the people in power. The first I read of him was a dim sci-fi story lampooning genre tropes, one about far future where humanity has developed FTL travel, nanomachines etc. and populated the galaxy, yet nearly everyone lives in dehumanizing squalor, jobless on UBI or doing some degrading work, no culture is allowed to the proles, economic crises continue to destroy entire solar systems' worth of labor, and unlike normal Western sci-fi it's not just illogical props, like in "Mandalorian", but a system very deliberately engineered to a particular end. Back then I did not understand anything, but it hit a nerve.
Here's a second speculative piece in a series; the first one, briefly, is about an eventual transformation of our modern smartphone-dominated reality into AR with corporate-controlled familiars/servants, "Pokemons", which will elicit an emotional bond and direct attention better than Big Tech innovations allow to at this point. Both tie into the concept of "Cyber-GULAG with postmodern characteristics" that was laughed at for a long time, but rapidly focused into plausibility this spring, when Muskovites learned that they may need QR codes to get out of their apartments.

Toy People, 25.07.2016, Konstantin Krylov

As statistics show, my previous article about Pokemons and their upcoming triumph aroused some interest. It is glorious when people are interested in their future. In order not to disappoint the readers, I have decided to continue the topic - this time devoting attention to another aspect of the coming world, namely the financial one.
One of the few methods of predicting the future that work (with all the caveats) is to use the principle "global trend eventually overmights [untranslatable, "перемогает"] local". Here, this Ukrainian word is appropriate: it exactly "overwhelms" - that it, overpresses, overpowers the resistant reality, in spite of all its fits. Because "that's where the thing is going".
The simplest example. Since the Neolithic Age people have been improving the means of communication. First, to communicate with a person from a neighboring village, one had to go there. Then they had to ride on horseback. Then - to take a paved road. Then, there were steam trains and steam boats, and you could get to a far away place in a few days. Telegraph, phone and e-mail have finished the problem: now the time spent on contact has been reduced to almost zero. Note: there were regular slowdowns, retreats, losses of technology along the way. Let's say, the Roman messaging system was much superior to the medieval one. The oldest technology - pigeon mail - was rediscovered multiple times (which, in particular, caused the rise of the Rothschilds). But, in general, the trend broke its way through.
Here's a more complicated example. It is known that as the military technology improves, army losses decrease, but civilian losses increase. The trend dates back to ancient times and was on several occasions close to its peak, for example in the late Middle Ages. The mass armies and especially the great slaughterhouses of the 20th century seemed to have disproved it. However, now it is clear to everyone - the matter is progressing again, and this time it is final. That is, missiles and robots will fight, and civilians will bear the losses. And now it will not be reverted, the game is done.
So, now we'll talk about a very important global trend. I would call it the disarmament of the population.
What do I mean? In the Neolithic, any man armed with a stone axe was dangerous. And not only for other men, but also for the authorities. And the difference between him and another man with a stone axe was not qualitative, but quantitative. Several men with axes could kill the chief of the tribe.
Now we see that even millions of ordinary people can do nothing against the elite of the state - so powerful it is and so weak they are. Simultaneously, the philistine is also weak against other philistines, because they are protected by this same state. Moreover, any community, even the most negligible one, provided it has a state mandate to mock the philistine, can do it as much as it feels like. Nowadays, such a mandate is regularly given to the so-called 'minorities', who bully and terrorize the law-abiding herd as they wish. Blacks, feminists, gays, Muslims - all of them, if they wish, can do what they want with any "white cisgender man", from insults and harassment to physical violence. He can do nothing, nothing at all.
How is this achieved? In different ways, but the main thing is disarmament and putting things under control. That is: they take away everything that can harm the state from the commoner, and control everything that can be used to cause such harm. In the end, everything will be taken away from him and everything will be controlled too.
In order not to look far for the example. Let's take the weapon in the most literal sense of the word - a firearm. At the moment, the philistines are not armed. Even in the countries where they are allowed to own a firearm, the average citizen still cannot use it, because it will be his fault, because self-defense is punishable. Of course, there are differences: in Russia it is absolutely punishable (almost all of those who tried to defend themselves went to jail), while in America Castle Doctrine (inflicting death on a person who illegally entered a home can be justified by a court as a permissible measure of necessary defense) and other healthy principles are still in force. Moreover, some countries are adopting them even now (for example, the same Castle Doctrine was adopted in Italy in 2005). But the general trend is quite clear: the scope of legal use of weapons is gradually narrowing and shrinking. In the end, its use against people will be made impossible at all.
Notice: this is the exact formulation. I did not say that all weapons would be "taken away" and "banned". That is, this option is also possible, but it is not the only one available. It will be quite enough for the authorities that you will not be able to shoot a representative of the authorities with your pistol. Or you can strengthen the demand - any person at all. For this purpose, it would suffice to equip the weapon with a special chip which will make it possible to shoot only after a permission from the police. Which will be issued only if you shoot at the indoor range, at beer cans. Still, it is possible to complicate the task further and equip the pistol with electronic recognition which will allow shooting at cats and crows (only wild - domestic ones will have a built-in blocking chip). Any silhouette at least remotely resembling a human one will trigger a blocking. Because it's no good for a petty commoner to shoot at people. Of course, the criminals will have "illegal guns", coming in mysterious ways. Or simply - a few people with sticks and knives, against which, as in the twelfth century, there will be exactly no recourse again. A commoner must be naked, pitiful, shivering and defenseless in front of any muscular scoundrel, and the gun is not good in that it equalizes the chances... And, of course, the police will become a superpower from outer space, just because they will have the right to shoot. And if they also will be enhanced with all kinds of modern gizmos, then the difference in strength between the commoner and their graces will become akin to the difference between a cockroach and Jupiter.
The same can be said, for example, about free time. If the commoner used it, he could think or invent something harmful. The chance is admittedly tiny, but it exists. So, for example, the working day is not reduced, but there are lots of activities that you can - and want! - to indulge in after-hours: from watching TV series to travelling ("it's necessary to see everything").
However, all this is obvious. I would like to talk about how the average person will be deprived of the last dangerous resource that is still in his hands - namely, money.
Indeed. Money is a very dangerous thing. With money, you can buy everything, including any serious possessions. For example, you can buy good steel, a diamond drill machine, and something on top of that. And you can make a primitive yet working firearm. In the hyperinformative era, you may get the blueprints of a peashooter ... And then, with this thing, a man will shoot at the godlike punisher-polizei. Or at a respectable, esteemed black ripper who has become used to killing people "as much as needed", because he is a black Muslim and has a gun (of course, without a chip), and white people do not even have a knife, only soft chubby legs and arms. Or - a dearest child of an important European official, who adopted laws under which all of the above became possible. By the way, one guy did it, his name was Breivik. He, truth be told, legally bought a ready-made weapon. But he could have made it himself too.
