Dating Personals Quest

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[Spoilers TRINYVALE Arc] Trying to remember where in TRINYVALE i was at

2020.10.21 15:59 unikardo [Spoilers TRINYVALE Arc] Trying to remember where in TRINYVALE i was at

Its been a while since listening (found new podcasts and was trying to catch up to them) and when they updated the release date of trinyvale to the same day i lost where i was at. The last thing i rememeber is the big robot that moon girl (i forgot her name) and her friend made love in. and also going to the moon, then going to the main office i think? I know the person giving the quests is the bad guy i think? and blavin is deep undercover or something lol. Just need help remembering and knowing which episode i was on lol. Thank you!
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2020.10.21 04:05 Gamesfreak13563 Tired of toxicity in your playgroup? Try being toxic yourself.

You're lounging on your game store's fold-'em-up plastic chair holding a grip full of cards from an immaculately crafted Gabriel Angelfire deck. Your opponent declares full frontal assault with his army of Beebles, but you've come prepared. Flashing a Dreamworks smirk, you reveal the Dawn Charm in your hand. The world slows down; President Reagan congratulates you on your decisive victory; and suddenly, it happens.
His real name is Fernando, but to your group, he is Nicolas Rage. This man does to tables what Mitt Romney does to political positions, and in a single, visceral instant, everything is hurled to the ground. Your cards are strewn across the tile. Smarties-flavored Doritos™ dust-chalk coats Johnny's unsleeved The Tabernacle. The carrycot with your precious one-month old newborn inside is on fire. It's your weekend in Boise all over again. And the worst part? This all could have been prevented.

Vhat Are You Talking About?

Hi, I'm GamesfreakSA. The best way to deal with a toxic player is to find a new playgroup try to calm things down out-toxic them. To that end, let me introduce you to your new favorite commander, Vhati il-Dal.
[[Vhati il-Dal]] {2}{B}{G} Legendary Creature — Human Warrior {T}: Until end of turn, target creature has base power 1 or base toughness 1. 3/3 
Vhati il-Dal is a house with three bedrooms and two and a half baths. He's a four-mana 3/3 and has a tap ability that makes a creature's base power or base toughness 1. I know your head's spinning on how broken Alabaster Wall would be with 1 power instead of 0, so let me draw your attention to that second part; with a single -1/-1 counter, even Avacyn is no match for Vhati. You know what puts -1/-1 counters on creatures? That's right, Skeleton Ship. You know what else puts -1/-1 counters on creatures?

Counter? I 'ardly Know Her!

Our goal is to win by putting a bunch of -1/-1 counters on our opponent's creatures and a bunch of poison counters on our opponents. Let's meet our poisonous pals with Infect that will get your competition calling 1-800-222-1222.
But Gamesfreak, you say. That's only five infect creatures! It's true. Infect creatures actually suck. But that's okay! With Glistening Oil, everyone and everything becomes an Infect creature. You can even place it on an opponent's creatures to snipe them with Vhati the following turn!

Withering Boon

So we've got six cards, but like Universal Studios and The Land Before Time, six is nowhere near enough. We'll want to run some more -1/-1 counter strategies to support our Infect creatures.

Ah, fourteen, the perfect and actual, real-life number of Land Before Time movies and counter synergy cards in our deck. Ah, wait! Can't forget the short lived television series!

Vhati Is Distinct From Vaati, The Bad Guy In Minish Cap, But Honestly Both Are So Forgettable I'd Forgive You For Confusing Them

Let's switch gears a bit so that we're not completely boned the moment the Darevi player remembers Solemnity exists. All we need to kill most creatures with Vhati is one damage or a -1/-1 effect.

I See Dead People

Now that you've committed mass murder, it's time to put those corpses to work.
Well, it looks like with that and all the ramp and stuff in the decklist, we should be good to go. But we haven't done any mind blowing yet. Guess what time it is?

Tree o'Clock

That's right, it's time to blow your mind.
Tree of Perdition usually plops onto the field, lowers some guy's health by like fifteen and then sits there like an actual, real tree. Like we're interested in saving the environment or something. But fear not! With Vhati, you can give Tree of Perdition one power one toughness again! Set the tree's toughness to one, swap its toughness with an opponent's health, and repeat the process each turn. Finish 'em off one at a time with one of your many pingers!

Non-Toxic Substance

The first time I played this deck against Fernando, he wept tears of joy and apologized profusely for his prior toxic actions. From that moment on, he was our group's nicest player, running only group hug decks with no win conditions. This turned out to be a bad thing, as now nobody could play actual games of Magic. Maybe I just made things worse. Oh well.

Hello Dal-ly
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2020.10.21 02:45 PleyVI Most of "toxicity" on this subreddit is justified

There have been a few posts recently with overwhelming upvotes about how this community is toxic, calling it one of the most toxic communities and similar stuff. So I looked through most of the arguments people in comments are making to justify such believe, most of them are pointing out how the toxic people are calling the game "broken", "unplayable", "full of hackers" "full of complainers" or saying that " it makes me not want to come back with almost every other post with someone new bitching ", many upvoted posts talking about how this community "keep bitching" I've seen people talking how people attack Nikita, bsg, also that there are toxic people writing stuff like get good, " Any time I see someone share a small victory it is met with rude comments and hostility" " Oh man you got a squad wipe? Wish the enemies in my game were that bad, you suck they suck , Y DO I DIE TO PRO PLAYERS WHILE YOU PLAY AGAINST BOTZ. " So first off I want to define the terms, toxicity is defined as " the quality of being very harmful or unpleasant in a pervasive or insidious way. " by fast google search. I assume that when people call all those people "bitching" toxic they say so because they believe they are harmful overall. I would argue that the people calling out those "crybabes" toxic are more toxic and harmful to a game than those people they are calling out.
My theory is that there are two groups of people on this subreddit, I will call the first complainers, and the second one anti-complainers, which are people complaining about complainers.
The first one is the one including everybody that is criticizing or complaining about game, bugs, gameplay changes, performance, loadings, also people that attack developers personally or just insults them, or just rude comments with hostility. Includes anybody who shares his negative thoughts about the game in either constructive argumentive post or REEing and talking the game is trash.
The second group are people who complains how much toxicity is on this subreddit, saying it things like it was much better before it got popular, the group can include any person who feels like its toxic, by the most part saying that complainers constantly whine, are rude in comments and attack developers. People who brush off most of actual valid criticism of the game (EVEN if complainer complained about it, complaining about stuff in the game doesnt make the criticism any less valid) with stuff like "It's beta", "It's early access game", "play another game", "stop playing if you dont like the game", "stop bitching", "its just pixels", " It's like, I get it, but I've been here for two weeks and I'm not bitching and I've played many betas and whatnot. It's just not that bad. It really isn't." Also includes people that say that developers are doing their best, doing appreciation threads of nikita, believing that game is in a good spot and that it was much worse and we should appreciete it.
I think that a lot of people are in first group because most people have had at least some criticism of the game but they consider themselves as the anti-complainer because the bad parts of complainers that attack developers, or just complain a lot, not liking the game direction, REE'ing or not. That explains why when there are anti-complainer posts about toxic people they have from 70% to 90% upvote rate, but know if you ever found yourself commenting "delete gl" "game stutters" "late spawning again" know that those posts about toxic people are also talking about YOU, yes, YOU.
If you have not already realized, I consider myself complainer, I think that the game has a lot of problems, and even though this is my first problem on this subreddit I have a lot to complain. Just to give you some backstory on me, I started playing this wipe, I think I started playing maybe between 3 to 2 months in this game. Im addicted to it, I love this game, but I hate it at the same time. Why? Because the performance of this game, overall slugginess, infinite loads, late spawns, freezes, stutters, many bugs, desyncs, silent grenades, random disconnects mid raid, coming back to menu for 5 minutes every other raid, menu errors, trader errors, new bugs introduced any new patch that can suddenly delete your item cases that you spend a lot of time on, FiR required for quests with random chances to spawn on scavs, me fearing that I can be banned if I drop something to my friend because of rmt problem, me not being able to play with my close friend without need to wait for one of them for few minutes (they all have ssds), while one of my friends is unable to play any other map with me than factory because he is in infinite loading everytime when he tries.
I am complainer, but nobody defends complainers that attack developers personally and deathtreat nikita, screw those people. When it comes to people that are rude and negative in comments, I dont believe there are a lot of them at all, the only negative comments I can find is usually at the bottom of any post, with no upvotes or downvoted. If that was a problem people like this would be upvoted much more. I dont think i really happens much, but you can try to prove me wrong if you want.
The part of complainers I want to focus on that I believe are justified, are those people complaining about balances issues, bugs, even by saying "constant freezes" and "gl sucks" Every comment like this that has a sentiment about something in game has value. the things like just "Fuck the game" or "fuck developers" have no reason of why the person doesnt approve the game and developers, so I wont defend people that just do that because it has no value, its just being a dick. But when it comes to anybody that complains about specific bug and just shows disapproval about some change is good, its feedback, even though in can be inflammatory I consider it good until it doesnt derive into personally attacking developers. I think complains being inflammatory mostly just tells you how a lot of tarkov community just feels frustrated about the game state, mostly bugs.
So as a complainer myself I will respond to anti-complainers arguments that I've came across calling out complainers for being toxic (harmful to community).
"It's a beta" - even if I would grant you that, the fact that game is a beta doesnt mean that you cannot complain about something being broken, its actually the best time to fix the game because it is beta, so more feedback the better, while having something broken and having bugs that are very old and still not fixed is very frustraiting. This aside, I dont care about it being a "beta" it doesnt act as one, it keeps having content updates, getting trailers of content updates (trailers for a game that isnt even out, and it wont be even out after the content trailer is about, what even is this?) I has big price tags with different stages with different items for each, it doesnt seem to focus on fixing the bug, it focuses on keep adding content for people. The feedback option about the game is not ever promoted. In4 everybody comments how x games are also betas, I dont care, it doesnt matter, tarkov been in "early access" for years already, and it doesnt seem to even want ever get out of it, it is beta status is just used by community to dodge a lot of criticism.
"Play another game"/"If you don't like it, go away" - Why would I? It's not that I dont like that game, I love it, but there are a lot of frustraiting things that can be changed and I wouldnt have those problems. Complaining is for developers to do action to make things better. It is silly to think that if you point out problems in a game you have to hate it, its the opposite, I complain about it because I want it fixed so it will be no longer problem when playing this awesome game.
"This beta really isn't that bad"/ "It used to be much worse" - It can be pretty damn bad depending what maps you play, how much you play, what bugs you come across, or just rng of getting a cheater in a game or even getting banned from a game because you dropped some bitcoins to friend or some error bsg did. Saying that it used to be much worse doesnt help in anything, it is just used to brush off the problems with the current game. It is the same as saying to a person that is jewish or black that is telling you it is being discriminated "It used to be much worse for jews you know? They used to be gassed long ago", or to black people "Its much better now, there is no slavery". it just pointless to say. Problems before doesnt mean that you cant have problems right now.
"Stop playing if you dont like the game"/"take a break" - There is no game close to tarkov, and I want to play tarkov, I just dont want problems that I get when playing it. It's not that I don't like the game but I don't like in what direction it goes, developers proritize making content instead of fixing the game. It already has damn a lot of content right now, why cant they just focus on fixing the problems, making it smooth and playable, release it and then adding content to it?
"Stop bitching" - There are a lots of problems in tarkov, if you think tarkov has no valid problems you must have not played this game at all or must be delusional. And all the other brush offs I already responded to above. I will and most people should too complain about it, I completely doesnt understand the logic of anti complainers, its literally just bitching about bitching, very ironic. I think every patch just proves the priorities of developers, we had gl's last patch and now we got flashing shotgun meleeing people with stash sorting deleting items, and thats after they delayed the patch by 5 days.(I dont care if patches are late, but I care about giving patch date and then delaying it, if you are not sure if the patch will be fine that just give patch date week later)
I think that anti-complainers are more harmful to game than complainers, not only it makes home war at subreddit blaming everybody of being toxic, it also just has a lot of people that shrug off the problems that most complainers talk about that are actually valid criticism, which in the long run means less room to improvement the game because most of people with complains are called toxic.
In the end all, me and many other people want is just to have good experience and I think that bugs make it a lot more harder to love this otherwise awesome game. Lets make peace between complainers and anti-complainers, being able to criticize game while being able to appreciete what was done until now.
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2020.10.21 00:48 boss-battle-theme How did you discover that you were an audiophile? What kind of audiophile are you?

Hi, I'm new here.
In fall of 2014, I took a business trip to Japan, where I purchased my first somewhat expensive pair of headphones, the Sony MDR-Z7. At the time, they retailed for $700, but with the favorable exchange rate, duty free, and special VISA promotion, I was able to hack that price down to $406. I bought them and plugged them directly into my iPhone, where I had been listening to Aphex Twin's recently released album, Syro. I heard so many new elements of the music from my first listen that I was instantly motivated to listen to all my favorite music again through this new medium. Little did I know that this desire to listen to EVERYTHING AGAIN would return with each new piece of audio gear I bought.
By the time I had returned to California, I had decided to dismantle my Logitech surround sound system and to replace it with a turntable-fronted 2.1 system with tower speakers. I made this decision because everyone that I imagined was serious about listening to music had a turntable and tower speakers, not because I knew what I was doing. I didn't know or strongly believe that vinyl sounded better than digitals (in fact, I am a digital audio professional), and moreover I never heard any of the music that enjoy being played on high end systems.
I began building my rig in ignorance, but then I met my first expert in high end audio, a guy who ran a local hifi shop apparently out of his home named Jeff Wells. Jeff helped me get set up with my initial rig, which consisted of a Music Hall MMF-2.2LE turntable, a Bellari VP130 tube preamp, a Sony STRZA-3000ES (I chose this, not Jeff), Usher Tiny Dancer bookshelf speakers, and a JL-Audio esub e110. It sounded positively unreal to me, and I would bliss out each evening listening to recently purchased vinyl issues of albums I've been listening to my entire adult life. Every half a year or so, I would upgrade a small piece of the rig. The sound got more musical with each purchase, but each purchase was more expensive than the last.
"What do you think should be my next upgrade?" I asked Jeff one day when I had some yearly bonus money burning a hole in my pocket.
"If you're ready, you may want to buy one of my amplifiers; they sound worlds better than what you've been listening to." I knew that Jeff made his own amps, but I didn't realize until that moment that it was his primary business. Now it's hilarious to me that of all the random people I could find as a HiFi dealer, I stumbled upon the proprietor of Wells Audio.
After I cleared with my wife the re-appropriation of the focal point of our living area, I decided on the $5000 Wells Audio Akasha, easily the most expensive purchase I had made to date. Jeff custom-built my amplifier in a week, delivered it, and installed it in my home. Then we sat down with a few of my favorite electronic audiophile records.
Something incredible occurred.
In just the run-in crackles and pops of the record, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. The backs of my ears started to tingle. When the music began, my eyes widened and I grimaced. The speakers themselves had melted away; I could see them, but it didn't sound like the music was coming from them. Instead, each distinct sound source, singer, instrument, or sound effect in the music could be pointed to in the room, like, "It's right there. I hear it right there." I was no longer listening to a recording of music. I was in the room where it was being played.
I was going to need to listen to EVERYTHING AGAIN.
Since then, I've developed some theories about music enjoyment. I'll enumerate the several ways in which I think someone can enjoy listening to music:
  1. The words. I'm not really a lyric person, but I can understand why someone may like a song purely because of the lyrics.
  2. The melody and composition. In this case, the performer and medium of listening are secondary. If you like "Waltz in A-flat Major, Opus 69, No. 1" by Chopin, the performer or instrumentation is unlikely to impact that you like the song, only potentially by how much.
  3. Bass. Take any modern car stereo and add a suitably powered 12" subwoofer to the trunk; the sound will be greatly improved if you like bass. In fact, many songs, albums -- hell, genres, are made or broken by sub bass. Audiophile I may be, but I still like to swim in bass.
  4. Ear candy. This is a little harder to describe, but the range of sounds that are exceptionally pleasing to the ear, whether musical or non-musical, are what I call ear candy. Vinyl noise is ear candy. The sound of whittling a block of wood is ear candy. The body of sounds that trigger ASMR -- ear candy.
The effect that prominent ear candy has on an audiophile is staggering and all-encompassing.
The new amplifier wrung so much ear candy out of my favorite recordings that my first emotional reaction was not joy but anger. I was angry that I thought I knew what my favorite songs sounded like. I was angry that I hadn't spent more time and money earlier in my life trying to get better sound in my home. I just had no idea where the ceiling was in terms of audio quality before I got into high end stereo equipment. I had just assumed I was at least NEAR it.
I'm clear now that the only ceiling is how much I am willing to invest -- and that I haven't hit it yet.
"Church" (The Rig) consists of:
I listen to artists like Autechre, Boards of Canada, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Equiknoxx Music, Amon Tobin / Two Fingers, Venetian Snares, A Tribe Called Quest, Vince Staples, Kendrick Lamar, D'Angelo.
I like record labels like Warp Records, Houndstooth, Hyperdub, Brainfeeder, and the venerable (and defunct) Merck Records.
Pleased to meet you. What's your story?
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2020.10.20 17:39 AzorMX THE SEARCH FOR THE GREATEST SWITCH SHMUP: EPISODE 29 – Freedom finger