It seems that the easiest solution is to ban all dangerous things. Weapons, machine tools, explosive components, etc. But here is the trouble: there are more and more things in the world, and it is not clear which of them are safe and which are not. The nomenclature is too big, you can't keep track of everything. Besides, explosives and poisonous substances are only a small part of dangerous things. For example, computer programs - don't they come in all kinds? and who knows all they can do? And you can buy them for money, too. Well, that's it. Money - real money for which you can buy everything - should be taken from the commoner. In toto. And he should be given something else, simpler. Toy money with which he can only buy safe things, toys, and a little pleasure.
How will it be done? This is what we will talk about.
The first thing is not to give the little people money to save. Now, in the West, if you have a decent salary and live frugally, you can amass - by the end of your life, but still - a rather significant sum. And leave it to children, and they may already come up with something improper. It is even worse if the money goes not to your children, but, say, to friends or like-minded people. A commoner cannot have posthumous agency, no. He should not be able to bequeath his belongings to anyone. For it is not known what they will do.
Therefore, roughly at the end of XIX century a systematic war against the inheritance of property and wealth has been declared. The chosen method was simple - prohibitively high taxes on inheritance. To assess the level: the inheritance tax was introduced for the first time in history in Ancient Rome, by Augustus, it was 5% and was spent on the pension of soldiers. In modern France, the inheritance tax is 20 percent for direct line heirs and up to an insane 60 percent for those who are farther away or receive an inheritance by will (and this together with the fact that real estate, for example, is valuated at market value). In Japan, inheritance tax is also very high - 50% for large sums (and it was higher, but had to be rolled back). In America, the procedures are similar. In all other Western countries, the inheritance tax is comparable - from ten to twenty percent. Of course, there are certain liberties: small sums are not taxed yet. Some countries exist where there is no inheritance tax, but there are fewer and fewer of them (for example, recently the tax was introduced in Malaysia, despite many years of resistance from the rich Malay clans).
Of course, the hoi polloi resist the looting as much as they can. They are caught and punished. At the same time, they are constantly encouraged to 'surrender currency' to exceedingly numerous 'charitable organizations and foundations'. In other words, they give the profit to those who find a safe use for money. From this point of view, by the way, it does not matter whether the money will be spent to help starving black people, to save a rare species of bedbugs or simply to enrich state-approved parasites. What is important is that the money is neutralized.
It should be said that the point of the project is not particularly hidden. In the literature of the late XIX - early XX century (coming out from under the pen of moderate socialists) it says in black and white: inheritance tax is the way to "societal society". In which individuals that are too rich, and too free for this reason, are absent as a class.
Speaking of which. From a certain point in Western mass culture the universal villain figure has become a super-rich man with ideas. In other words, an independently thinking individual who has enough means to carry out his projects. Of course, some nasty thing always comes to his mind - to destroy mankind or something like that. For example, the famous James Bond throughout the whole series fights not so much with the "Reds" but exactly with such bad guys. And this in a society that calls itself "capitalist". In fact, this is a primitive setting of the commoner on the owner of capital: "money is bad, big money makes people foolish and prone to do nasty things". Of course, the apologia of poverty and squalor, such as in the USSR, is also not welcome - because a human is a dangerous thing too, and a poor human is easily bribed with very little money... But the "uncontrolled rich man" is nasty, doodoo.
That's regarding inheritance. As for the lifetime savings, there's a number of ways to eat them up. From the usual inflation to the organization of life such that a person gets into debt from the very beginning and then spends the rest of his life paying. All of this is described in the relevant literature in sufficient detail, let's not dwell on it.
Still. As long as real money remains in their hands, people can buy real things with it. So it is better to just take the money from people at all. Dollars are not children's toys.
How? Well, just like this.
We already got used - in Russia too - to such a small but pleasant little thing as bonus points, loyalty card crediting and other such niceties. Should you come to the tavern seven times, you will get a mug of free beer, a cookie or a discount from the main account on the eighth. These little toy moneys, at this point they are mainly utilized to goad the client into spending the real money.
However, it depends on how you look at it. All these "points", if properly leveraged, can become promising financial (and not only financial) instruments that work well at the micro level.
For now, issuance of all these "discount instruments" is restricted to stores and restaurants, and the cards are tightly tied to the buyer. They cannot be sold or given away. But this is a technical issue, by and large. So is the question of exchanging points for money, for example. Moreover, there are no fundamental restrictions on producing derivatives based on this system - say, using the currency basket mechanisms. Consider: someone is issuing (why and by what right - let's omit these details for now) some conditional unit of exchange the "cost" of which is defined as 0.5 points of a card of some central Moscow store, plus 0.3 discount points of a popular restaurant chain, plus 0.2 points of a chain of women's clothing and perfume. It should be noted that money – roubles or dollars – is out of the question, only points. This conventional unit is called, say, "Sale". Sale is exchanged at trades – arranged as exchange currency trades – for other points, and (for the time being) is bought for money. And it is profitable: by buying Sales, you can buy more goods and services than for money directly. By three percent, not more - but they won't hurt, right?
Now imagine that you are offered to cover part of the price with Sales, on favorable terms. You save five percent, or even whole ten percent. However, you will be able to shop only there where Sales are accepted. But you it's not like you need anything else. You need to eat, get dressed, go to the cinema... you can get all this for Sales. And real money will be needed to pay taxes and for communal housing.
Why such difficulties? Little by little, one travels far. Dangerous toys - dollars, rubles, euros - should be taken away from people gradually, and in such a manner that they themselves give them up. In the end, the toy "Sales" will actually cover the basic needs of an ordinary citizen, and even ten percent above that. Do you insist on getting paid in real money? You will not be refused. But there will be rumors that you are saving money for something bad. Maybe for drugs? Or are you sending it to terrorists? Your account might begin to attract interest. And you personally, too. No, no, no, if you have nothing illegal, no one will bother you. Why do you need money anyway? Oh, you're saving for a diamond ring for your loved one? Well, we didn't foresee that, so we'll suggest to the jewelers that they put special points on diamonds and include it in the Sale basket.
Here's what's important about this. You will always be able to earn Sales not with work, but with demonstrating good behavior - like now. That is: if you constantly go to the same food joint, you will be awarded Sales. If you buy new products of your favorite company, the same happens. And so on.
Further, the component I wrote about in the previous article will be added to the points: Sales for good behavior in the most direct sense of the word. You crossed the street on green, following all the rules - Sale. For each minute of waiting - additional Sale (a CCTV installed on the traffic light and your cell phone connected to a chip in the same traffic light will detect it). Ran across the street - no, you will not be penalized in any manner, but the next fifty good things you will be doing for free. We hope that you had a good reason to be in such a hurry and it was worth it ... And so on and so forth.
It is very important that Sales will be paid for good behavior. Because after a while, the compensation of what used to be called labor, too, will be made on the same principle.
No, real work will be paid for with real money. But by that time, five or six percent of the population will have a real job to do real work. The rest of the population will be engaged in harmless, but also not exactly useful nonsense, the essence and meaning of which they themselves will not understand. But going to the office, arriving on time, sitting at the computer during the time specified in the contract - all this, specifically, will be paid for. And again, not rewarded as labor but as good, correct, socially useful behavior. Even the choice of tea instead of coffee (tea is more healthy) will be rewarded with a Sale or two.
After a while, people will get used to living in a world of toy money. Yes, they will not be able to buy weapons, powerful drugs (only vitamins and dietary supplements) or at least a hammer with nails. But all of this is so rarely needed. Instead, it would be better to live with Sales in the toy world of a well-fed city sluggard. By the way, Sales will be "globalized" from the inception - because the trade networks that emit them are global. That is, national currencies will remain, there will be usual problems with the exchange rates (those will be amplified, even), but Sales will be accepted everywhere where there is "McDonald's", "Zara" and other such places. And, of course, electronic services and social networks. Because "Facebook" will also be a source of Sales - it will award them for posts, comments and even likes, according to very tricky formulas that users will not understand. But their activity in networks will bring them income - small, but pleasant. And suspensions and other punishments for wrong words and thoughts - it will hit them in their pocket. And it will be done not by a totalitarian state, but by a private business entitled to its rights.
I could develop this topic further, but "that's enough for a smart man", and I am already too talkative. So I'll simply remind you: it's just a forecast, that is, an attempt to outline one of the approaches to solving the problem of taking away from people everything that can prevent the Ones Who Order from ruling forever. Maybe they will find another solution, a more interesting one. Or maybe they will do it very roughly.
But they will be tackling the problem - necessarily.
submitted by Ilforte to CultureWarRoundup [link] [comments]

2020.08.31 03:29 External_Philosophy6 Anyone else trying to be a better version of themselves? Want a buddy to stay accountable and work through stuff with?

Hi all, not sure if this is the best sub to post this in or not, but here we go! I'm fairly new to the lgbtq+ world and I have thought a lot about starting dating, but to be honest, it feels like it would be motivated by loneliness or a sense of lack, and that's not where I want to be approaching it from. I would rather spend more time and energy becoming someone I love than searching for someone to love me.
For this reason, I'm interested in meeting other people in the queer community who are working on themselves and who are looking for friends who can support and grow with them. The goal is not so much to find a romantic partner as a self-improvement partner or accountability buddy. Whatever would be helpful to kick those habits you've been meaning to kick and become someone you would actually want to date/be around.
I personally really like connecting with people over projects, passions, and aspirations, and I wouldn't mind having regular check-ins to motivate each other and keep on track with goals. Possible things we could help each other with:
About me:
Feel free to DM or comment if you're in a similar boat. Otherwise, I hope everyone reading this has a great day! No matter where you are on your journey, you are doing great, and I know many people appreciate you for being here.
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Ranchi Gay Dating Reading England Gay Dating Real Life Gay Dating Reality Tv Shows Gay Dating Recon Gay Dating Redding Ca Gay Dating Reddir Gay Dating Redditch Gay Dating Relationship Advice Gay Dating Relationship Sites Gay Dating Relationship Sites Young Gay Dating Reykjavik Gay Dating Rhodes Greece Gay Dating Rio De Janeiro Gay Dating Riverside Gay Dating Ro Gay Dating Rochester Mn Gay Dating Rockford Il Gay Dating Romford Gay Dating Roses for Sex Meaning Gay Dating Rpg Gay Dating Rugby Gay Dating Runcorn Gay Dating Russian in Us Gay Dating Sabah Gay Dating Sacramento Ca Gay Dating Saigon Gay Dating Saint Louis Gay Dating Saint Petersburg Russia Gay Dating Salinas Ca Gay Dating Salt Lake Gay Dating Salt Lake City Utah Gay Dating Same Name Gay Dating San Antonio Texas Gay Dating San Francisco Bay Area Gay Dating San Jose Ca Gay Dating Santa Barbara Gay Dating Santa Few Gay Dating Santa Monica Gay Dating Santa Nonica Gay Dating Santa Rosa Gay Dating Santiago Chile Gay Dating Sao Paulo 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Dating Show Boy Meets Boy Gay Dating Show Bravo Gay Dating Show Casting 2019 Gay Dating Show Contestants Don't Match Gay Dating Show Date My Mom Episodes Gay Dating Show Date My Mom Episodes Online Gay Dating Show Keith Gay Dating Show Logo Gay Dating Show Matt and Ben Gay Dating Show Mtv Gay Dating Show Netflix Gay Dating Show Next Gay Dating Show on Bravo Gay Dating Show on Youtube Gay Dating Shropshire Gay Dating Sida Gay Dating Side Free Gay Dating Side in Harlingen Texas Gay Dating Sight Hinge Gay Dating Sight on Craigs List Marietta Ohio Gay Dating Sign in Gay Dating Sim Apk Gay Dating Sim App Android Gay Dating Sim Boobs Gay Dating Sim Camp Gay Dating Sim Coming Out on Top Sex Gay Dating Sim Dad Gay Dating Sim Game Android Gay Dating Sim Game Kickstarter Gay Dating Sim Games on Steam Gay Dating Sim Iphone
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2020.08.28 19:28 IdolA28Augl Sugar Da-ddy G-ay Serious Da-ting N-ew

Sugar Da-ddy G-ay Serious Da-ting N-ew