Original review, be sure to follow my site to catch the reviews before they go live everywhere else
For some reason I like to use burgers as metaphors for shmups, so let’s not change that wonderful habit. Back when I was living in Atlanta, I went to a burger joint called The Vortex. The place was really something else! Adorning the entrance was a huge skull with swirly eyes. Inside, the dim lighting and rock posters gave it a very punk vibe. It was one of those places that just oozed a punk personality and unapologetically shoved it into every corner of the establishment. The food was incredible as well! In many ways, Freedom Finger reminds me of my first time going to the Vortex burgers sans the food.
While still being a shmup at heart, Freedom Finger really feels like an artistic expression. It embodies the genre but also doesn’t hold any punches. Its personality is present in every aspect and the result is one of the most authentic games in a genre that tends to be same-y.
Developer: Wide Right Interactive
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release date: Sep 27, 2019
Price: $14.99
Tate: What?
Freedom Finger is the most american shmup you will ever play. For some reason, I can’t help but hum that song from the movie “Team America”. You probably should have caught a glimpse of this from the name itself, but rest assured knowing the campaign is exactly what you expect it to be.
There’s something about this game that takes me on several weird nostalgia trips. It reminds me of old school MTV. Oddly enough, I also get some 2014 vibes, but that probably just me.
In case you were also wondering, it is a 2D horizontal shmup. Freedom Finger combines fast air combat with melee attacks and musical gameplay. All presented in beautiful hand-drawn graphic! I want to mention the musical gameplay again because it truly is one of a kind!


One of the coolest features of Freedom Finger is that it contains a fully voiced campaign mode. The campaign will follow the adventures of Gamma Ray and Major Cigar as they attempt to rescue several hostages and the Major’s own daughter from the moon. Joining the fray as voice actors are notable talents such as Nolan North, John DiMaggio, Sam Riegel, and Eric Bauza.
I really don’t want to spoil the campaign, because it is actually crazy, but I’ll say that it was definitely the highlight of Freedom Finger for me! It has some clever dialogues and some jokes which actually made me laugh out loud. I don’t think I ever felt like skipping dialogue because I was enjoying it too much. Keeping up with the nostalgic vibe, I would put the campaign on the same level as when I saw the Beavis and Butthead movie for the first time on MTV!
Perhaps something that is noteworthy is that the campaign is not linear. Well, the levels themselves are linear, as is tradition with shmups, but the story offers choices that alter the course of the campaign. New levels are available on different routes, so I encourage you to check the campaign multiple times to see everything Freedom Finger has to offer.
There are no “lives” or “continues” or any other survival resource on the campaign. You are free to retry stages as much as you need in order to proceed. In fact, the arcade mode is also a sort of free-play. This doesn’t mean the game is easy, but it is simple to lick your wounds and try again without having to repeat the game.


Perhaps the most distinct aspect of Freedom Finger is your ship, Eagle Claw. There are no references, innuendos or otherwise subtle cues. Eagle Claw is straight up a hand giving you the middle finger, and it knows how to capitalize on its unique shape!
Having opposable thumbs is really neat, which translates to 2 defining abilities of the Eagle Claw: Punching and grabbing.
Punching is your main way of performing melee attacks. I don’t think I need to describe how a punch works, but here we go. When punching, the Eagle Claw clenches its fist and reels back slightly, then flies forward to punch whatever’s in front. Punches deal high damage and grant extra score. They are also pretty good when dealing with hordes of low HP enemy to destroy them in a single motion. If you punch repeatedly, you will do a devastating 3 hit combo!
Grabbing lets you grab most of the enemies you encounter. Some of the enemies can be used as guns while grabbed. As the trailer states, every enemy is a weapon. Except those who don’t shoot… or can’t actually be grabbed like some mid-large enemies. Once you have grabbed an enemy, you can no longer fire your own gun. You can always get rid of the enemy your holding by just throwing it forward. Thrown enemies deal nice damage and also net you extra score.


Punching and grabbing are the main mechanics of the game both in terms of scoring and survival. In terms of firepower, they vastly outclass your main cannon. There are no ship power-ups in Freedom Finger.
As you might expect, after a couple of levels your main cannon becomes mostly useless. Enemies come in greater numbers than the amount of bullets you can fire, and some won’t go down soon enough. It is at this point when you have to ditch your middle finger and opt to borrow some strength from the enemies.
Enemies who can fire when grabbed are pretty much the equivalent of weapon upgrades. Enemy weapons are much stronger and will allow you to keep up with what the level has to offer. The downsides are that having a weapon in hand will make you slower and getting hit will remove your weapon. The latter can be thought of as losing your weapon level after being hit in most shmups. I’ve expressed in the past how much I dislike that mechanic, but it’s here anyway.


As cool as I think the hand mechanics are in the game, I felt that they worked mostly against me rather than in my favor. Perhaps what bothers me the most is the slight displacement of the hand on both punches and throws. Because it moves your hand, it means you can get hit by enemies behind or slightly ahead of you. Maybe this could be classified as tactical usage, but ultimately it ends up feeling clunky.
It doesn’t help that the hand inputs are a bit strict. Timing combo actions such as grabbing > throwing or doing the punch combo often fail. The window for inputting those actions feels quite narrow, with combos being hard to perform unless you’re mashing the punch button. It doesn’t help that every now and then the game stutters, presumably altering the timing of the maneuvers.
Throwing left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, it was pretty cool to deal with large hordes by flicking a single ship and eliminating all of them. On the other hand, later stages feature “homing” enemies, which introduces to issue of the forward throw animation. More often than not, several enemies will be coming you in formation. Ideally you would want to throw something at them, but remember that grabbing ships make you slow. So you would find yourself trying to put some distance between them by moving backwards before the throw (to offset the forward motion), but due to your low speed, the enemies will get you. It’s another instance of controllers feeling clunky.
As a small side-note, I’m not entirely sure what is the actual hitbox of the ship. From my experience, it seems to be the entire hand, which might explain why navigation feels tricky to someone who has gotten used to reduced hitboxes. Might also be because movement feels mostly slippery when using the analogue stick.


Freedom Finger has a unique soundtrack for every stage, but what takes the crown is the musical integration with the stages! Every stage was hand crafted to follow the beat of the music. Enemies, bullets and obstacles all move in tandem with the beats. This not only looks really cool, but also opens up several opportunities on the field of anticipation.
The best way to put it is that if you know the song, you know the stage. While not easy at first, recognizing the music will go a long way to helping you navigate the stages. Several enemies or bullets will completely stop when the music calls for it, or go crazy when the action resumes. This means that you absolutely KNOW when the action is going to happen, which will help you know when you can stand in front of an enemy and when it will fire.
I’ll admit that catching the beats is tricky at first. After all, when you are trying a stage for the first time, you can be cheap killed by a bullet that suddenly stopped because you hadn’t heard the song yet. However, stages become easier over time as you master the songs and your trusty ears become the first to warn you of upcoming dangers.
One thing I will say is that the music is crucial, so not liking the style will probably sour your experience. On that note, I would advise everyone to listen to soundtrack first and seeing if it tickles your fancy.


There is an extra gauge I haven’t talked about yet, which is the stealth gauge. Since your mission is supposed to be top secret, stealth is paramount for your success. In this game, stealth translates into not letting enemies leave the screen. So basically… kill them all!
Stealth is a funny mechanic. I disliked that stages usually have horizontal dividers at some point, and if you chose the wrong side, then enemies would fly through the other half of the screen and fill your gauge. However, after playing a bunch of Freedom Finger, I never had a game over induced by the stealth gauge. Not even once. I actually feel like I should purposely try to fill it and see how a stealth game over looks like. Looks like my point is rather moot in this case.
For the completionists, stages feature several badges which can be unlocked on either the campaign or arcade mode for each stage. The ones I encountered were presumably punching a lot (lobster with gloves), not getting hit (bullet with angel wings) and for getting an S rank. Badges are shared for both modes, so getting an S rank on campaign will display it on arcade.


Despite having a lot of crude humor, the game features several censor modifiers. You can censor the middle finger, censor subtitles or even censor spoken profanity. I wouldn’t recommend this game to younger people though.
You can also adjust the difficulty of the game to your skill level. You can tweak settings such as your health, toggle collision damage or even disable the stealth gauge.
Then there’s the “Blizzard mode” which is a funny easter egg that mocks Blizzard as a result of the Blitzchung ban controversy. Not pulling any punches is something that Freedom Finger takes seriously!


While I did enjoy playing Freedom Finger, I can’t help but think that there are some glaring issues which completely diminished my enjoyment at times.
One of those issues is the number of homing enemies. I’ve always thought of homing anything to be a slippery slope, because too much homing is never fun. Unfortunately, some objects in this game do seem to have some heavy correction when you are close to them. I’ve seen missiles and ships pull off 180s because I was too close to them. A great example is the dinosaur on 5-2. If you fly close to his mouth, the fireballs will perform some very obnoxious curving which results in death.
I also felt like midway through the game the experience turned grindy. Enemy numbers suddenly spiked and their durability increased as well. The main cannon was no longer enough and at this point I believed that the game was signaling me to start punching and throwing more to keep up.
Despite all my practice, the issue I mentioned with punching and grabbing became more apparent. I like the concept of punching and grabbing and I can see how clever usage could make stages much more fluid, but as I said, the mechanic felt mostly clunky in its implementation. It doesn’t help the debris exists and it only felt as if its purpose was to get in the way of grabbing enemies.


Freedom Finger is a shmup that has the makings of a great game and the talent to make it happen, but is held back by some poor implementations of its mechanics and some questionable design decisions. I had fun playing the game, but I also had plenty unfun moments.
Despite what I said, if you like the aesthetics, the humor and the music, then you will definitely have a lot of fun with Freedom Finger! It really is a game with a wild attitude and the musical integration is so great that I hope other games learn from it. I do hope there is a Freedom Finger 2 along the road. With some more polish, it could become a great game!


  1. Ikaruga
  2. Psyvariar Delta
  3. Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade
  4. Devil Engine
  5. Rolling Gunner
  6. Blazing Star
  7. Jamestown+
  8. Raiden V: Director’s Cut
  9. Darius Cozmic Collection Console
  10. Tengai
  11. Steredenn: Binary Stars
  12. Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax
  13. Sky Force: Reloaded
  14. Strikers 1945
  15. Black Paradox
  16. R-Type Dimensions EX
  17. Sine Mora EX
  18. Shikhondo – Soul Eater
  19. Freedom Finger
  20. Ghost Blade HD
  21. AngerForce: Reloaded
  22. Aero Fighters 2 (ACA Neogeo)
  23. Q-YO Blaster
  24. Lightening Force: Quest for the darkstar (Sega Ages)
  25. Pawarumi
  26. Red Death
  27. Task Force Kampas
  28. Switch ‘N’ Shoot
  29. Last Resort (ACA Neogeo)
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2020.10.20 15:00 Dog-Lick-Gink Ⓙ Rebrand: Nostalgia (21st to 27th of October, 2020) Song/artist information/facts and track choice rationale...

Ⓙ Rebrand: Nostalgia (21st to 27th of October, 2020) Song/artist information/facts and track choice rationale...
weekly playlist artwork showcase with accompanying description/theme and genres
Greetings my fellow music nerds. Ⓙ Rebrand is a 1 hour long curated Spotify playlist with new music, artwork and theme/title each week. This post details the track information and song choice rationale for this week’s Ⓙ Rebrand playlist in chronological order. Backups of all past weekly curations are saved on this Spotify profile and if you come across this post outside of the date in the post title, here is a link to the backup of Ⓙ Rebrand: Nostalgia (21/10/20) playlist of which, all of the following content is relevant:
  • Title/Theme: Nostalgia
  • Length: 1 hour and 1 minute
  • Number of full length tracks: 14
  • Theme accompanied description: My top track picks from the 1990’s and early 2000’s.
  • Genres this week: Pop Music, Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic Rock, Disco House, Danish Pop, Alternative Dance, Breakbeat, Detroit Hip Hop, Rap Rock, Rap Metal, Pop-Punk, Alternative Australian Rock and Funk Rock - the Ⓙ Rebrand playlist is organised into genres (within the Spotify app). If you can't see these labels in your app: go to Settings>Display Options>Show unavailable songs ☑ )
This week’s playlist theme has been chosen by the community, as voted in by the pole posted last week. Thanks to those of you who voted. It was pretty hard for me to cut back my list of nostalgic tracks to 1 hour, so for those of you who may be interested in a longer listening session, you can check out the Ⓙ 90's Kids BOUNCE! playlist which currently has over two and a half hours of music in it. The following list contains genre information, additional information and some details for song choice/rationale for the Ⓙ Rebrand: Nostalgia (21/10/20) playlist:
DARE - Gorillaz: [Genres: alternative hip hop, art pop] Starting out with the 2005 hit song by the British virtual band Gorillaz. It's off their second studio album, Demon Days. It peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart in 2005, becoming the band's only UK number one hit. Interesting fact: the song was originally meant to be titled "It's There", but was changed due to Shaun Ryder's strong accent making it sound like he was saying "It's dare." This title came from him requesting a change to his headphones levels and saying, "it's going up, it's going up, it's there!" This is the song that first got me interested in the Gorillaz, and since then I have enjoyed so much of their music, with their latest album "The Now Now" being my favourite. I still have a lot of respect for their earlier stuff though, and this track is a banger.
Who Is It - Michael Jackson: [Genres: R&B, soul, pop] It is no secret that MJ was a phenomenal pop artist and this track has to be one of my absolute favourites. The album it is from: “Dangerous” (released in 1991) has to be my personal favourite in his discography. It is well decorated, having won 5 major awards including a Grammy for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical. You can tell, it is produced and mastered so incredibly well for the time, even holding up by today's standards. Apart from winning 5 awards, it was also nominated for an additional 7 more awards in the year of release. This is actually a pretty emotional song, but it hits hard. I've always loved this number, but the whole album is great. RIP: MJ.
Robot Rock - Daft Punk: [Genres: electronic rock, dance-rock, filter house, electro] This is the lead single from Daft Punk's third studio album: "Human After All". This song reached a moderately high chart position and continues to be one of their most popular tracks in their large discography. It features a sample of "Release the Beast" performed by Breakwater which features a synthesizer riff, as well as percussion and power chords on an electric guitar. There really was some unique production techniques with the synthesizers and sampling from this group and this track certainly shows that off.
Where’s Your Head At - Basement Jaxx: [Genres: disco house, big beat, alternative dance, vocal house, new rave, electronica] I’m sure a few people can relate and recognise this one as it peaked at number number 16 in the Australian charts back in 2001. This track has a great music video too and it was nominated for multiple awards in 2002.
Move Your Feet - Junior Senior: [Genres: Danish pop, rock, dance music, electronic music] This is the Danish duo’s biggest hit, reaching No. 20 in Australia in 2003. This track has also been used in a lot of advertising culture throughout as well as use in films and TV series. MAybe some people remember it from PlayStation 3's SingStar.
Galvanize - The Chemical Brothers: [Genres: big beat, rave, electronica, alternative dance, breakbeat, new rave, trip hop, house music, hip hop] This track features vocals by Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest. Tribe has to be one of my favourite hip hop groups of all time, so naturally I gravitated to this track. This track won a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in 2006.
Freestyler - Bomfunk MC’s: [Genres: eurodance, europop, bubblegum dance, hip hop music, grime, breakbeat, electronica, funky house] This is a song by Finnish hip hop group Bomfunk MC's released worldwide in 2000. I’m sure everyone who was alive at the time and over the age of 6 must recognise this song as it was a worldwide success, topping the charts in more than ten countries. It is primarily a breakbeat song, with strong influences of UK dance culture and electronic dance music, as well as some influences from hip hop.
Soldier - Eminem: [Genres Detroit hip hop, rap, hip hop] This is one of my favourite tracks off the widely considered most anticipated album of 2002, the fourth studio album “The Eminem Show” by American rapper Eminem, with Dr. Dre being the album's executive producer. It sold over 1.3 million copies in its second week in the US and ended up being the best-selling album of the year worldwide, with songs topping charts around the world. I feel like a lot of the tracks off this album incorporate a heavier use of rap rock than Eminem's previous albums so it segways well into the next segment.
Butterfly - Crazy Town: [Genres: rap rock, funk metal, nu metal, alternative metal, rap metal, nu metal, alternative rock, hip hop music] This classic song by American rap rock band Crazy Town gained mainstream popularity and peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. In Australia it was within the top ten on the charts in 2001. The song is based on a sample of "Pretty Little Ditty" from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' 1989 album Mother's Milk.
Points of Authority - Linkin Park: [Genres: rap metal, post-grunge, alternative metal, nu metal] This track by Linkin Park is the fourth track off their first studio album, Hybrid Theory. I was a huge LP fan back in the day, but I only ever listened to their first few albums and a bunch of their underground stuff. I (along with many others) have not listened to the vast majority of their later stuff (is this the reason Chester hit the deck? ⊙﹏⊙ RIP Chester) I have chosen to feature the 20th Anniversary Edition as this is Linkin Park's latest release and I like to pay tribute to that. 20 years later and I still bang this on every now and again. Certainly has been a huge part of my music taste and shaping over the years. This is not the most popular track off the album, that would be “In the End”, but I personally like this track better.
My Generation - Limp Bizkit: [Genres: rap metal, funk metal, nu metal, alternative metal, wrestling] This is song by the American rap rock band Limp Bizkit, released in 20 years ago on the album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. The song was released as the first single simultaneously with "Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)" which was more popular, but again, I like this track more. Side story: I was raised by lovely, conscious “hippy” - like parents - and went to a Steiner school for the first few years of my schooling. Listening to Limp Bizkit would NOT have been approved by my parents, but I secretly bought this record, along with The Eminem Show from a market and hid them from my parents. I would get them out late at night or when they weren't around and listen to them on my discman.
Vultures - The Offspring: [Genres: socal pop punk, permanent wave, skate punk, punk, alternative metal, pop punk, rock] "Vultures" is the twelfth track and my personal favourite song off The Offspring's sixth album, Conspiracy of One, released in 2000. I believe this song is about somebody who believes they are losing their mind due to their relationship. This is a song off an album I listened to so many times that I actually had to put it down for several years and take a break. Still, 20 years later, I get some good vibes from banging it on now and then.
Anthem for the Year 2000 - Silverchair: [Genres: Australian psych, grunge, post-grunge, alternative rock, Australian alternative rock, alternative metal, pop rock, nu metal, rock] This is song by the Australian rock band Silverchair, released as the first single from their third album, Neon Ballroom. It reached number 3 on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart, which made it the group’s sixth top-ten single. Silverchair truly do deserve their spot in Australia's rock history. Silverchair have won more ARIA Music Awards than any other artist in history with 21 wins from 49 nominations. As Silverchair’s music evolved and became more ambitious over the years, starting from grunge on their debut to more recent work displaying orchestral and art rock influences, I feel this third album “Neon Ballroom” hit a sweet spot for me and provided some good influence in my music taste for both myself and my friendship group.
Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers: [Genres: funk rock, funk metal, permanent wave, alternative rock, rock] This is the most widely known and most frequently performed Red Hot Chili Peppers track off their seventh album, Californication, released in 1999. The album peaked at number 1 for Australian Albums (ARIA) in 1999 and went 8× Platinum in Australia selling >560,000 copies. This is my favourite album by the group and thanks to streaming services I no longer have to listen to the skipping tracks due to the scratched, overused CD we owned.
The following is a list of honorable mentions that didn't make the cut due to time restraints (these can be found in the Ⓙ 90's Kids BOUNCE! playlist):
  • Tribute - Tenacious D
  • Zombie - The Cranberries
  • Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden
  • Twenty Zero One - Jamiroquai
  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) - ABBA
  • Move Your Feet - Junior Senior
  • Starlight - The Supermen Lovers
  • Satisfaction - Benny Benassi
  • Around the World - Daft Punk
  • Coco Jamboo - Mr. President
  • Livin' It Up - Limp Bizkit
  • crushcrushcrush - Paramore
  • Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
  • Calling Elvis - Dire Straits
  • Land Of Confusion (Live version) - Genesis
  • Mutiny - Parkway Drive
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2020.10.20 13:12 gfishbone The Legend of Penthesilea, a history

Unlike Hippolyte, who is linked to the stories of Heracles and Theseus, Penthesilea was an original part of the Trojan War cycle in a tradition that goes back thousands of years.
As the Classical world focused on the works of Homer, other parts of the Epic Cycle faded into the shadows. But despite the challenges of time, Penthesilea's story was rescued from obscurity to be retold and reinterpreted in modern stories, animation, and video games. I'm working on a Penthesilea novel myself, which is why I've compiled an extensive history of this character.


The pre-Homeric Trojan War epics, including the story of Penthesileia, probably began as a body of oral tales with regional variations and roots in the 2nd Millennium BCE Proto-Indo-European tradition. This epic battle story, not necessarily pinned to a specific location, has cognates in Germanic and Hindu traditions among others.
The proto-Greek Mycenaeans attached these stories to a specific city in Asia Minor by the Late Bronze Age or during the so-called Greek Dark Age. Fragmentary evidence hints at variations where Penthesileia arrives before the death of Hector, where Penthesiliea defeats Achilles in battle, and where Penthesileia and Achilles tragically kill each other and are united for a happy afterlife together.
The Trojan War was believed to be entirely fictional until late 19th Century archeologists discovered the ruins of a city that matched Homeric descriptions of Troy, although there's no direct evidence of conflict between Bronze Age Ilion and an Achaean invasion fleet. More recently, genetic analysis has shown that the remains of some Bronze Age warriors on the Asian steppes, initially assumed to be men, also include women, and that some of the female remains show damage consistent with battle wounds. The female warriors of this culture were one possible source of Greek myths about all-woman Amazon armies, although it's unlikely that actual Amazon warriors ever battled against the ancient Greeks.


Homer, whether as a single bard or as a multi-generational school of rhapsodes, is credited with codifying the Iliad and Odyssey in something approaching their current forms, probably in the 8th Century BCE. The Aethiopis, the story that directly follows the Iliad in the Epic Cycle, was believed to have been first codified by Homer's student, Arctinus of Miletus. The Aethiopis began with Arctinus's Penthesileiad, the story of the Amazon warrior Penthesilea, who fought on the side of the Trojans. Unfortunately, the Aethiopis and other non-Homeric epics have been lost to us except for their descriptions and some fragments. In Ancient Greece, when the Penthesileiad of Arctinus was still being recited, pottery decorations often depicted the fight between Achilles and Penthesileia or the game of dice played by Achilles and Ajax. These images outlived the text, and offer tantalizing clues about how the Amazon queen's story was told.


Virgil, in the 1st Century CE, refers to Penthesileia in his Aeneid and may have used her as a template for the woman warrior, Camilla. However, the most detailed and complete Penthesileiad that still exists is the first book of the Posthomerica of Quintus of Smyrna, tentatively dated to the 4th Century CE. We don't know much about Quintus, except that he claimed to hail from Roman-occupied Anatolia, near the spot where the ruins of Troy were located, that he wrote in Greek, and that he may have had access to sources and traditions that are no longer available, perhaps even a copy of the Arctinus's Aethiopis. The Quintan Penthesileiad, along with the rest of his Posthomerica, was preserved by Byzantine scholars. Manuscripts were rediscovered in the Middle Ages. Translations were made into French and German, but an English translation would remain unavailable into the early 20th Century.
I have Arthur S. Way's 1913 translation of Posthomerica I on my website, but there are more readable versions available from libraries (or, most appropriately, from Amazon). Personally, I like the 1968 translation by Frederick M. Combellack.


Medieval folk tales reimagined Queen Penthesilea as a lady knight in armor, with all the heraldry of an imagined Amazon nation. As the Trojans had become firmly identified with the founding of Rome, thanks to Virgil, their Amazon allies were now regarded as loyal and sympathetic allies to a lost cause that was later redeemed by history. New traditions evolved, including a romantic connection between Penthesilea and Hector, the Amazon queen's chivalrous quest to avenge her lover's death, her own eventual death at the hands of Neoptolemus, and an honorable burial on the banks of the Thermodon River. Examples in this genre include Roman de Troie (1160) by Benoît de Sainte-Maure, City of Ladies (1405) by Christine de Pizan, and the Troy Book (1420) of John Lydgate.


Playwright Heinrich von Kleist's 1808 stage play, "Penthesilea," may have been inspired by an early German edition of the Quintan Penthesileiad or by other sources. Kleist's Amazons, led by Queen Penthesilea, are drawn to battlefields because, in their culture, they can only mate with warrior men they have personally defeated in combat. Descending upon the Troad plain like salmon in a spawning season, the Amazons issue personal challenges to the best fighters on both sides in a frantic quest to defeat, dominate, and mate with them. As in traditional tellings, Penthesilea and Achilles fall in love at first sight. Something of a courtship ensues, but the cultural gap between the Amazons and Achaeans proves too great. Wacky miscommunications and misunderstandings ruin any chance these two warriors may have had for a healthy relationship until, in the end, Penthesilea kills Achilles and feasts on his raw flesh. Feeling remorseful afterward, Penthesilea literally wills herself to death.
Kleist's version explicitly spotlights the horrific end scene of some retellings, in which Achilles violates the corpse of Penthesilea after slaying her. By providing a turnabout, Kleist allows Penthesilea to be the one to win the battle, to experience the passion-driven madness, and to deal with the messy aftermath. However, as the play's experimental format was deemed "unstagable" as an early 19th Century production, Kleist's Penthesileiad was not performed before an audience until 1876, in a simplified form.


British poet and dramatist Laurence Binyon (1869-1943) is best known today for war poetry about World Wars I and II, but his early interest in the Trojan War and knowledge of the Quintan Posthomerica are evident from his 1905 poem, "Penthesilea," and 1906 stage play, "Paris and Oenone." These works presented readers with ancient stories that were new to them, and unavailable at the time from any other source in English. Binyon's character studies of Achilles, Priam, Andromache, and Paris paved the way for the first English translation of the Quintan Posthomerica, although these stories would remain less well known than the Iliad and Odyssey of Homer.
I have a copy of Lawrence Binyon's "Penthesilea" on my website.


The Mythoversal Penthesileiad is my version, which I'm releasing online in weekly installments. I'm staying true to the core of the Quintan Posthomerica while taking inspiration from Binyon's character studies and providing better foreshadowing future events in the Epic Cycle. Where the Posthomerica has been described as "The Trojan War as directed by Quentin Tarantino" for its celebration of violence, I'm channeling the fight scenes into a commentary on love, war, and patriotism that will hopefully resonate with modern readers.


This one you know. For me, it's been a special treat to see Penthesilea rendered as a playable character in an immersive environment that looks and feels so much like the legends of Troy. Hats off to the game developers for all the little details they got so right!
And the legend goes on....
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2020.10.20 10:04 teronism [Online][LFP][5E][Campaign][EST/EDT][DM Seeking Players][Paid] campaigns Seeking Additional Players

██▓▒░ A ʙ ᴏ ᴜ ᴛ t h e D M

Howdy! I go by teronism *or *relax *professionally, and I've been roleplaying for about 14~ years now and got started playing TTRPGs via *Play-by-post forums, *IRC *and the like. The story is ultimately my main interest in TTRPGs, so most often I take a more rules-light approach to GMing than some GMs I've played with, going for narration over mechanics when I see fit. Out of all my time roleplaying I've been GM/DMing for about the last 6~ years or so, so I've had my fair share of really awesome games and much less successful ones too. My preferred style of game-running is Theatre of the Mind with a focus on collaborative narration; I've currently been running a Campaign for the last 3 years that's been almost exclusively TotM, and I run several others that utilize VTTs to some extent as well! I do my best to engage all of my players equally through games, and develop the story in a way that becomes personal to everyone involved so everyone continues to have fun.
I'm currently partnering with a close friend to Co-DM my current run of games and we've been developing two home-brew settings of our own, as well as creating a wealth of resources for our play (as well as to share with people eventually).