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Romeo Gay Dating Romeo Gay Dating App Romeo Gay Dating App Login Romeo Gay Dating App Review Rural Gay Dating Rural Gay Dating Sites Russian Gay Dating Russian Gay Dating App Russian Gay Dating Site Sa Gay Dating Site Sa Gay Online Dating Sacramento Gay Dating Sites Safe Gay Dating Apps Safe Gay Dating Sites San Francisco Gay Dating App Saudi Gay Dating Saudi Gay Dating App Scandinavian Gay Dating Scottish Gay Dating Scruff Gay Chat Dating and Social Networking Scruff Gay Dating Scruff Gay Dating Site Seattle Gay Dating Sites Secret Gay Dating Secret Gay Dating Sites Senior Gay Dating App Serious Gay Dating Serious Gay Dating App Serious Gay Dating Sites Show Me Gay Dating Sites Shy Gay Guy Dating Signs You Re Dating a Gay Man Silver Daddies Gay Dating Silver Fox Gay Dating Single Gay Dad Dating Single Gay Fathers Dating Single Gay Female Dating Single Gay Parents Dating Sites Site Dating Gay Snapchat Gay Dating Snapchat Gay Dating App Snape Gay Dating Sober Gay Dating App Sober Gay 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Top 5 Gay Dating Sites Top Dating Apps for Gay Top Dating Sites for Gay Guys Top Free Gay Dating Apps Top Free Gay Online Dating Sites Top Gay and Lesbian Dating Apps Top Gay Dating Top Gay Dating Apps 2015 Top Gay Dating Apps for Iphone Top Gay Dating Apps in Australia Top Gay Dating Apps in Canada Top Gay Dating Apps in China Top Gay Dating Apps in Usa Top Gay Dating Apps Ios Top Gay Dating Apps Philippines Top Gay Dating Sites 2016 Top Gay Dating Sites Free Top Gay Dating Sites in India Top Gay Online Dating Sites Top Rated Gay Dating Apps Top Ten Gay Dating Sites Totally Free Gay Dating Totally Free Gay Dating Apps Totally Free Gay Male Dating Sites Trinidad Gay Dating Site Tulsa Gay Dating Tyte Gay Dating Uae Gay Dating Uganda Gay Dating Sites Ukraine Gay Dating Site Under 18 Gay Dating Sites United Kingdom Gay Dating Us Gay Dating App Usa Gay Dating Usa Gay Dating App Varanasi Gay Dating Vegan Gay Dating Vermont Gay Dating Very Gay Dating Vgl Gay Dating Vgl Gay Dating App Vgl Gay Dating Network Vgl Gay Dating Online Vietnam Gay Dating App Vietnam Gay Dating Sites Vietnamese Gay Dating App Vivastreet Gay Dating Birmingham Voltage Gay Dating Voltage Gay Dating Site Walmart Gay Dating Wealthy Gay Dating West Bengal Gay Dating Site What Are Some Good Gay Dating Apps What Are Some Good Gay Dating Sites What Are the Top Gay Dating Apps What is a Good Gay Dating Site What is the Most Popular Gay Dating Site What's the Gay Dating App Which Gay Dating App Should I Use Who Are These Gay Celebs Dating Wisconsin Gay Dating Worldwide Gay Dating Site Wrexham Gay Dating Www Gay Dating Www Gay Dating Com Www Gay Dating Site Com Yahoo Gay Dating Format Young Gay Dating Young Gay Dating App Young Gay Dating Older Man Younger for Older Gay Dating Younger for Older Gay Dating Sites Zambian Gay Dating Sites Zoosk for Gay Dating Zoosk Gay Dating 1 Man Gay Dating 10 Gay Dating Disasters 100 Free Adult Gay Dating Sites 100 Free Bear Gay Dating 100 Free Dating Gay Site 100 Free Dating 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Are There Any Gay Dating Aps for Just Dating Are There Any Good Gay Dating Sites Are There Gay Christian Dating Sites Are There Gay Disabled Dating Sites Are There Gay Disabled Dating Sites in New Orleans Are They Brothers or Dating Gay Couples Are You Dating a Gay Bro Are You Pan or Gay if Your Dating a Transgender.lerspm Aregentina Dating Apps Gay Argentina Gay Dating Apo Arkansas Gay Dating Armenia Gay Dating Armenian Gay Dating Site Aruba Gay Dating As a Gay Man I Given Up on Dating Apps As a Gay Man Should I Stop Using Dating Apps Asansol Gay Dating Asheville Nc Best Gay Dating Sites for Serious Relationships Asia Gay Dating Sites Asian and Black Gay Dating Asian Caucasian Gay Dating Asian Dating App for Gays Asian Dating App Gay Asian Dating Apps Gay Asian Dating Site Gay Asian Dating White Gay Asian Gay Dating App Dragon Asian Gay Dating App Dragons Asian Gay Dating Com Asian
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2020.08.28 18:13 HaulA28Augl Ginger G-ay Catholic Da-ting Fin-d

Ginger G-ay Catholic Da-ting Fin-d
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Gay Dating Tips How to Find Gay Dating Tumkur Gay Dating Uk Gay Dating Victoria Bc Gay Dating Vs Straight Dating Gay Dating Your Guide to Finding Love Gay Geek Dating Site Gay Ginger Dating Gay Jewish Dating Gay Jewish Dating Site Gay Lesbian Dating Gay Man Dating a Bisexual Man Gay Man Dating a Younger Guy Gay Master Slave Dating Gay Men Dating Service Gay Military Dating Sites Gay Nerd Dating Gay Nudist Dating Gay Only Dating Sites Gay Orc Dating Sim Gay Poly Dating Gay Prison Dating Gay Sober Dating Gay Social Network for Dating Gay Sugar Dating Gay Teen Dating Forum Gay Teenage Dating Sites for 16 Year Olds Gay Thug Dating Site Gay Uganda Dating Gay Uniform Dating Gay Vegetarian Dating Gay Women's Dating Sites Gays Go Dating Review Getmale Gay Dating Grinder Gay Dating Grinder Gay Dating Site Grindr Gay Dating Service Grizzly Gay Dating Growler Gay Dating Site How to Make a Good Gay Dating Profile Indian Gay Men Dating Instant Gay Dating Intergenerational Gay Dating Interracial Dating in the Gay Community Is the Guy Im Dating Gay Israel Gay Dating Site Jack D Gay Dating Jamaican Gay Dating Jamaican Gay Dating Sites Jeddah Gay Dating Kik Gay Dating Lithuania Gay Dating Lubbock Gay Dating Man Hunt Gay Dating Manhunt Net Gay Dating Married but Gay Dating Sites Married Gay Dating Millionaire Gay Dating Uk Mingle Gay Dating Munich Gay Dating Official Gay Dating Sites One Direction Gay Members Dating Ontario Gay Dating Ottawa Gay Dating Site Paid Gay Dating Sites Papua New Guinea Gay Dating Planet Out Gay Dating Planet Romeo Gay Dating Png Gay Dating Private Gay Dating Sites Rajkot Gay Dating Real Gay Dating Reddit Gay Dating Sites Riyadh Gay Dating Rsvp Gay Dating Rwanda Gay Dating Senior Gay Dating Sites Shanghai Gay Dating Shreveport Gay Dating Skout Gay Dating Snapchat Gay Dating Advert South Africa Gay Dating Site Soweto Gay Dating Activity Room Spiritual Gay Dating Sites Spokane Gay Dating Submissive Gay Dating Surge Gay Dating Taipei Gay Dating Taunton Gay 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Online Gay Dating Sites in Usa Free State Gay Dating Site French Gay Dating App French Gay Dating Site Fresno Gay Dating Funny Gay Dating Profiles Gay 15 Year Old Dating Gay Abdl Dating Gay Aboriginal Dating Gay Age Gap Dating Gay Amish Dating Gay Amish Dating Site Gay and Bisexual Dating Sites Gay and Lesbian Dating Gay and Lesbian Dating Sites Gay and Lesbian Online Dating Gay and Lesbian Online Dating Sites Gay Arab Dating Gay Arab Dating App Gay Arab Dating Site Gay Armenian Dating Gay Army Dating Gay Army Dating App Gay Asexual Dating Gay Asexual Dating Site Gay Asian Dating Chicago Gay Asian Dating in Philadelphia Gay Asian Dating London Gay Asian Dating Nyc Gay Asian Dating San Francisco Gay Asian Dating Vancouver Gay Asian White Dating Gay Atheist Dating Gay Atlanta Dating Gay Australian Dating Apps Gay Autistic Dating Gay Bareback Dating Sites Gay Bdsm Dating App Gay Bdsm Dating Sites Gay Bear Dating Free Gay Bear Dating Uk Gay Bi Dating Gay Bi Dating Sites Gay Biker Dating 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2020.08.28 18:11 HaulA28Augl Bum-ble G-ay International Da-ting Too

Bum-ble G-ay International Da-ting Too
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
International Gay Dating Is Dating a Transgender Gay Jalandhar Gay Dating Mature Gay Men Dating Mothership Gay Dating Older Gay Dating Ireland Older Gay Male Dating Russian Gay Dating Scams Sikh Gay Dating Single Gay Dating Bhopal Gay Dating Chandigarh Gay Dating Daddyhunt Gay Dating Dating as a Gay Man Dating Someone Twice Your Age Gay Does Eharmony Do Gay Dating Elite Gay Dating Fargo Gay Dating Farmers Only Dating Gay Gay Dating a Bisexual Guy Gay Dating Advice Forum Gay Dating Bradford Gay Dating Ch Gay Dating Detroit Gay Dating Donegal Gay Dating Dundee Gay Dating Eastbourne Gay Dating Elite Singles Gay Dating Geneva Gay Dating Guernsey Gay Dating Halifax Nova Scotia Gay Dating in Coimbatore Gay Dating Line Gay Dating London Ontario Gay Dating Loneliness Gay Dating Long Distance Relationship Gay Dating Memes Gay Dating Michigan Gay Dating Plattform Gay Dating Profile Description Gay Dating Show Australia Gay Dating Show Uk Gay Dating Sim Android Gay Dating Sims for Ios Gay Dating Sits Gay Dating Stevenage Gay Dating Sweden Gay Dating Udaipur Gay Fish Dating Gay Furry Dating Gay Guy Dating Straight Girl Gay Man Celebs Go Dating Gay Nz Dating Hot Gay Dating Irish Gay Dating Manhunt Gay Dating Chat Mister Gay Dating Mobile Gay Dating Next Gay Dating Show Nigerian Gay Dating Oasis Gay Dating Rich Gay Guys Dating Sober Gay Dating Surat Gay Dating West Hollywood Gay Dating 18 Gay Dating Adam4adamn Gay Dating Mobile Am I Dating a Gay Man Dating a Gay Chinese Guy Dating a Gay Russian Man Dating Someone 20 Years Older Gay Fab Gay Dating Furry Gay Dating Sim Gay Aspergers Dating Gay Chat & Dating Gay Dating Abroad Gay Dating Advice Texting Gay Dating Agency Manchester Gay Dating Andhra Pradesh Gay Dating Bahamas Gay Dating Baltimore Gay Dating Bisexual Gay Dating Buffalo Ny Gay Dating Calgary Gay Dating Canberra Gay Dating Charleston Sc Gay Dating Chat Gay Dating Chesterfield Gay Dating Dc Gay Dating in Miami Gay Dating in Nashville Tn Gay Dating Kettering Gay Dating Newsletter Gay Dating Nigeria Gay Dating Nyc Reddit Gay Dating Reno Gay Dating Rochester Ny Gay Dating Sa Gay Dating Saudi Arabia Gay Dating Show Casting Gay Dating Simulators Gay Dating Tips First Date Gay Dating Turkey Gay Dating Uganda Gay Introvert Dating Gay Man Dating a Transman Gay Mens Dating Gay Millionaire Dating Uk Gay Webcam Dating Ghana Gay Dating Scams Huntsville Gay Dating Is Dating a Trans Gay Latin Gay Men Dating Romeo Gay Dating Apk Ugandan Gay Dating Vgl Gay Dating Network Review Facebook Gay Dating Groups Gay and Bi Dating Gay and Bisexual Dating Gay Country Guys Dating Gay Dating Aberdeen Gay Dating Bishop Auckland Gay Dating Bratislava Gay Dating Chiang Mai Gay Dating Doncaster Gay Dating Etiquette Gay Dating Games Pc Gay Dating Hong Kong Gay Dating Hopeless Gay Dating Jamshedpur Gay Dating Mexico Gay Dating Milwaukee Gay Dating Montreal Gay Dating Niagara Gay Dating Oklahoma City Gay Dating Portugal Gay Dating Regina Gay Dating Seiten Gay Dating Service New York Gay Dating Sverige Gay Dating Text Message Service Gay Dating West Palm Beach Gay Doctor Dating Gay Ftm Dating Gay Furry Dating Game Gay Furry Dating Games Gay Guy Dating a Married Man Grinder Uk Gay Dating Growler Gay Dating Is Dating a Transgender Woman Gay Onegoodlove Gay Dating Salisbury Gay Dating Spiritual Gay Dating Straight Woman Dating a Gay Man Why is Gay Dating So Difficult Www All India Gay Dating Paperonating Com Adam4adam Dating Gay Are the Gay Beards Dating Barcelona Gay Dating Bender Gay Dating Bumble Dating Gay Celibate Gay Dating Copenhagen Gay Dating Download Gay Dating Format Pdf Gay Asian Dating Los Angeles Gay Asian Dating Toronto Gay Cowboy Dating Gay Dating Advice Reddit Gay Dating Articles Gay Dating Bangkok Gay Dating Bay Area Gay Dating Belfast Gay Dating Cleveland Gay Dating Columbus Ohio Gay Dating Community Gay Dating Delhi Gay Dating Denver Gay Dating in Denver Co Gay Dating in Madrid Gay Dating in Norway Gay Dating in Patna Gay Dating in Philadelphia Gay 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2020.08.27 09:39 HauntedSpy SKs you never might've heard of: The USA

Greetings. For a long while now, I've been compiling and continue to compile a long list of SKs (convicted and suspected) across the world, which have yet to receive an article on Wikipedia. I haven't run a countdown, but I do believe it might count in the triple digits by now. Anyway, today I decided to share one individual SK for each US state and territory, with a little information and a linked article/source to their crimes. I hope you find this information as fascinating as I do. Let us begin. ALABAMA: Curtis Grantham (1988; 3 victims) Murdered two women in Phenix City, burying them in a wooded area in Seale. Later confessed to the October murder of 32-year-old Dawn Ball, previously thought to be a victim of Christopher Wilder. Sentenced to life imprisonment. ALASKA: Gary Zieger (1971-1973; 6+ victims) Doubling as a member of a motorcycle gang who was paid to kill people, Zieger is also thought to be responsible for murdering at least three female hitchhikers around Anchorage. The true extents of his crimes remains unclear, and he himself was murdered along the Seward Highway in 1973. AMERICAN SAMOA: None to my knowledge ARIZONA: Michael Carlson (2003-2009; 3-9 victims) Shot dead his sister in Tucson in 2003, and later murdered a couple in Marana. Confessed to 9 murders in total, but his other victims, if there are any, haven't been found. Sentenced to death. ARKANSAS: Randy Gay (1978-2011; 3 victims) Murdered his father-in-law in 1978, served time and released. Murdered his father in 1991, released again. And finally, murdered a woman and dumped her body at Ouachita National Forest in 2011. Sentenced to death. CALIFORNIA: Pittsburg serial killer (1998-1999; 4 victims) Within a two-month period, four young women were killed in this little, tightly-knit community. It is believed that it's a work of a serial offender, and the Pittsburg police are searching for clues to catch