And because I want there to be no miscommunication:

  • Sexist, racist, or otherwise offensive remarks and opinions being espoused, or offensive behavior towards other players at any point will result in ejection.
  • Murder hobo'ing, meta-gaming, and being overly vulgar just for the heck of it, are all big no-no's.
  • More generally, don't be a creep. Act responsibly.
  • If I, in any capacity, ever offend or make anyone uncomfortable, or don't handle an issue that arises in a way that you feel encourages your continued participation please let me know.
And then, of course, I want us to all get along. Hopefully, we will, but no way to know until we've met!

██▓▒░ G a m e s

The meat and potatoes of what you're here for -- most of my homebrew campaigns are sandbox to some extent: that is, if you go 'off the rails' in any respect I might not push you back towards the intended 'goal' of the story. The initial quest of a campaign, if any, might change, or just never be resolved at all if the game has a set end-date. That said, I tailor each game I run to my players preferences and desires of what kind of story they're looking for so whether a group wants more role-play, more combat, or a classic puzzle-y, riddle-filled adventure I'll adapt to the desires of the group. If you have a specific idea of the type of game you'd like to play (or don't, but want to make one up with a group), I'm here for you!
Here's a small selection of some campaign adventures I currently have waiting to be played:
██▓▒░ Saturday 9 PM PST Sunday 12 AM EST; two players signed up and waiting to adventure into the dark lands of Barovia!
██▓▒░ Curse of Strahd Tuesday at 7:00 PM EST; A just-started campaign with three players and plenty of room for more. Come and explore the cursed lands of Barovia, and try your best to survive!
██▓▒░ Monster of the Week Thursday Bi-Weekly at 8:00 PM EST; A MOTW campaign seeking players!
██▓▒░ FATE Core SUNDAYS 8:00PM EDT; A homebrew FATE storyline about a group of former carnies investigating the death of their ringmaster in a 1984-esque setting based on the board game Scythe.
██▓▒░ Edge of the Empire Fridays 8:00PM EDT; Fantasy Flight Game's Star Wars Edge of the Empire - following the death of the emperor, people still have more worldly concerns than stormtroopers. A hutt wants your head, and you need to get off Tattooine.
We have many campaigns planned; these are just the ones with parties already beginning to assemble. If you have an alternative time-slot you're looking to fit into your schedule, or have a group of friends you want to play with and are looking for the perfect game to fit them, check over at my other thread to see what kind of things I offer!
Thanks, and hope to game with ya' soon!
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2020.10.20 10:03 teronism [Online][LFP][5E][Campaign][EST/EDT][DM Seeking Players][Paid] campaigns Seeking Additional Players

██▓▒░ A ʙ ᴏ ᴜ ᴛ t h e D M

Howdy! I go by teronism *or *relax *professionally, and I've been roleplaying for about 14~ years now and got started playing TTRPGs via *Play-by-post forums, *IRC *and the like. The story is ultimately my main interest in TTRPGs, so most often I take a more rules-light approach to GMing than some GMs I've played with, going for narration over mechanics when I see fit. Out of all my time roleplaying I've been GM/DMing for about the last 6~ years or so, so I've had my fair share of really awesome games and much less successful ones too. My preferred style of game-running is Theatre of the Mind with a focus on collaborative narration; I've currently been running a Campaign for the last 3 years that's been almost exclusively TotM, and I run several others that utilize VTTs to some extent as well! I do my best to engage all of my players equally through games, and develop the story in a way that becomes personal to everyone involved so everyone continues to have fun.
I'm currently partnering with a close friend to Co-DM my current run of games and we've been developing two home-brew settings of our own, as well as creating a wealth of resources for our play (as well as to share with people eventually).

And because I want there to be no miscommunication:

  • Sexist, racist, or otherwise offensive remarks and opinions being espoused, or offensive behavior towards other players at any point will result in ejection.
  • Murder hobo'ing, meta-gaming, and being overly vulgar just for the heck of it, are all big no-no's.
  • More generally, don't be a creep. Act responsibly.
  • If I, in any capacity, ever offend or make anyone uncomfortable, or don't handle an issue that arises in a way that you feel encourages your continued participation please let me know.
And then, of course, I want us to all get along. Hopefully, we will, but no way to know until we've met!

██▓▒░ G a m e s

The meat and potatoes of what you're here for -- most of my homebrew campaigns are sandbox to some extent: that is, if you go 'off the rails' in any respect I might not push you back towards the intended 'goal' of the story. The initial quest of a campaign, if any, might change, or just never be resolved at all if the game has a set end-date. That said, I tailor each game I run to my players preferences and desires of what kind of story they're looking for so whether a group wants more role-play, more combat, or a classic puzzle-y, riddle-filled adventure I'll adapt to the desires of the group. If you have a specific idea of the type of game you'd like to play (or don't, but want to make one up with a group), I'm here for you!
Here's a small selection of some campaign adventures I currently have waiting to be played:
██▓▒░ Saturday 9 PM PST Sunday 12 AM EST; two players signed up and waiting to adventure into the dark lands of Barovia!
██▓▒░ Curse of Strahd Tuesday at 7:00 PM EST; A just-started campaign with three players and plenty of room for more. Come and explore the cursed lands of Barovia, and try your best to survive!
██▓▒░ Monster of the Week Thursday Bi-Weekly at 8:00 PM EST; A MOTW campaign seeking players!
██▓▒░ FATE Core SUNDAYS 8:00PM EDT; A homebrew FATE storyline about a group of former carnies investigating the death of their ringmaster in a 1984-esque setting based on the board game Scythe.
██▓▒░ Edge of the Empire Fridays 8:00PM EDT; Fantasy Flight Game's Star Wars Edge of the Empire - following the death of the emperor, people still have more worldly concerns than stormtroopers. A hutt wants your head, and you need to get off Tattooine.
We have many campaigns planned; these are just the ones with parties already beginning to assemble. If you have an alternative time-slot you're looking to fit into your schedule, or have a group of friends you want to play with and are looking for the perfect game to fit them, check over at my other thread to see what kind of things I offer!
Thanks, and hope to game with ya' soon!
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2020.10.20 01:08 SomnumScriptor The Corpus Arcade: The Nightmare House VR

I found it stuck in the door to my apartment. “Need an escape from life? The Corpus Arcade may be just what you’re looking for!” A picture of a dark room backlit with the colour washes of video games giving silhouettes of their players filled the background of the flyer. At the bottom was a small map that gave directions to the arcade. I didn’t see any on the neighbor’s doors, but the hours we keep are different, so they had probably already grabbed theirs and tossed them away. I was heading for the trash when I decided that I might give it a shot. I was a Mortal Kombat Queen back in the day and I hadn’t been to a real arcade in over a decade. Worst case scenario would be that it sucked and I left.
When I got settled in on the sofa, I gave the flyer a look again. The back side advertised a specific game they had. “The Nightmare House” was a new, highly immersive VR trek through a virtual haunted house. It asked for appointments to be set up and for players to be prepared to wear special garments provided in the arcade to allow for all of the VR attachments to be properly applied to the body for “the most realistic playing experience possible!!” It included a $10 off coupon of the $20 fee. Now I love my Mortal Kombat, but this was really intriguing. I don’t have any experience with VR, I can’t afford the gadgets, so I decided that I would go ahead and give this a try. If I had to pay the $20, no way in hell. But I was willing to put up $10 for something that sounded this advanced.
I called the number listed and made arrangements to go in that Saturday at 3pm. The person on the phone warned me not to have too much to drink before coming in as the game takes a while and doesn’t allow for pauses. “And who knows? Might just scare the piss out of you!” They chuckled at me before reconfirming the time and date. This was sounding awesome. If it really was that long of a game, I’d be getting my money’s worth. I just hoped it proved as cool as they made it sound. Like I said, I have no experience with VR and I really hoped I wasn’t going to be stuck watching a version of a Fun House ride in cartoonish graphics for half an hour.
The rest of the week passed and on Saturday I made sure to have just a small breakfast and a single cup of coffee so that I wouldn’t embarrass myself with any uncontrollable bodily functions at the arcade. I took the flyer with me for directions and the coupon and eventually found myself in a neighbourhood I’d never been in previously. It seemed to be a small couple of blocks of a business district, but most of the businesses were either closed down with the windows boarded up, or really odd. There was a musical instrument shop that had a few clunky looking old fashioned instruments in the window, a knick knack store that certainly hadn’t been dusted in months judging from its display, and a second hand clothes store with someone outside of it sweeping the sidewalk in an orange robe who gave me a little grin and a nod. The Corpus Arcade was unmistakable though, the black doors had a giant white skull worked into them with a combination of paint and sculpture, and a sign above with The Corpus Arcade written in dripping red lettering.
When I entered, it was pure nostalgia, all of the sounds of the games flooding over me like a familiar flannel; the glow of the games, the sounds of pinball, fake gunfire, and an 80s music soundtrack, and the smell of nachos and hot dogs was all a trip down memory lane. It wasn’t until I had been in there for a good couple of minutes that I realized the one thing that was missing, the people. It was a Saturday afternoon, the place should be flooded with kids and teens and other older geeks like me. I noticed a few Skee Ball machines with tickets hanging out of them, but couldn’t see where the winners were. As I wandered further in I noticed a few doors leading off to different game sections. Still no people though. It was rather eerie. I think I would have been more comfortable had the place not felt so alive while being so empty really. If it was in complete darkness and silence rather than being so familiar, if I was sneaking in when it was closed perhaps, that would have been less strange.
When someone tapped me on the shoulder, I nearly jumped out of my skin. I spun around to face them and found a girl dressed as some sort of Goth nurse on roller skates. She was wearing a face mask and smelled like bubble gum, which she seemed to be chewing behind the mask. “Hey! You must be my 3 o’clock! I’m The Nurse, I run The Nightmare House. Are you all ready?”
“Uh, yeah,” I handed her a $10 bill and the flyer with the coupon on it.
“Great! Follow me. This game is totally new top of the line tech, I’m going to ask you to do a few things that might sound weird, but they totally make the game awesome,” she skated over to one of the doors and led me inside. We were in a small room with a chair and 2 more doors. Pointing to the side door she said, “Okay, there are lockers in there and a gown for you to wear. We’ll be putting some different things on you to allow your movements to be tracked in the game as well as some electrodes that help make it even more immersive. Sounds weird, right? Don’t worry, it’s all brand new tech, we got an early release. We’re totally lucky to have gotten this machine. I’ll wait for you out here. You can leave on your bra and panties if you want or, if you’re worried about it, there’s an adult diaper in there too. Honestly, I’ve had to clean up some nasty shit, so I’d prefer it if you wore that, but it’s your call. Oh! Right, I almost forgot. There’s a bottle of gel in there. If you could just use it like lotion and cover yourself with it, most people feel more comfortable doing it themselves. It just helps with the way the electrodes work.” She gestured towards the door again, gave me a wink and then sat down on the chair to wait for me.
This was by far the weirdest thing that had happened to me in a long while, but it was getting more intriguing by the moment. I opened the door and walked into the little locker room. There was a hospital style gown with the arcade’s logo on it, an adult diaper, again with the arcade’s logo on it, which had me giggling, an open locker, and a bottle of gel along with a toilet and sink. I figured what the hell, made sure to use the toilet first, gelled myself up, changed into the gown and adult diaper because there was no way I wasn’t going to use a black adult diaper with an arcade logo on it, it’d make for a great story, and then stuffed everything in the locker. When I was finished, I went back out into the vestibule to meet The Nurse.
“Awesome! Looking good!” she laughed. “Now, let’s get you ready,” I followed her as she rolled her way into the room behind the other door.
This room featured something like a chair crossed with an exo suit frame with arm and leg rests that had straps on them. Alongside of it were a lot of different pieces of equipment and wires. I would hate to be the person who had to deal with all of those wires. The Nurse had me climb into the chair and set about adjusting the lengths of the arms and legs, little flaps folded out of the bottoms of the legs to support my feet. She wrapped things around me to monitor my leg movements, put gloves on my hands, and then started applying the various electrodes on me before strapping me into the chair. She did something to the back and it raised up from the floor and set me in a standing position. “Try moving around,” she instructed, so I did. The chair, or whatever it was, moved with me. It seemed that if I was to be moving in the game, I could do so while not running into the walls. I was incredibly impressed.
“Okay, last thing we need to do is a few wires to the head and get the goggles on you. I have to put a little bit of this goop on your head for the wires again, the gel doesn’t work as well on the head. It washes out really easy, is that cool?” she asked.
I nodded and she ended up parting different sections of my hair and then smoothing something cool onto my scalp and then sticking what I assumed were more electrodes into those spots. “Alrighty then, just need to put on the headset and you’ll be ready to go! You’re going to experience darkness for a few minutes first, just try to relax, nothing is wrong with the game, it’s just a way to let you get accustomed to the feeling of everything and for the game to get accustomed to you. Any last questions?”
I was going to ask her about why the arcade was empty, but I didn’t think that was the type of question she was talking about. I was going to ask her what she meant by the game getting accustomed to me, but I assumed it was just collecting all of the information from the pieces of equipment that were all over my body and making adjustments for that. Like I might have mentioned before, I have no clue how VR works and didn’t really want to embarrass myself. “Nope,” I said. “I think I’m good.”
“Cool. Okay, get ready to enter The Nightmare House. Your goal is to make it through alive. To get out, you have to find the door. Not just a door, but the door. You’ll know you’ve found the door when you get back to reality. Have a safe trip!” She gave me a wink as she slipped the headset on. It covered my eyes as well as my ears. At once I was in complete darkness and absolute silence.
I’m glad she had warned me about that, I would have been worried after the first 30 seconds otherwise. Instead, I relaxed. I wiggled my fingers in the gloves and then moved around a little bit to get a feel for the frame I was strapped to. The seat was so soft that I barely noticed it was there helping to support me, moving my arms and legs a bit, I found that I couldn’t feel any resistance against them and the sensation of having the frame parts next to me was fading, the cushioning on them must help with that as well. All in all I was kind of enjoying being a floating being in a huge, empty space. After a couple of minutes, light started slowly filling the area, the sound of birds joined in with it. As the light started to add some rather blurry scenery, I hoped that the graphics quality would improve and I closed my eyes.
When I opened them again, everything was clear. Not just well pixelated, it was completely clear. I was standing in the orchard of the house that I grew up in and it was as perfect as I remembered it. I could even smell the mulberries and the apples, I could hear the birds, it was like nothing I had ever experienced in a game before. It took me a minute of just looking around and taking deep breaths, to come to terms with what I was seeing. Somehow this game had replicated my old home’s grounds immaculately. Perhaps there was more to The Nurse’s reference about the game getting to know me than I had originally thought. This was definitely impressive.
After I got a grip on myself, I looked closer at things. That’s when I noticed the snakes. I dream about them often. Brightly colored snakes between a foot to 5 feet long. They hung from the trees, slithered in the grass, and poked their heads up from small holes in the ground. I like snakes. I really do, had them as pets once. But in my dreams, the snakes all bite. I kept perfectly still while I checked up to see if the terrain was the same as I was used to. Barn to the right, gravel road behind me, barn and assorted buildings ahead to the right, same distance straight ahead was the garage, and then the house to the left of that with the yard fenced in. I was going to have to make a break to the house. I should be able to get there. At least this was just a game, right?
I made it about 2 yards before the snakes started biting. They leapt, they flew, they swarmed towards me with an air of determination and launched themselves through the air at me, latching on and not letting go. I was wrong though, this might have just been a game, but those bites hurt. I was at a dead run towards the house, trying to pull away as many of the snakes as I could while more kept popping out of the grass to attack me. Some fell off as I shook my arms and tried to push them away, but I still had some holding tightly with their teeth. Yanking a particularly vicious one from my hand, I realized that it hadn’t given up biting me yet and the teeth ripped a decent sized wound into the area between my thumb and forefinger. By this time I was screaming and swearing and trying to avoid the damned things.
When I made it to the gate, it was locked. But this gate never had a lock, not a real one. The fence was taller now as well. I might have been able to climb over the old one in seconds, but it had changed. What had once been a decorative wire fence was now a 6 foot tall wrought iron fence with a huge lock mechanism. I turned around frantically and saw the door to the garage. Turning around I ran to it and shoved it open, thankfully it wasn’t locked. I got into the garage and pushed it closed behind me. I still had a number of snakes attached to me. I started grabbing them by their heads to get them to release my flesh, and one by one I pulled them off, quickly opened the door to throw them out, and closed it again. After the last one was gone, I leaned up against the door to catch my breath.
I was panting and bleeding and my heart was racing. This was the first part of the game. It took me a second to even remember that I was in a game. It was so like my dreams, and my past, that if it weren’t for the fence I probably would have convinced myself that I was dreaming. Looking around the garage, the car wasn’t there. A few tools sat on the table in the back and there were some floorboards pried up. A face peeked up from below the floor. It was one of the dead people I’d dreamt there before. An older woman, thin with papery skin and dull eyes. “Hello, Lovie. You made it! I’ve been waiting for you.”
“Are you a quest giver or something in this game?” I asked.
“Hmmm. I wouldn’t say that. But I can tell you a few things,” she cocked her head to the side and a look of panic crossed her face. “Hurry! He’s coming, you need to get down here with us,” she gestured beneath the floor. “No time for arguing,” she said as I got ready to protest crawling down under the floor, “I’ll explain, just hurry!”
I ran over to where she had been peeking up from and saw that the ground extended about a foot and a half beneath the boards, I also noticed that there were a few more dead people down there. Some were shaking in fear, one smiled and waved at me, the rest were just being dead. I dropped down to join them and an old man moved the floorboards back in position over top of us. I was forced to lay down as it was too small of an area to crouch in. The lady was right beside me and she covered my mouth with a surprisingly strong grip. “Shhhhh. Just wait until he’s gone and then I’ll tell you what I can.”
I started to try fighting her grasp until I heard the door slam open. Heavy footsteps rang out in the silence and rained dust down from above. I tried to breathe as quietly as I could, as I was the only one who actually needed to breathe. I knew I couldn’t afford to draw the attention of whomever this was; if the snakes hurt, what could this person do? I buried my head against the dead woman’s chest, trying to cover up any noise I might make. The stomping continued and the person seemed to be looking around for something. It checked under the table with the tools on it, looked inside the metal cabinet with the full body snowsuits, and then seemed to be sniffing the air. As I currently had my face shoved into a dead woman’s chest and was lying next to a number of other assorted dead people, I was pretty sure that their stench would cover up any scent I could have left behind. It wasn’t as terrible as it could have been I suppose, they seemed to have stopped decomposing early enough, but they didn’t smell of roses, that’s for damned sure.
After throwing a few things around and growling and cursing beneath his breath, the man finally left. I didn’t move until the woman pulled away from me. She kept her head cocked, listening until she was sure he was gone. “Very good. You wouldn’t have had a chance to find the door if he had found you so soon. I’m Matilda, at least I am now. I think in your dreams I’m… Mary? It doesn’t matter.”
“What’s going on?” I asked her. “There is no way this is just a game. Everything is far too real. It’s not some haunted house, it’s my dreams, and my nightmares.”
“Well, yes, Dear. It’s The Nightmare House. It changes for everyone. But there are a few of us placed about here and there to help players figure things out a bit. You started in an unfortunate spot. I’m quite glad you made it here before that man came. That would have been game over. I guess you could have just stayed with us then, but to be honest, it gets a bit boring living under the floor.”
“What do you mean by game over? Wouldn’t I just end up in the chair after losing?”
“Well no, of course not. Didn’t they tell you that you had to find the door? It’s hard to find the door when you’re dead. Those folks over there that haven’t moved are proof of that. The rest of us are part of the game, but they’re losers. You really don’t want to lose, Dearie,” she said. “You need to play the game, but you need to treat everything as if it’s real. If it can hurt you in life, it can hurt you in the game. The Nightmare House takes your dreams and nightmares and then adds to them. You can’t rely entirely on your memory of how things should be, because the game makes a few changes. Take nothing for granted, look out for everything, and do your best not to get hurt or killed. You need to find the door and win the game.” Through the bit of light that filtered between the boards I could see that she was looking at me with a very sad expression on her face.
“How does that even work? I’m strapped in a chair in an arcade wearing a helmet, can’t I just take it off?”
“You can try, but I’ve never seen anyone able to do it. The gloves won’t find it. All of the things that you have on you are what makes this real. You’ve allowed them to hook themselves up to your nervous system and into your brain. If you experience pain or death here, your body will as well out there,” she shook her head. “No, you need to find the door and escape.”
“Can you tell me where the door is?” I begged her.
“Unfortunately I don’t know. They only let me be here as part of a tutorial of sorts I guess you could say. Every game is different, so even if I knew where it had been once, you probably wouldn’t have the same place in your game. You’ll have to find it on your own. You’ll have to check every door. You might also want to bandage up some of those bites and find some better clothes for sneaking around in.” I realized then that I was dressed in the black hospital gown. Looking closer at the dead-dead people, I noticed they were wearing the same.
“I can’t get to the house, the gate is locked. Do you know if there’s a key?”
“I don’t know about that, but there is a tunnel from the back corner that goes to the root cellar. That should put you in the yard at least,” she pointed over into the darkness towards the back of the garage beneath the floor. “You can check up above to see if there’s anything that can help you on your way, but I would try to be quick about it. You never know when that man will come back.”
I thanked her and moved a couple of the floorboards again to see what I could find in the garage. I found a heavy coat in the cabinet that I put on, a large, heavy wrench, and a somewhat rusted hatchet. The hatchet was more of a child’s version, lightweight, probably wouldn’t cut very deep into anything, but it was better than nothing. There was a flashlight, but it was dead and I couldn’t find any batteries. I found an old Zippo in one of the drawers that still lit, so I stowed it in my coat pocket and crawled back under the floor. “Thanks Matilda. Wish me luck. No offense, but I’d rather not spend the rest of my life, or death, under the floor of the garage.”
“Oh, you’re welcome, Dearie. I hope you find the door,” she patted me on my cheek and gave me a smile. The other dead people, at least the not dead-dead ones, waved me on my way and I crawled to the back of the garage floor.
The tunnel that Matilda had mentioned was about 2 feet by 2 feet and made of hard packed earth. It sloped down rather steeply from where it started but went in a mostly straight line towards the root cellar. With the oversized coat on, it was very cramped and the little trickles of dirt that I knocked loose as I crawled through it were not reassuring. Several times I had to stop and catch my breath. It was completely dark once I had left the area just beneath the floor and I had no idea how far I had yet to go. Judging distance while crawling on my stomach in dirt tunnels wasn’t one of the skills I had honed over the years. I thought I was doing pretty good by just not having a panic attack. The air was stale and musty, small insects were crawling around and getting caught in my hair, and a few times I had what must have been cobwebs brush against my face. Finally the tunnel evened out. I hoped that meant that I was near the cellar. Inch by inch I moved forward, brushing aside more webs until I reached the exit, which was boarded up.
I nearly gave way to my panic until I jostled one of the boards and it pushed itself free and onto the floor ahead of me. The others came down just as easily, they must have just been used for concealment. I tried to figure out in my head where exactly in the root cellar I would be coming out. From the faint light coming from above, I realized it must have been right beneath the stairs. I climbed out of the tunnel, brushed off my coat and hair, and pulled the lighter out of my pocket. I was still staying near the floor, the old, unused cellar was filthy and the stairs ran up over my head. I could see more cobwebs around me and waved the hatchet to knock them free and out of my way. As I rounded the staircase, I lit the Zippo to get a better look. The light didn’t extend all of the way to the back of the cellar, but it showed me enough. Those weren’t just cobwebs.
The walls were thick with webs, in some places they criss-crossed the room. Quite a few of them had occupants. From the furthest point on the ceiling that the light reached, I saw first one spider, about the size of my hand, then more start scurrying their way towards me. The webs started to bounce as the spiders that occupied them shook back and forth. Some of them even managed to hiss at me. Snakes I could think rationally about, I liked snakes. Spiders are a definite “Fuck no!” to my brain, so I set myself swinging the hatchet and bolting up the rickey old stairs to get out of the door that lay closed on the top of the little hilockl above me. I got halfway up when I almost ran into the web of a spider whose body was nearly the size of my head, its black, chitinous outer layer shining, its legs spread out at least a foot. The only good thing about a spider that big is that I was able to bring it down without having to pay too much attention to my aim. I knocked it out of its web and onto the steps and then flung it across the back of the cellar and I fell to my knees. I surged up after that, throwing the door above me open and jumping out of the cellar. I threw the door back closed as I watched hundreds of spiders pursuing me up the steps. Throwing everything on the ground, I shook out my hair, the coat, I could feel them crawling on me whether they were or weren’t. It took me a good 5 minutes to stop trying to brush imaginary spiders off of myself.
When I had finally calmed down a bit, I put the coat back on and walked up to the door to the house. If this thing was locked, the wrench would get me in. I’d break a window if I had to. Luckily, it wasn’t locked and I made it into the laundry room of the old farm house. Taking Matilda’s advice I dug through the clean clothes and came up with some of my old clothes. I don’t know how they fit me again, but I don’t care. The highlight of the laundry room, besides not having snakes, dead people, stomping men, or spiders in it was the discovery of my old 8 eyelet Doc Martens. I loved those boots. Dressed in somewhat more protective clothing I left the room and entered the kitchen where I immediately scoped around the place and grabbed a nice knife to add to my arsenal. Just in case, I opened every cupboard door, but none of them were the door.
The bathroom was next and I went straight to the linen closet, tried the door and was disappointed, but did find some bandages and ointment. I set them on the counter and turned on the sink. As I cleaned out the wound on my hand, I looked up to the mirror. I had no face. No. Fucking. Face. I stumbled back to the bath/shower door and tried to understand. There was just smooth skin where my face should have been. How could I see it though, if I didn’t have eyes? I tried putting my hands on my face, it felt completely smooth to them, but I noticed that my face didn’t feel my hands. Some kind of nightmare trick I guess. But freaky as fuck. I couldn’t stand seeing that any more so I focused on my hand, got it taken care of, tried the sliding door to the tub and shower just in case, and got the fuck away from that mirror.
I knew I had to be quiet, but I also wanted to start searching the house for the door as quickly as possible. I stalked around the first floor, which was a mostly open floor plan, silently checking the few doors I could find. Doors on the cabinets as well as those to the rooms and closets. Finding nothing there, I started up the stairs. When I got to the top of the flight, I heard a noise from below. Looking over the edge of the rails that ran around the top of the staircase I saw my mother. This would have been a great thing if she hadn’t been staring at me with her eyes nearly bulging out of her head, wearing a crazys smile, and waving a bigger knife than I had back and forth like she was using it to say hi. I just gaped at her and she put a finger to her lips. “Shhhhhhh.” She ran off out of my sight.
So if it didn’t suck already, I had to worry about a psychotic, armed version of my mother running around somewhere in the house as well. I checked the door to the cubby over the stairs, the door to my sister’s room, the door to her her closet, and proceeded down the hallway as quietly as I could. Each new door I pressed my ear against, checking for signs of anyone being there. I opened them as silently as I could, holding my breath and wincing when they squeaked. The hallway didn’t exist in reality, but it did in the dream of this house, only it led to another staircase at the end. There was something unnerving about it. It seemed dark, as if the light and life was being sucked out of it. I realized it was the staircase from my dreams of my aunt’s house. The one that led to the possessed floor. The one with a demon somewhere in it. The third floor was a very long hallway with so many doors, and all the while that you crossed it, the demon got stronger and stronger until you reached the next flight of stairs going up at the other end. I had always done my best in dreams to avoid that floor. When I did have to go through it, it was at a run as I felt the ice cold claws snatching at my back. Now I was going to have to go through it and check every single door. As far as traps went, the game had found a good one here.
I crept as softly as I could up the stairs, leading with the knife. I could hear faint laughter coming from further down the hall. When I reached the first door, it swung open on its own. Stifling a gasp, I walked into the room. It was a parlour with a few china hutches and a seating area. I checked every damned one of the doors on the hutches as the echoing laughter started getting louder. It was high pitched, the sound of the creepy ghost kid in a horror movie. I was the character that everyone was shouting at for being an idiot and not running the fuck away. But I didn’t have that option. This floor would be a good place to hide the way out, I had to check them all. With one last look over the parlour, I went back into the hall. The next door swung open before I even got to it, slamming against the wall to the room. This room was empty with the exception of a few pieces of furniture covered in sheets. I started peeking under each sheet, checking for anything that might have a door on it. After the chair and the ottoman, I felt an icy finger draw itself across my cheek. A voice that sounded like many voices at once yelled out “Looking for something?” and all of the sheets flew into the air. There was nothing beneath them that had a door, but there was a standing, full sized mirror. I caught my faceless reflection again, and behind me, in the doorway, my mother standing again with her knife, shushing me. I spun around, but she was gone.
When I got back to the hallway, all of the doors slammed themselves open. Some of them were swinging open and closed, slamming both into the walls and shut. The child’s laughter was now blaringly loud with a deep accompaniment. My mother was nowhere to be seen. At this point, I admit, I straight up lost my nerves. I forced myself into those rooms, sometimes having to avoid getting hit by a door. All of the doors within the rooms were open as well. It was as if the demon that possessed this floor was mocking me. Whether or not the exit was here, it knew I had to try every door. I couldn’t just flee from it this time. The whole floor was alive with slamming doors and the horrible cacophony of laughter. I reached the final room and walked in to see a child’s bedroom. I had never entered any of the rooms from this hallway before, so I don’t know whether it was always here or if it was the game.
Standing behind the bed was a little girl, the source of the laughter. She looked up at me with black eyes. Her voice was, like the laughter at that point, a combination of her own and the voices of many others all at once. “Would you like to have tea with me? I know you like to play!”
I ran to the side of the room where her closet was and checked the door. It wasn’t it. I’d done this entire floor for nothing and now I had a possessed kid taunting me.
She stomped her foot. “Look at me! Play with me! I know, let’s play dolls! Have you seen my dollhouse?” She pointed towards the corner to a huge dollhouse. It was opened in half, it was 4 stories tall, and it had many, many doors. “You know you want to play!”
I nearly wept. “Okay, let’s play dolls,” I whispered.
She smiled wickedly at me and handed me a doll. It looked just like me. I went over to the dollhouse and tried to start opening all of the doors that I could find in it. The little girl slapped me, “That is not how we play! We have to have the dolls get dressed and then have a party for them in the attic!”
“How, how about I look through the house and try to find things to take up to the attic for the party while you get the dolls dressed?” At least the attic didn’t seem to have more than the one room, if the dollhouse was a true reflection of the house. It was also mostly bare. What if the door wasn’t in the house? How fucked was I?
“I suppose. But, you have to set up the party really nice,” she pouted. A demon possessed child pouting is not something you say no to.
I gave her a nod and went back to checking the doors in the dollhouse, taking a few items here and there and putting them in the attic for “the party”. When I opened one of the doors, something pricked my thumb, I yanked it back to my mouth and saw a doll version of my mother, complete with knife, hiding in one of the closets. I carefully took the doll out and saw something behind her in the closet, a large iron key. I snatched it out and snuck it into my pocket while I was turned away from the little girl and immediately put the mother doll into the attic. “Look, she’s coming to the party too! Won’t that be fun?” I tried for cheerful, I really did.
“You don’t know anything do you? She’ll ruin the party. You need to lock her up.” She rolled her eyes at me as she finished dressing up the other dolls.
“Why would I lock her up?”
“Because she always ruins things for me. She’s no fun, she’s mean, and she doesn’t let me do anything!” screamed the girl.
“Maybe I’ll just have her sit here on the stairs, then she can hear the party and be sad that she can’t come, how does that sound?” My mind was running at 90 miles a minute trying to figure things out. True, the version of my mother running around scared the shit out of me, but she hadn’t actually hurt me, and she seemed to be able to frustrate the demon child. I had a key now, I might be wrong, but it seemed like it was possibly a way to escape from the game, I just had to make it out alive.
“Fine,” she sighed. “But she doesn’t get any cake and she doesn’t get to play.”
“Okay, deal.” I put the mother doll right on the staircase. I had finished opening every damned door inside of the dollhouse and it was finally time to test my theory.
I started to stand up and stretched my joints a bit. It wasn’t until I turned around and started running for the door that the demon child realized what I was doing. “No!” The demon shed the child at that point like a second skin and charged after me as I just made it out the door. I started running up the stairs and there was my mother, maniacal smile, knife, and all. She nodded at me as I ran past her and turned to face the demon. I made it up to the attic and opened the door. It was not the one. I slammed the door shut and got to work.
When I had been “decorating for the party” I made sure to put certain things that I found in the dollhouse into the attic. That included all of the bedsheets I had found. It might be cliche, but the dollhouse was lacking in rappelling gear. There on the floor were the sheets. I tied them together as fast as I could, triple checked the room for any hidden doors in case I was wrong, and then tied one end of the sheet to a sturdy table by a window to the front of the house. There was screaming on the stairs, but it sounded as though my mother was winning. It would all be over if I could just get out of here. I opened the window, lowered out my escape “rope” and climbed out. I was very careful lowering myself down the side of the house, I hadn’t come this far to die close enough to the garage that I’d end up spending eternity with Matilda.
When I reached the ground, I ran to the gate. The key fit into the lock. I closed my eyes and said a short prayer and then unlocked the gate. The air in the space between the fence seemed to shimmer, like a road on a hot day. I stepped through the gate and the sky began to swirl into darkness. Moments later the VR headset was pulled from my head.
“Hey! Welcome back! I wasn’t sure if you’d make it or not. Glad you didn’t need the diaper even if you wore it though.” I sat, stunned, as The Nurse prattled away around me while taking off all of the wires and gloves. “Pretty neat game, huh?”
“I’ve never been through anything like it,” I told her honestly. I just wanted to get the fuck out of there and get home. I didn’t want to know the answers to the questions I had. I just wanted to go home and forget that I’d ever done this. I would never come within a mile of VR again.
“Here,” she handed something to me, “all of the winners get one. I guessed your size.” It was a black T-shirt with “The Corpus Arcade” on the back and “I Survived The Nightmare House” in the same dripping font as the sign.
“Thanks. I think I need to go take a nap.” I took the T-shirt, got dressed, and walked out of the arcade without looking around me. I didn;t want to see that there were no people there that I could see. I didn’t know why there were no people there that I could see, and I didn’t want to know why.
I went home. I took that nap. I stayed home the next day and watched comedies. I called my mother to tell her I loved her. Then I went back to work and never told anyone about what happened. I saw a few people posting about their experiences with The Corpus Arcade and decided it was finally the time to do so myself. There’s one thing that’s been bothering me ever since I left that place. One thing more than what you’d expect anyway. Every now and then when I’m around a mirror, I’ll catch a reflection out of the corner of my eye that doesn’t have a face. If I look directly at it, it will clear up and I see myself just fine. But I’m scared. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, if it’s something I brought back with me, or if maybe I’m still in that room, strapped to that thing and I never find the right door? I tried to find it a few times, but I never did. It wasn’t listed anywhere and none of the neighbours had gotten a flyer. I thought I found the area, but it just wasn’t there. I do still have the T-shirt though, so that’s something.
The Corpus Arcade
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2020.10.19 20:11 _devopsguy I screwed up with my date