him. Unidentified. COLORADO: Ronald Lee White (1987-1988; 3-16 victims) Murdered roommate and two other men in disputes/robberies, mostly surrounding Pueblo. Later confessed that he has killed 16 victims in total. Authorities believe that at least four cold cases around the state could be tied to him. Sentenced to life imprisonment. CONNECTICUT: Zackery Cody Franklin (2007-2011; 4 victims) Murdered four men around New Haven for mostly robbery purposes. Originally convicted for two homicides, later connected to the other two. Sentenced to life imprisonment. D.C.: Greg Brice (1994-1996; 4 victims) Shot two men in two separate instances for personal disputes. Escaped confinement in December 1995, and a few months later, murdered two men. Recaptured, and sentenced to long imprisonment terms. DELAWARE: James Gordy (unknown-1897; 1-4 victims) Battered his wife to death with an oar in 1897; suspected in the suspicious deaths of his father, ex-wife and their child. Executed in Georgetown in 1897. FLORIDA: Leon Holston (1964-1966; 4 victims) Murdered four young boys in Pompano Beach, while he himself was still a teenager. Sentenced to death, commuted to life imprisonment. GEORGIA: John Robinson (unknown-1901; 1-6 victims) Known as "The Colored Ripper", he was executed for the strangulation murder of a young black woman in Laurens County, whose body he viciously mutilated after. Five other similar murders were suspected to be his doing, but never proven. Executed in Dublin in 1902. GUAM: None to my knowledge HAWAII: Robert Mark Edwards (1986-1994; 2+ victims) Convicted of raping, robbing and murdering two female realtors, one in Los Alamitos, CA, and the other in Kihei, HI. The gap between his crimes, and their severity, leads me to believe he might have other victims, likely in California. Sentenced to death in California and life imprisonment in Hawaii. IDAHO: Gerald Pizzuto (1985; 4 victims) Murdered a woman and a man in Seattle, WA during robberies. Later moved to Boise, ID, where he murdered a couple in a remote cabin. Sentenced to death in Idaho. ILLINOIS: Michael A. Johnson, Jr. (2008-2010; 4 victims) Rapist who abused and murderd young women in Chicago. It's peculiar to note that he strangled them with a deformed right hand, which was missing three fingers. Sentenced to life imprisonment. INDIANA: Anna Cunningham (1918-1922; 5 victims) Poisoned her family members with arsenic in Gary. Sentenced to life imprisonment for one murder, but later paroled for unspecified reasons. Died a free woman in 1945. IOWA: Donald Piper (1993-1998; 2-4 victims) Hotel maintenance chief who stabbed and strangled two women in Des Moines, and is suspected of another two similar killings during that time period. Sentenced to life imprisonment. KANSAS: Mary Troy (1909; 3+ victims) Murdered at least three children in Topeka, all of whom were entrusted in her care. Possibly responsible for half a dozen similar deaths. Fate unknown. KENTUCKY: Michael Abner (1983-2010; 3 victims) Following his arrest for the stabbing death of an elderly man in Pulaski County, he confessed to two cold cases involving strangulation of old women, in 1983 and 1988. Sentenced to life imprisonment. LOUISIANA: Edward Augustine (2007-2011; 3 victims) Involved in a fatal car crash while driving a stolen vehicle in New Orleans, charges dismissed. Later, he and another man killed two men in Jefferson Parish. Rearrested and serving a 40-year prison term. MAINE: Constance Fisher (1954-1966; 6 victims) Mentally-ill woman who drowned six children, three each on two separate occassions, in Waterville. Confined to a mental hospital, but managed to escape and later drowned herself in the Kennebec River in 1973. MARYLAND: Patrick McCullough (1980-2001; 3 victims) Deaf man who murdered two employers (1980 and 1982) in Annapolis, and later his girlfriend in Waldorf (2001). After killing her, he shot himself through the head. MASSACHUSETTS: John Monteiro (2007-2010; 3 victims) Rhode Island man who murdered a man in Brockton in July 2007, and later shot a brother and sister to death. Sentenced to life imprisonment. MICHIGAN: Paul Harrington (1975-1999; 5 victims) Former Detroit police officer who shot his ex-wife and two children in 1975; sent to mental institution and released after two years. After living a relatively peaceful life for many years, he was fired from his job and stopped taking his medication, leading to him killing his new wife and son in 1999. Sentenced to life imprisonment. MINNESOTA: David Torgerson (1969-1973; 6+ victims) Murdered two Minneapolis women in 1969 on separate occassions, and later on, his wife, two children and the babysitter in Rochester. Suspected of more murders since the 1950s. Hanged himself before trial for killing his family. MISSISSIPPI: Columbus elderly murderer (1996-1998; 4-5 victims) In two years, five elderly people were murdered in Columbus. Three years ago, DNA evidence snatched a man named David Solomon Murray, from Pine Bluff, AR, as the killer of one of the victims, but we're yet to see if he's responsible for the others. Unresolved case. MISSOURI: John Wesley Robinson (1896-1913; 3 victims) Strangled a woman in St. Louis and later buried her corpse under the floorboards. Arrested, served 11 years and released. In 1913, he murdered his wife (April 11th) and his stepdaughter (May 17th), dismembering each body and burning the remains in the stove or burying them. Executed in Kansas City in 1915. MONTANA: Ah Yung (unknown-1883; 1-17) Chinese immigrant who murdered a paymaster in Missoula. Authorities suspected he killed a total of seventeen people (two white men and fifteen Chinese), but not much information is available about them. Executed in Missoula in 1883. NEBRASKA: Clarence Victor (1964-1988; 3 victims) Mentally-disabled man who murdered an elderly woman in her Omaha home. Had previous convictions for manslaughter and murder, in 1964 and 1976, respectively. Died in prison. NEVADA: Norman Flowers (2005; 3 victims) Las Vegas rapist who killed the daughter of a former girlfriend in March. Two months later, in the span of eight hours, he raped and strangled two women with a telephone cord. Sentenced to life imprisonment. NEW HAMPSHIRE: Craig Conkey (1991-1994; 3 victims) Killed two women in Lexington, MA, in 1992 and 1994. In 2012, admitted to fatally stabbing a New Hampshire university employee in 1991. Sentenced to life imprisonment. NEW JERSEY: Shiquan Bellamy (2010; 5 victims) Between February and April, murdered three men and a couple in Jersey City during