TLDR; I've(25) shared some personal stuffs about my date(22) to my "once a bestie" when we fell apart in the past. I told her about it after we came a long way and she's pissed with me.
I've never had such meaningful relationship or felt this way about anyone before - so I'm in need of some good advice. I really don't wanna ruin this.
Quite some time ago we fell apart and there were some personal stuffs avout my date related to that. I needed to lift that weight off my chest back then. So while sharing my situation to get some help, I told my bestie about what led to it. The story had some side quests that were pretty personal about her.
I never wanted to share them (I'm sort of an introvert by nature) but I wasn't in a mental state to omit any details hoping that I'd get some good advise from my best friend.
But we wanted to set everything straight while we were seriously considering about us recently. I've told her what I told my bestie back then including her personal issues. Now she's pissed and I don't know how I can fix things.
I know I'm in the wrong here. But I love her and I don't wanna ruin this. I know that she loves me too.
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2020.10.19 17:59 ScarIet-King Elder Scrolls VI: Tamriel???

I’m going to preface my post by stating that this question has already been asked by another Redditor on a related forum some years ago. At the time the general consensus was that this could and would not be the case. At the time, I even agreed with them. The technology powering the Xbox One X and PS4 simply weren’t on par with such a massive undertaking, but all that will soon change with the upcoming release of next-gen hardware. As a result of this shift in the landscape I though I would revisit the topic by providing what we will endearingly call ‘alternative facts’ to the old - going on four years now - counter-arguments.
In short, I think that there is enough here for us to at least have the discussion. The setting is perfect for a Continent wide game, spanning all the knowns and unknown factions as they vie for their place in the world. The enemy is already known to us, and their empire world ending ambitions aren’t going to be stopped by a single hero confined to a single region. Plenty of time has passed in the real world to allow Bethesda the opportunity to realize any ambitions that they might have once had - not to mention Microsoft is now backing them with a piggy-bank fortune that dwarfs the GDP of most small countries. And Finally, the technology has now caught up to where it needed to be to even begin to think of such an undertaking.
I will close by referencing some small points preemptively.
  1. “16x the detail.” Someone was going to say it so why not me.
  2. “You see that mountain. You can climb it.”I know that this one seems like a joke as well, but in all honesty it isn’t. We know that this is Todd Howards ambition when it comes to gaming and that is certainly the upside to doing a continent wide, rather than a region specific game.
  3. We have all now spent a fortune on keeping ESO running and in development. And seeing as the majority of Tamriel is now built, It wouldn’t be hard to translate (relatively speaking) that into a new game with a series of new quests that they have spent over a decade designing in the back room.
Tl;Dr - I can’t summarize this. Read the damn thing. But I would like to stress the point that I am posting here simply for the discussion.
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2020.10.19 17:26 cilantro_samosa [OC] Which front offices and agents are the 3 major newsbreakers connected to? I went through 6000+ tweets to find out!

If this sounds somewhat familiar, that's because I did a 2019-2020 version and posted it back in March.
In terms of changes from that post:
Tracked tweets of Woj, Shams and Haynes from 2018-2020 to see whether any of them report on a certain team or a certain agent's players more than their counterparts. Here is the main graph concerning a reporter's percentage of tweets per team separated into three periods (2019 season, 2020 offseason, 2020 season). Here is a separate graph with the Lakers and Warriors, because Haynes's percentages would skew the first graph.

During times like the NBA trade deadline or the lifting of the NBA free-agency moratorium, it’s not uncommon to see Twitter replies to (or Reddit comments about) star reporters reference their performance relative to others.
Woj is the preeminent scoop hound, but he is also notorious for writing hit pieces on LeBron (sources say it’s been widely rumoured that the reason for these is that Woj has always been unable to place a reliable source in LeBron’s camp). On the other end of the spectrum, it has been revealed that in exchange for exclusive intel on league memos and Pistons dealings, Woj wrote puff pieces on then-GM Joe Dumars (see above Kevin Draper link). Last summer, Woj was accused of being a Clippers shill on this very discussion board for noticeably driving the Kawhi Leonard free agency conversation towards the team.
This is the reason I undertook this project: to see whether some reporters have more sources in certain teams (and certain agencies) than other reporters.
First I’ll explain the methodology, then present the data with some initial comments.


To make this manageable on myself, I limited myself to tracking the 3 major national reporters: Shams Charania of the Athletic, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports and the aforementioned Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.
The time period I initially tracked for was from January 1, 2020 to the end of the regular season March, but after finding a Twitter scraping tool on GitHub called Twint, I was able to easily retrieve all tweets since September 27, 2018. However, a month ago, Twitter closed their old API endpoints, and Twint ceased to work. I used but the data loading became more time-consuming. Therefore, the tweets are up to the date of October 15 2020.
How I determined information was by manually parsing text tweets by the reporter (no retweets):
Now, I didn’t take every single text tweet:
Next, I had to assign possible teams to each tweet:
With all the methodology out of the way, here’s the data! (Here’s a link to a full Google Sheet)


Here's a graph of number of tweets per team per period, with the colours denoting reporter.
On a quick glance, here's which teams saw a significant period-over-period increase in number of tweets:
And here's which teams saw decreases over a period-by-period basis:
The problem with just using number of tweets is that it's not close on totals between Haynes vs. Woj or Shams. Here's a graph showing total number of tweets in each period for all three reporters. Haynes's most reported period doesn't even stack up to the least reported period of Woj or Shams.
Instead, let's look at percentage of tweets per team per period.
Now, you'll notice that there's two teams missing from the above graph: the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers. Here's the graphs for those two teams. As you can see, they would skew the previous graph far too much. During the 2019 NBA season, 27% of Chris Haynes's qualifying tweets could be possibly linked to the Warriors, and 14% of his qualifying tweets could be possibly linked to the Lakers.


Here's the top 10 agents in terms of number of potential tweets concerning their clients.
Agent Haynes Shams Woj Total
Rich Paul 15 28 24 67
Mark Bartelstein 4 16 30 50
Jeff Schwartz 3 10 25 38
Bill Duffy 2 13 14 29
Leon Rose 1 12 15 28
Aaron Mintz 2 9 15 26
Juan Perez 5 10 8 23
Aaron Goodwin 11 8 1 20
Steven Heumann 1 6 12 19
Sam Permut 1 13 5 19
Woj has the most tweets directly connected to agents by far. It wasn't uncommon to see "Player X signs deal with Team Y, Agent Z of Agency F tells ESPN." The agents that go to Woj (and some of their top clients):
One thing I found very intriguing: 15/16 of tweets concerning an Aaron Turner client were reported on by Shams. Turner is the head of Verus Basketball, whose clients include Terry Rozier, Victor Oladipo and Kevin Knox. Shams also reported more than 50% of news relating to clients of Sam Permut of Roc Nation. Permut is the current agent of Kyrie Irving, after Irving fired Jeff Wechsler near the beginning of the 2019 offseason. Permut also reps the Morris brothers and Trey Burke.
As for Chris Haynes, he doesn't really do much agent news (at least not at the level of Woj and Shams). However, he reported more than 50% of news relating to clients of Aaron Goodwin of Goodwin Sports Management, who reps Damian Lillard and DeMar DeRozan.
Here are the top 10 free agents from Forbes, along with their agent and who I predict will be the first/only one to break the news.
Player Agent Most Likely Reporter
Anthony Davis Rich Paul Too close to call, leaning Shams
Brandon Ingram Jeff Schwartz Woj
DeMar DeRozan Aaron Goodwin Haynes
Fred VanVleet Brian Jungreis Limited data
Andre Drummond Jeff Schwartz Woj
Montrezl Harrell Rich Paul Too close to call, leaning Shams
Gordon Hayward Mark Bartelstein Woj
Danilo Gallinari Michael Tellem Woj
Bogdan Bogdanovic Alexander Raskovic, Jason Ranne Limited data, but part of Wasserman, whose players are predominantly reported on by Woj
Davis Bertans Arturs Kalnitis Limited data
Thanks for reading! As always with this type of work, human error is not completely eliminated. If you think a tweet was mistakenly removed, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll try to explain my thought process on that specific tweet! Hope y’all enjoyed the research!
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2020.10.19 12:09 vlAsveGass Recruiting People for 3D Open World Adventure Game
3D Third Person Open-World Adventure Game with RPG Elements, based on Unity for PC, the game is done in Cartoonish style. The gameplay focuses on giving to player full freedom of exploring interesting & living world, telling unique story and enjoy the journey.

General Requirements:
- 18+ years old
- 14+ hours per week working at project
- Sign NDA

- (1) Programmer
- (1) 3D Modeler (Low Poly in Chivalry, Pirates, Vikings, Eastern, Elves styles)
- (2) Environment Designer
- (1) Full-Stack Artist
- (2) Cut Scene Director
- (1) Quest DesigneScripter: Design Quests & Script them in Unity
- (1) Social Media Manager : Work with all social medias of the project (Reddit/TwitteFacebook/Instagram)
- (1) HR : Process applications & recruiting
- (1) Tester : Test Game Builds & Produce QA reports

Current Team Size: 16 persons
Stage of the Project: Alpha.
Approximate Release Date: SummeFall 2021
Approximate Kickstarter Date: End of 2020
Payment: Game Revenue Share (all to be discussed before launching Kickstarter)
About Us: We are aiming to create a stable & fixed team of enthusiasts and people who are eager to self-improve in Game Development Area and add a decent project to their portfolio. If you join the team, you will see that people here truly believe in the success and do everything to make it come true.

If you are looking to get more information, please send your CV to our email:
Contact: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2020.10.19 12:04 BuckGB King Arthur: Knight's Tale Kickstarter Campaign Live

You probably know NeocoreGames as the team behind The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr. However, prior to becoming a studio known for its action-RPGs, they also worked on a series of turn-based Arthurian RPGs.
And now, it looks like NeocoreGames is going back to its roots with this Kickstarter campaign for King Arthur: Knight's Tale - a modern retelling of Arthurian legends with a dark fantasy tint. The game is described as a tactical RPG with a huge emphasis on moral choices and a roguelite structure. And in order to make it happen, the developers need around $150,000.
Check out the official Kickstarter trailer:
With 24 days still to go and $69,635 currently pledged, the campaign seems to be going strong. Here’s some additional information:
Gameplay Overview
You are Sir Mordred, the nemesis of King Arthur, the former black knight of the grim tales. You killed King Arthur, but with his dying breath, he struck you down. You both died – and yet, you both live.
The Lady of the Lake, the ruler of the mystical island of Avalon brought you back to end a true nightmare. She wants you to go on a knightly quest. She wants you to finish what you have begun. Kill King Arthur – or whatever he has become after she took his dying vessel to Avalon.
King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a Role-playing Tactical Game - a unique hybrid between turn-based tactical games (like X-Com) and traditional, character-centric RPGs.
Knight's Tale is a modern retelling of a classic Arthurian mythology story filtered through the dark fantasy tropes, a twist on the traditional tales of chivalry.
The story campaign puts a huge emphasis on moral choices, which have significant consequences in a rogue-lite structure, adding extra tension to the tactical and management decisions.
Your Fights
Control a small team of heroes and fight gruelling, but satisfying battles with a deeply engaging, tactical turn-based combat system. - Diverse battle maps - Position yourself, avoid shieldwalls, flank your enemies. Use covers against archers, make use of the terrain, hide in the foliage, surprise your enemies! - Control the battleground - Scouting ahead is important as your enemies could be hiding as well. Use traps, lure and avoid enemy combatants until you can strike safely. - Team tactics - Choose from more than 30 heroes of 5 diverse classes to assemble an efficient team. Combine hundreds of skills and artifacts, but be careful. One misstep and your heroes could be maimed, or worse, killed permanently. - Learn about your enemies - Opposing forces and mythical creatures will try to challenge you at every step. Pay attention to their weaknesses and strengths!
Your Heroes
No one can face the nightmare alone - gather an army of loyal knights, settle disputes and forge your own path - The Round Table reborn - Gather your own Knights of the Round Table and send them on knightly quests. In “Knight’s Tale” these heroes are the most important resources and the most complex gameplay elements at the same time. - Complex RPG-like characters - The character progression system is designed to be as deep as in the traditional RPGs: heroes level upon unique skill trees and the complex loot system provides unique options to fine-tune their tactical capabilities. - Death is always final - Beware! Heroes can die during missions and the treatment of their injuries, curses, diseases takes time. You must manage them at the Round Table accordingly, planning ahead before going into battles. As heroes take time off between consequent missions, management of their injuries and selecting their substitutes are essential components of gameplay. - A question of loyalty - Each hero has a distinctive personality. Settle disputes and grant favors to convince various knights to remain loyal to you. Some of them will observe your decisions closely, and some knights will even have conflicts with each other. It is your job to select heroes that are the best fit for your goals (and each other) at the Round Table. The heroes' loyalty is constantly changing through the decisions made by the player – in certain cases they can ever leave the Round Table and turn against you.
Your Kingdom
Forge your kingdom with steel and faith - restore the order and bring an end to the nightmare unleashed in Avalon - Explore the land of nightmares - “King Arthur: Knight’s Tale” is an imaginative take on the aftermath of the Arthurian mythology, beginning where most tales end. After his last battle, where King Arthur suffered a lethal wound, he has been taken to the magical island of Avalon where he was supposed to gain immortality, but what happens when immortality means that he is simply unable to die? - A terrible force in Avalon - The Once and Future King is now trapped in the realm of Avalon and his pain is slowly turning this magical place into a nightmare version of his own Britannia, populating the land with the familiar and the uncanny. - Your kingdom in need - See the entirety of the land presented on a strategic map, observe all fiefdoms and secret corners, select your missions and explore various places. The people are suffering, the land is plagued by nightmares and the choice is yours: will you be savior or the scourge of this cursed realm? - Camelot reborn - Management in “Knight’s Tale” focuses on rebuilding Camelot and expanding the mystical Stronghold with new buildings that each unlock various upgrades, and also offers different ways to heal up and manage the heroes of the Round Table.
Your Legend
Whatever you do, you will shape your legend, but all your choices will have severe consequences. - Write your own tale of chivalry - Play as Sir Mordred, the former nemesis of King Arthur. Explore the mystical island of Avalon, venture on knightly quests and make decisions in various encounters where you'll need to make moral choices, as in most RPGs, which all have impact on the story and your Morality. - The making of a monarch - The Morality Chart represents your general alignment as a ruler. Your status between Christianity and Old Faith, between Tyranny and Righteousness. Your choices affect values on this chart, influencing both gameplay and narrative. - The weight of decisions - Reloading is not an option in Knight’s Tale – as you make your tough choices, the fun comes from dealing with severe consequences. Based on your decisions, every playthrough can unfold differently, branching in unexpected ways in a non-linear fashion. Planning and choosing differently will result in vastly different playthroughs: your legend is shaped by every action you take. - The end is only the beginning - The end of the campaign opens up new endgame content for the bravest of all: tough new challenges appear on the map with challenging, mythic bossfights and random quests, loot, and character progression ultimately leading to the banishing of Balor, the monstrous god-king of the Fomorians himself.
Beyond the Legend
Witness the Arthurian legend like you never have before - rich in content and presented with the highest graphical fidelity to date. - See the world and the countless legends it harbors - Complete more than 50 unique points of interest on the Adventure Map, including 20 story missions and various side quests, taking place on diverse terrains, from the dark castle dungeons to the forests of the Sídhe. - Tackle them one by one - Challenge 7 enemy factions, fight more than 50 types of enemy units, overcome 10 incredible boss fights throughout your quests. - A spectacular view - The production of "Knight's Tale" relies heavily on photoscanned environments and high-quality mocap animation, all rendered inside a modern PBR engine utilizing DirectX 12, supporting strong, atmospheric effects.
You may also be interested in this update featuring a lore-focused Q&A.
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2020.10.19 12:00 docrolling Finding a SB or SD takes time. Enjoy it.

This was a reply to another post from a SB that had a bad M&G, due to drugs and intoxication of the SD. In my vanity, I liked it and thought that I'd share the philosophy of it here in my own post.
We in the bowl all have unproductive time in our quest for our counter part. Whether scanning fake profiles, getting our hopes up that the (fake) person is real, texting fakes, committing time to start learning about another, only to have them ghost, communicating with people with different goals, prepping & driving to dates that they never show up, meeting people who in person are not similar enough to their profiles, or even starting a SR, to find out that we are not a good enough match. This is all a part of the process. Both SD's and SB's need to invest time & effort to find that right person. Filtering through those that do not share our perceived and desired SR are part of the work needed to reap the wonderful benefits if & when we find our mate.
Enjoy the process. Consider it a hobby. Skill is developed. Lessons can be learned (and re-learned) through failure. Even failing can be entertaining.
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2020.10.19 11:50 vlAsveGass [RevShare] Recruiting People for 3D Open World Adventure Game

3D Third Person Open-World Adventure Game with RPG Elements, based on Unity for PC, the game is done in Cartoonish style. The gameplay focuses on giving to player full freedom of exploring interesting & living world, telling unique story and enjoy the journey.

General Requirements:
- 18+ years old
- 14+ hours per week working at project
- Sign NDA

- (1) Programmer
- (1) 3D Modeler (Low Poly in Chivalry, Pirates, Vikings, Eastern, Elves styles)
- (2) Environment Designer
- (1) Full-Stack Artist
- (2) Cut Scene Director
- (1) Quest DesigneScripter: Design Quests & Script them in Unity
- (1) Social Media Manager : Work with all social medias of the project (Reddit/TwitteFacebook/Instagram)
- (1) HR : Process applications & recruiting
- (1) Tester : Test Game Builds & Produce QA reports

Current Team Size: 16 persons
Stage of the Project: Alpha.
Approximate Release Date: SummeFall 2021
Approximate Kickstarter Date: End of 2020
Payment: Game Revenue Share (all to be discussed before launching Kickstarter)
About Us: We are aiming to create a stable & fixed team of enthusiasts and people who are eager to self-improve in Game Development Area and add a decent project to their portfolio. If you join the team, you will see that people here truly believe in the success and do everything to make it come true.

If you are looking to get more information, please send your CV to our email:
Contact: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2020.10.18 19:35 JokerUnique The Division 2 - Title Update 11.1 - Overview

The Division 2 - Title Update 11.1


TU11.1 is primarily a bug fix and quality of life update. It also provides a big overhaul of The Summit and an update to the Targeted Loot system.


The servers will shut down for maintenance on Tuesday, October 20th at
  • 09:30 AM CEST
  • 03:30 AM EDT
  • 12:30 AM PDT
» Worldtime
Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours.

Patch Notes

  • Release Title Update 11.1.
  • Update Season 3 bounty bosses and Control Point factions
  • PC ~ 4.06GB
  • XB1 ~ 4.53GB
  • PS4 ~ 3.89GB
Sizes may vary depending on the region.
» Source


Release Date: October 20th
These are the so-far announced changes, more details will follow in the official patch notes.


  • The Summit Update
    • Progression Rework
    • Select Difficulty / Directives
    • Targeted Loot Selection
    • Threat Scaling
    • Weekly Project
  • Targeted Loot Change
    • Higher Targeted Loot chance through active Directives
    • Individual Gear Set allocation

The Summit Update

The Summit will no longer have the selectable rally points every 10 floors. Instead, it is a straight shot to the top, where you can pick up your progress on whatever floor you stopped on. Finishing the Summit will cause you to begin from floor 1 again.

Select Difficulty and Directives

In the elevator menu, you can change your difficulty and the number of Directives any time you want.

Directives increase Targeted Loot Drop Chance

To give you more incentives to use the Directives, they further increase the chance to get targeted loot.

Threat Scaling

=> Image
While you can select one difficulty setting for the entire 100 floors of the summit, there is a difficulty scaling as you climb the tower. As you ascend, you’ll encounter more bosses, more elites, and more objectives that will scale with your progress.

Targeted Loot Selection

Within the Summit, you will also be able to select your own personal Targeted Loot, which is unique to you. If you need Assault Rifles but your friend needs Walker, Harris & Co. you can each play together and each get the Targeted Loot you’re looking for. This new functionality applies exclusively to The Summit.
=> Image

Weekly Project

=> Image
There is a new weekly project that you can complete in The Summit. You can complete it in any difficulty you want.

Ridgeway’s Pride Exotic

=> Image
They’ve seen the feedback, that it is not as desirable as it should be, and because if that it was buffed:
  • Range is now 15m (from 10m)
  • The Repair Rate was also buffed across the board.
The Quest now only requires neutralizing 2 Hunters / Rogues and the items drop based on the floor numbers.

Additional Improvements

  • More Objectives
  • Quicker laptop interact animation (also the NPC spawn is adjusted)
  • Holding SHD Crates is more beneficial (when you control the SHD Crates, you get faster skill spawns and it deploys better skills – it stays the same as it was pre TU11.1 when it is hostile)
  • New UI notifications about Exotic fireteams, Bosses, etc.

Summit Fixes

These issues will be fixed with TU 11.1
  • Loot crates reset (if encountered again)
  • Select Matchmake without reloading
  • Mega-Map has correct tabs (Project / Manhunt / SHD)
  • Various UI & Map fixes
  • Improved loot from final 100th-floor enemy
=> Summary

Targeted Loot Change

These are the Targeted Loot changes that apply to the entire game:
  • Higher Targeted Loot chance through active Directives
  • Individual Gear Set allocation.
=> Summary

TU11.1 Bug Fixes

  • The Firewall bug in Conflict will be addressed.
More fixes are TBA.

Patch Notes

=> Link


This is a collection of already created Community Resources that should help you get going.
=> Community Resources


Check out The Division 2 Roadmap here:
=> Link

Looking for Group?

As defined in the sub-rules, we don't allow LFG-Posts on the sub, but we have alternatives:


=> The Division LFG

The Division Community Discord

=> The Division Discord

The Division Official Discord

=> The Division Discord

Bug Reports

We have a dedicated bug-report forum and post for that.
=> Official Bug Report Forum
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2020.10.18 18:00 discoskyline _i-sn6SNo0I