robberies and an attempted carjacking. Sentenced to life imprisonment. NEW MEXICO: Clifton Bloomfield (2005-2008; 5 victims) Murdered five people around the state, including a couple. In 2018, he was aided in a prison escape by a guard, but was recaptured. Sentenced to life imprisonment. NEW YORK: Dmitriy Yakovlev (2003-2007; 3 victims) Russian immigrant who, together with his wife, killed three other Russian emigrants in Brooklyn so he could steal their possessions and bank cards, which he later sold off. Sentenced to life imprisonment. NORTH CAROLINA: Herman Allen (1930-1942; 4 victims) First murdered a boarder in his Johnston County home because he believed he was having an affair with his wife. Convicted of manslaughter and released 11 years later, still believing that people were oogling after his wife, he shot to death his wife, brother-in-law and a man he believed to have been courting her. Executed in 1942. NORTH DAKOTA: Floyd Tapson (1987-1996; 0-3+ victims) Suspected, but not convicted, in killing disabled women at group homes, two in MN (Moorhead and Wadena) and one in Grand Forks. Possibly responsible for similar murders in Baltimore, MD. Sentenced to 75 years for kidnapping in Montana. NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS: None to my knowledge OHIO: Oliver Crook Haugh (1890s-1905; 3-5+ victims) Doctor who murdered his parents and brother in Dayton, and was tied to at least two further murders of concubines in Lorraine and Chicago, IL. Many patients of his, spanning across multiple states dating back to 1890s, died in mysterious circumstances as well. He was also a childhood bully to none other than Wilbur Wright, of the Wright Brothers fame. Executed in 1907. OKLAHOMA: Wayne Garrison (1972-1989; 3 victims) Vicious killer of two toddlers (1972 and 1974) and a 13-year-old Tulsa boy in 1989, whose dismembered remains were found in a lake. His 1970s killings were done while he was still a child. Sentenced to death. OREGON: William Perry Jackson (1980s; 5+ victims) Murdered and robbed people around Portland, sometimes with accomplices. Escaped prison with a convicted bank robber, but later recaptured. Suspect in as many as 30 murders in Oregon and Washington State. Sentenced to life imprisonment. PENNSYLVANIA: Jermaine Burgess (2008: 2+ victims) Career criminal who robbed and murdered two elderly women in Ridley Township and Upper Darby (October 27th and November 10th, respectively). Authorities believe he has committed other murders as well. Sentenced to life imprisonment. PUERTO RICO: Ángel Colón Maldonado (1985-1987; 27 victims) Known as "The Angel of the Bachelors", he lured men for sexual favors, and after he was given various luxurious items, he killed his lovers. Fled to the continental states, but was quickly recaptured. Sentenced to life imprisonment. RHODE ISLAND: Jeffrey Mailhot (2003-2004; 3 victims) Known as "The Rhode Island Ripper", he strangled and then dismembered three prostitutes in his hometown of Woonsocket. Sentenced to life imprisonment. SOUTH CAROLINA: Joseph Ernest Atkins (1969-1986; 3 victims) Shot his brother in North Charleston in 1969. Sentenced to life imprisonment, but his father pleaded for his release, and he was paroled in 1980. Six years later, as an act of gratitude, he shot his father and a 13-year-old neighbor on October 27, 1986. Executed in 1999. SOUTH DAKOTA: Rapid City Creek Drownings (1998-2000; 0-11+ victims) Suspicious deaths of homeless men in Rapid City, six of whom were Native Americans. They stopped just as mysteriously as they began, and authorities believe that they were possibly murdered by a serial offender who might've moved away, presumably to Denver, CO. Unsolved. TENNESSEE: Michael Mullins (1999-2012; 3+ victims) Career criminal and serial rapist who beat and strangled elderly women in Memphis. Strong possibility of additional murders and assaults committed by him. Sentenced to life imprisonment. TEXAS: Tommy Lee Stewart (1971-1986; 3 victims) Abducted and killed a woman in Waco in 1971. Released from prison in 1986 and moved to Port Arthur, where he later murdered a mother and child. Sentenced to life imprisonment. U.S. Virgin Islands: St. Croix Voodoo Poisonings (1984-1988; 5 victims) Five people were poisoned in St. Croix with cyanide, in what appears to be ritualistic slayings. Police suspect a conman, posing as an 'obeah man' (a type of shaman), to be behind the murders. Unsolved. UTAH: Thomas Noffsinger (1989-1990; 3 victims) Strangled and raped two women two months apart in Millcreek and Sandy, and later stabbed a Salt Lake City chef to death in 1990. Sentenced to life imprisonment. VERMONT: Gary Lee Schaefer (1979-1983; 3+ victims) Springfield automechanic who raped and strangled three girls in his hometown. At one time suspected to be responsible for other murders, but this hasn't been proven so far. Sentenced to life imprisonment. VIRGINIA: Walter Cotton and Brandt O'Grady (1898-1900; in the dozens, couldn't determine exact number) An unlikely pair considering the time period (black man and Irish immigrant) who robbed and murdered people around the state, mostly around Emporia. Both were lynched at Greensville by an angry mob in 1900. WASHINGTON: Donna Perry (1990; 3 victims) Known as "The .22 Caliber Killer", who killed three prostitutes in Seattle between February and March 1990. Interestingly, Perry is one of the few known transsexual SKs on record, committing the murders when she still identified as a man. Sentenced to life imprisonment. WEST VIRGINIA: Joseph Eisele (1867; 3 victims) German/Swiss immigrant known as 'The Parkersburg Murderer' who murdered three fellow immigrants for robbery purposes across the state between June and December. Interestingly, another self-confessed SK, Thomas D. Carr, admitted to being his accomplice in one murder, but this was unsubstantiated. Executed in Parkersburg in 1868. WISCONSIN: Alvin Taylor (1985-1988; 4 victims) Nightclub singer who murdered three men in Dunn and Eau Claire Counties, as well as one in the state of Minnesota. Sentenced to psychiatric treatment. WYOMING: Rawlins Rodeo Murders (1974; 4 victims) Over the summer, four young girls disappeared from rodeos in the small town of Rawlins. Only one body was found nine years later in Sinclair, while the others remain missing and are presumed dead. Royal Russell Long, a convicted kidnapper additionally suspected of killing two Oklahoma girls in the 1980s, is the prime suspect, although some theorize Ted Bundy might've been involved. Unsolved.
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2020.08.24 15:37 NeoPrisma Ryoko Yamagishi

Ryoko Yamagishi

Well... Holy mother of art balls, what in heavens is this? I don’t know what they call this but its soo... well you cant help but just stare at this for hours now can you?
Beauty and grace the artist must be a lady from out of space!
Okay so real talk now, the artist is Ryoko Yamagishi. As one can tell she is very obviously talented. The era of her rise was during the 1970s when female artistS were flooding the Shoujo manga industry space for the first time. And quite frankly, and I apologise to anyone who is deeply and emotionally attached to modern Shoujo art, like more than just friends I mean, Shoujo art of this time puts a lot of today’s Shoujo art to shame. (Ugh my audacity!)
And Yamagishi’s work demonstrates this best. If you read just about any shoujo of the 70s or 80s the art is generally more stylised and surreaL, challenging a lot of rules of what Shoujo manga can do At least by todays standards. I mean I hate to say it but there kind of has been a devolution of Shoujo manga artistically speaking, I mean the only other modern manga that I think carries the torch of this era would be the Land of the Lustrous manga and thats technically a Shounen work but lets be honest its actually a battle Shoujo manga marketed in a Shounen space.
Now I don’t know why there’s been a devolution, I don’t know if it’s because these artists aren’t making enough money To employ Several more than normal assistants to push the artistic envelope, I don’t if this trend Is just intentional for the purposes of doing whatever is popular, I don’t know if it’s just playing it safe by maintaining the generic Shoujo cuteness. But there you have it, a lot of Shoujo manga looks kind of sameey . Sure I love reading Snow WHite with the red Hair but I must contend that the only reason I’m reading it was bc in the first place I watched the anime which elevated the manga with its wonderful wonderful colourisation. Anyway I‘m getting into a very boring that I should bookmark for another future intellectual waste-of-time rant so lets move on.

Shiroi Heya no Futari published in Ribbon
Stroll behind the sacred porcelain statue
Within those folded wings
a secret darkness
therein lies the crossroad of our hearts
the stone angel returning to the sun
like the feathers of Icarus.
Okay so admittedly I’ve only read one manga by Yamagishi which was a single one-shot volume called Shiroi Heya no Futari about two girls sharing a room at an all girls presitgious school. So of course this is a lesbian romance. Ya know normal gal pal stuff... In Europe!
Full disclosure I read this on back when it was up, suppplying me an endless supply of fan English translated manga notably Shoujo manga which in retrospect was my safe space for exploring my sexuality. At the time I was very interested in stories about same-sex relationships as at the time I considered the possibility that I was bisexual, and I came across this one, it somewhat reminded of the earliest manga I had read to completion which was Kaze to Ki no Uta.
Woudl I recommend it? It’s been awhile since I read it but I did skim over It recently, and I’ll give it a light recommendation. It does have a bury your gays ending though which I’m not keen on these days, but thats more of a product of its times. The artwork is genuinely great was Yamagishi’s debut in 1971, but from that point she would get much better.
Butt before we move one, I just want to take this opportunity to point out that Shoujo manga was in fact more unapologetically gayer and therefore better back in the day, now Shoujo these days is just mandatedly hetero. there I said it, lets move on.
Ryouka Yamagishi
From what I have researched, quite a few of Yamaggishi’s works are about ballet. I’m guessing she has a strong love for performance in general, as her debut had also involved a stage adaptation for Romeo & Juliet which set in motion the very lesbian romance of that story.
Arabesque is one about the Russian ballet and ran for about 4 volumes which is enough time to tell a satisefying story imo, and if you saw the top picture you can tell she came a long way since Shiroi. There was also a single volume titled Black Swan.
Now I haven’t read any of these works, as none of her work has ever been published in English, but also I just can’t find any of her work scanlated outside of Shiroi. I can find all of these amazing images that make me want to read her work so DAYUM bad but to freaking DAYUM bad for me I guess.
I suppose i could put in a request for these works to BookWalker who seem to be quite responsive at that sort of thang, at least whenever i‘ve put in request. But I know deep down I dont want to own Yamagishi’s work digitally.
All I want is a big, hard, physical release in my hands.
I know thats what i want because I pre-ordered The Poe Clan from Fantagraphics and its a fantastic release, translated by the academic Rachel Thorn. At this point i should probably reveal my secret hope and motivation in writing up this post, that is to potentially get ppl curious enough about these manga by Yamagishi that they would contact Fantagrphics and request a high quality publishing for her.
That way we can all get a big, hard, physical release in our hands.
If this call to action interests you, and its okay if it doesn’t though I judge you immensely oh distinguished enemy of Shoujo classics, I would recomend contacting Fantagraphics on their website or evening tweeting at them Yamagishi’s art askiing to publish her stories.
Black Swan
Another ballet manga by Yamagishi is Terpsichore (or Terpsichora ?), not to be confused with a certain Hunter x Hunter villain, this one isn’t actually that old, having debuted from 2001 and wrapping up in 2007 after a 10 volume run only for in 2008 to be followed up with a sequel Terpsichora Pt. 2 which is currently at 4 volumes and is apparently still ongoing.
All I really know about this series is that its a josei title about ballet and coming of age. It’s published by Media Factory and from I have read is Yamagishi’s longest running work to date, which is why I am the most curious about it.
Her second longest manga was from the 80s titled Hi Izuro Totoro no Tenshi which was published in LaLa magazine making is a Shoujo running for a total of 11 volumes. It was a historical fiction work about a certain Prince Shotoko in the 6th century of Japan, playing around with gender and sexuality, having him cross-dress and be interested in men. This version of him also had psychic powers. Story-wise and theme wise I personalily am more curious about this title.
Despite being published in LaLa I’m not entirely certain who Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi was intended for but it would be interesting to determine that if it ever gets a release.
Thank you for reading, I hope my occasionally written in immaturity was not too much for the sensible readers. And if you have read any of Yamagishi’s work in the past please share your impressions in the comments.
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