DRL the drone racing league twelve of the world's best fpv pilots battle each other across the longest most complex forces ever seen for maximum season points of world champion this is throw racing [Music] welcome to the 2019 DRL Allianz World Championship the premier international drone racing circuit and has been a wild ride this season with the most intense competition the sport has ever seen after six levels of racing several pilots differentiated themselves but none more than those of Vanover coming into the season all 12 pilots had the desire and hope if not expectation that they would become the world champion I want to win this year more than any other year because I know I can do it I've proven that I can consistently out fly everybody I just want to make it happen to be honest I don't really care about winning like one level I want to get to championship I'm not here to podium that's all great and definitely will feel good about it but I'm here with one goal in mind that's win this championship at each level only the podium finishers earn season points by four first two for second and one for third the pilot with the most points at the end of seven levels becomes the 2019 DRL Allianz world champion thanks for joining us we look back on levels one through six the season started in Miami Florida we're at Hard Rock Stadium home to the NFL's Miami Dolphins for level one our six finalists take their place in the cockpit where they'll race six regular heats to qualify for the winner-take-all golde haters included in this group is nurtured in green the defending 2018 TRL world champion the biggest perk that I have of being world champion in the offseason was throwing out the first pitch for a Diamondbacks game at Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona this is crazy to be in front of a 10,000 people and threw a strike so I can't complain also in this group are jet and gab who have had the most storied rivalry in DRL the semis gab and I were neck-and-neck and that was honestly to be expected this field also has a new face 19 year old rookie band over I can't believe I'm really sitting like next to you guys this sounds so cheesy but like watching it on the show from third person and then sitting here and like looking left and like seeing the backdrop and everything is like freaking me out right now it's awesome it's gonna be fun this is so cool my it's super weird though hello everybody I'm Craig Hummer here alongside drone racing pilot Tony Knittle Tony Vancouver sounds like a fanboy but look where he's city handovers in the first seat which means he's the top seat coming out of the semi-finals he won an extraordinary five heats in a row and over would continue that streak winning the first three heats of the finals it is ban over in the flashing drone trying to go three for three in this final and he dies three for three baby two-time world champion jet one heat for [Music] [Applause] then it was time for heat five the next heat will be very interesting we know Vanover constraint wins together but can he recover from a loss and win again regression to the mean and tell myself right now I want to push but I'm just saying I keep doing my thing tech ops are almost finished prepping the drones for the next race we know fan / and jet are in the gold heat but there are only two heats left in these finals which means only two more chances for the other pilots finals by they all head down the main floor to the square game we heard some contact on the ground rotating into the helix five man over in the lead jet red and second these guys are pushing it so hard that's why you're skipping the ground that guy laid back to the tiny bit Vanover in the flashing drone she's up and over into the stadium dive dab in yellow pushing jet for that second place jab doing a great job taking the inside line that's why he was able to catch up there the top three through the dangerous watch date back to the main floor Vanover jab and check in a chuckle that's the first time we've really seen him off his line that gets jetan red the opportunity followed by gavin yellow a great job by man over a game composure and hold on while he made that mistake final lap jet through the diamond game up and over leading as they go into the stadium bag but banned overs come back Shetty first Vanover at second the dangerous watch meet again then the over stakes can be had here some more contact you can hear it but that doesn't affect chef he's looking for a second win this is the run and the fight per second was legitimate too close to call but remember the wind is what matters and jet wins for the second time dude we were way too much throttle we all bought like slowly sinking oh it's getting close in close we are maxing these rigs out yeah I was full throttle and it just I hit the ground like and over he did that dodo that was good Vanover led from the start until his first real mistakes of these finals jet got close its first swatched feet but Vanover held him off until the very end of lap 1 when he overcorrected through the gate and hit the floor he did a great job saving it but fell to third behind jet gap jet held the leaps to rest of the way in while cabin Vanover had an epic dogfight for second Vanover gap in the helix climb then pulled away in the stadium dive gab caught man over at the swatch gate and the two were neck and neck all the way in with gaff taking second by half a drone lane [Music] the Racing's there we got a lot of challenge this is what we want this is why we're here this is the only place you're gonna get fish Racing gap set er L is the only place they get this kind of racing absolutely TRL's proprietary technology allows for the longest most diverse courses have ever seen and more importantly their spec racing with the racer for DRL redesigned this drone from the ground up and built over 500 for this event they perform identically which levels the playing field and means the only difference is how each pilot flies racer 4 is TRL's next generation drum it's a professional high-end racing machine made for a global sport hoods already rather the rest it's made for competition today [Music] the racer four is the most special racing drones that has ever been developed it's super unique no one has built a drone like this that looks this good and goes this fast we want a drone that's going to inspire the world and excite them something that you can follow at home something that's high performance something that looks beautiful to be as amazing as it can be the race of four has lots of new technology in it that the last racers didn't have there are a lot more powerful easier to fly more spectacular to see it has a thousand LEDs on it high voltage power train it has a gigantic battery to fly far away and a very advanced radio system they're all identical it's this even playing field I think that's part of what makes great racing everyone's why exactly the same specs so it makes it 100% about the body which pilot is the most scale which pilot actually the best performer and that's exciting racer the best pilots on the edge of what's possible racer four is the manifestation of that gab 77 people on to win the final regular heat of racing setting up a three pilot showdown in the winner-take-all going it's finals go 803 up van over in that pole position platform he should be first to the square of Dayton in the helix fight he is she can't miss the flashy drone Jenna red in second gap off to a rough start skipping the ground that's gonna get in his head just a little bit he said hip hop fitness for taped all scenario you've got in front first time through the dangerous watch game makeovers through Jen's Roo we heard some contact though been over back to the main floor he's in front jet in second in the red everyone still up as we start left to Vanover just a little faster than these guys through these turns he's got it dialed the rest needs a styled airline in Vanover trying to put the puzzle chat with contact he looked to be down that's more space for Vanover into the stadium dive damn right they're trying to stay close vinegars got one more time through the swatch gate [Music] as well say hello to the future it has a ride in the form of a 19 year old from Texas well duh oh man I tried to cut the helix too tight can I like lay down yeah that first lap I was full sent it over led from the start but all three were in contention until the second helix climb Jets approach was good but he simply didn't pitch down and up at the top of the climb hitting the gate and taking himself out gap flew a great race but fell just 4/10 of a second short gap beat the previous course record by half a second but Vanover flew the race of his life gap got close reentering the main floor on the sprint to the finish but Vanover was too quick destroying his previous course record by nearly a full second Vanover after the golden heat you secured the win and you said I did it we know that you won the level but what does it mean to you it means everything to me I'm doing this for my dad he's watching up in heaven he he's a champion and this is just the first step to getting there and I'm really just so great grateful so blessed to be here for me this is 10 years flying anything RC and even more flying drone racing and to be on TRL again is incredible and to pull off the win it's just something I've been wanting to do ever since I watched the first year I'll race ever that broadcasted I wanted to to be in that position I want to feel that energy and I wanted to to prove to myself that all the hard work I put into here was worth something and to do it is just it's amazing so the rookie proved he was legit and over dab and jet stood on the first podium of the year turning five two and one season points respectively Vanover would get his second chance for more season points at level two Hard Rock Stadium a second event of the doubleheader the drone racing league brought to you by Allianz global leaders in asset management investments and insurance by the US Air Force aim high and by swatch welcome back to our review of the first six levels of the 2019 DRL Allianz World Championship season we're in Miami Florida for the finals of level 2 our Rock Stadium five of our six pilots enter the arena with the goal of redeeming disappointment from level one the 19 year old rookie ban over who made history winning his first PRL event CPUC I don't really feel the pressure of being a rookie your youngest pilot in a way though I do feel the pressure to do well because I have a reputation especially winning level one so now it's time to go show people that it wasn't a fluke these pilots are the six best from the level two semi-finals Toki what a field we have here absolutely as you said Vanover is coming off the tremendous level one win newark nub and gab finished one-two-three at the 2018 World Championship these guys all know what it takes to win big races to win level 2 would be redemption for not doing as well as I wanted in level 1 I'd love to get into that golden heat to battle it out to lay it all on the line I'm very relieved to be in the finals somehow the pressure is higher this year I don't know everyone's been practicing very hard and everyone's really fast in the 2018 season as a rookie the fact that I was able to come out and put myself up and put myself above the other veterans was a really proud moment for me each heat is two laps in and around the stadium each lap starts with a long straightaway into the critical helix climb it's another long straight to the dramatic stadium dive next is the ascent through the inimical swatch game and back to the main floor for the end of the lap more sprint to the finish level once winner ran over one the first heat but then got beat by nub inherent and each two and three each securing a spot in the winner-take-all golde heat Tony - very distinct camps you've got the three pilots that are in and of course the three pilots that have struggled in are down to their last chance yeah these guys have only one key and what they really need to do right now is hit the reset switch to get out of that mind space that they're in to get their composure back to win a race we're down to the last regular heat before the golden heat finals heat six [Music] they all know how to do this so dramatic run to the square gate up in the hill it's fun you're King breed right there you got bent over and gaps episode and contact get gap benefit he's out in front he needs this win gap 707 through the diamond gate up and over into the stadium dive loosely followed by the flashing throw to banner these three are staying close no one's letting up gab 707 makes it cleanly through all the top three are cleanly through back to the main floor gap 707 in yellow still in front staff 707 student great job holding on to the front but he needs to find a way to create some distance out of these three gaps 707 in yellow is the only one that needs this win to assure himself was spotting the golden heat and he's doing everything he can he's gotta press on this next turn Vanover coming in trying to put the pressure on he's going [Applause] I am this swatch game will determine it all since he's out vandals ritenour oh and dirt goes down nineteen-year-old wonderkid tiny boys Stasi Newark finishes in six go to let's go to heat now ready for the golden heat back Vanover I've got one question two back-to-back heat wins going into the golden heat what does that do for your confidence it's where I want it to be it's not too high because I know that it was still a close heat the good news is the pilot gaps some of the seven who was the most worried about made a mistake and regardless I still would have had him on the pass so I feel better I know I can beat Newark I know I can beat Noah but I just need to do I did the last two heats and there's no chance they can beat me I'm just in my rhythm so as long as I launch good get out in front and just tell myself to fly my own race don't make any dumb mistakes I think it's mine short and concise Vanover short and concise yeah he talks too much maybe not all of the pilots are fans of the rookie sensation but love him or hate him they are all paying attention to him Vanover is kind of a new wild card I think he's got a few eyes on him at the amateur level he's very well known to be one of the fastest out there I have to give him respect because he has a lot of dedication he gets out he puts in the time and he trains like no other I know personally that I can be a these pilots out here on any of these tracks any quad doesn't matter any radio goggles I just need to focus on what I needed you personally told everything else out and go win but at the same time he is very arrogant and I don't appreciate that Vani Vani Vani Vani the bigmouth brat I see an insecure little boy with Vani he wants reassurance from the rest of the guys I grew up in the south where you have to be humble and he doesn't seem to feel that way we are getting ready for the winner-take-all golden eat started with six pilots and work down to three Newark Vanover and up the winner of this next team will be the level two champ earning a critical five season points in his quest to become the 2019 DRL Allianz world champion Vanover in the flashing disco drone nub in purple and Newark in green finals expected to pay off it'll be the square gate and then the heel expired van over and for eight launched by turf to keep it close - pilots nerf chasing dirt closing the gap this is for the level to win the swatch game for the first time up and thrill every close pressing the base no stand over keeps the lead but just barely pressing Vanover is not used to be fast [Applause] on the table over a little turn but sandover's not letting him get away [Applause] yeah Newark a nail-biter of a golden heat what does it mean to you to take this level win it's I mean it's it's redemption from level one that's for sure it's a continuation of last season it's it's it's a little bit more confirmation that I'm where I need to be that I can hang with the best in the world and come out here and get a get a course win early in the season I'm super psyched about that after two levels the rookie fan over sits on top with seven season points Newark since second but five gap is in third with two while jet nub each have one after Miami everyone headed to the Twin Cities of Minnesota for levels three and four they're a very different track presented unique opportunities and challenges for the pilots our look back on the 2019 season continues this is DRL the throw racing league [Music] [Music] welcome back to our review of the DRL Allianz World Championship season the brand new dazzling Allianz Field is our host for level 3 twin cities the top six pilots out of the semis now take their place in the cockpit where they'll race 7 heats around the stadium each eat here at Allianz Field is two laps with two critical switchbacks and the sky gates course is absolutely amazing out of all the drone courses I've flown over the last few years it's the best track of our flock it's a little bit of a mix it's wide open where it needs to be and then it's got spots where every single pilot is trying to take a different line figure out what's faster we have made it to the golden heat of the level 3 finals three pilots are here and now it is winner-take-all we started with six pilots now fan over Gavin Duncan remain to race one heat to determine the level champion it's the Battle of smooth versus raw it's the battle right now yeah but you don't want to be facing Duncan wings on fire all your guns I don't know that's scary the keys to victory Tony let's just go down the line let's start with Vanover what does he have to do that over has proven that when he flies his race from start to finish he wins so what he has to do is make sure that when the tone sound he's completely ready no other thoughts about winning or celebrating let's switch to gap what are his keys gap needs peak performance gap is the most consistent pilot at 98% he needs to push it to a hundred percent with flawless execution and I feel like our third and final pilot is definitely the wild card Duncan absolutely he's proven that he's the fastest on this course here and no one's gonna take that away from him so if he could do that now when it counts to the boat he'll get that win finals and over from the first podium but it's gap first number one man over in gamut of light jumping right there as well this is the first switchback man over with that traditional straight line has given him a slightly look at these do they're that big bag Gavin Duncan right there Vanover Gavin yellow Duncan and white in third the concourse the fastest murder to lose up to the sky gates this is Duncan's favorite spot it's still banned over in front along the western run they'll drop down once again to the swatch deep in or still maintains that position [Applause] so this cap cap gone up already making the push along the top course no you take it I think so I don't know I couldn't see I think I wonder you take it I never saw anyone in front yeah yeah good he took it you took it all yeah good job Annie yeah level three and he is able to put his stamp on this level Duncan's body in one but it wasn't the case Wow motional when you race I'm like did he somehow beat me I was like all right you want to talk about a close race giving fans exactly what they came for that was it in the final there oh no absolutely I had a great first lap I'm kind of known as in like level one I had an excellent first lap and I always kind of slowed down a bit a lot too I think that's just mentally me telling myself my heart starts beating it's like okay we're in front let's not mess up right and watching the replay I didn't realize how close gap got to me he made one mistake and that was it he probably would have beat me to that finish his line was looking really good but a nail-biter ever finished so much fun I love these guys so much because three different flying styles but three great pilots who are all pushing the limits what we can do out here well it's a lofty goal but right now you can celebrate another level win congratulations this one's also for my dad too we're getting there yeah we're going I was giving it everything I I could have just do close to that light pole tough luck I would have items' Vanover now has a significant lead in the season standings with 12 points nerf remains in second with five and gabon third with three Gavin Duncan fell short in level three but they would get another shot in the second event of the doubleheader at Allianz field level four next this is er L a drone racing lead [Music] welcome back to Allianz field here in st. Paul Minnesota we are down to our final regular heat in the finals of level 4 for pilots already in the gold key tour trying to earn their way there and one man has two wins that's fan over Vanover had a rough start here and we wondered if you'd be able to turn it around well he did great launches tight lines and no mistakes the last two heats let's go back to gap he was right behind Vanover last teeth but couldn't close out the win now that's become a theme for him for nearly two years gab has been the so close but not quite pilot since winning level two in 2017 he's finished on the podium eight times but never on the top step this is a dry spell he's burning to end you know life's unfair sometimes and it's one of the things that you know defines a bit who you are how I've performed in the last few seasons I know that I can consistently be faster than everybody I've just not been very lucky I'm not getting pushed down by it or anything I know it's how you can step up from that that really makes a decision on who you are and how things evolve for you I want to win because I know I can do it I have the ability to beat everybody so it's just a matter of keeping my training regiment going it's usually two parts of the training that have to come together for example when you go play a poker game you get your two cards at the start for me that's the amount of practice that I can do the more I practice the better my cards when I start the game but then once you're playing there's a bit of luck there's a bit of reading your opponent's see what they're gonna play if you need all those three parts to get there you need luck you need skill at the start and you need to make the right choices it's something that it's in my reach I just need to reach out and you know grab it gab is already in the gold heat a win here would give him a better start position freely and flexy it's win or go home finals eat six last chance were flexi inert metal this first gap right behind it we've seen this before in the switch that number one it starts with the swatch game Vanover with the cleanest line again to the square gate drops through the Pentagon game and on this respect number two you have inert looking for a chance to catch up but it's just not happening so far it's hard to catch up against the lead and a pilot like that Vanover through the sky game second he's going for it on the west run wow that was amazing but fan over passes right back look at this [Applause] - over the last time they were in this position can you do it again Vanover to the sky gate that dive through the finish Vanover get that gap second it is it sir you did yep good do you I was just right on you came that second lucky pasty good race and then you came up out of nowhere man heck yeah good race employs the regular heats of the level for finals have been completed we know there will be four pilots in the gold meet ban over gab 707 Duncan and Shaggy have one more heat to determine the level four champion was the pace on that no that was another record-setting heat he's not gonna have how many of those in a row no you just did three hours over the neuro four pilots the winner of this next heat is the level four champion Vanover starts on podium one gap 707 on podium for Duncan otome five shaggy six finals the other pilots have some real estate to make up against anima being over definitely versus already card is over [Music] [Applause] what an emotional win or gab 7:07 wait for that unforced error from Vanover and he capitalizes on that mistake holds on to the wind all the way through the drought is over gab you're known as one of the most consistent pilots in drone racing but the last level win for you was in 2017 level 2 atlanta aftermath how does it feel to be back on top you know I can't believe this you know I might just gratitude at this moment I can't you know thanks so much to everyone who's believed in me thanks and my girlfriend family it's been so long coming and people have been telling me you know you know you deserve this you got to get you got to get it and to finally make it I just can't why do you believe that you deserve it um I don't know two years ago I was leader in the season overtook me at the last possible moment and beat me last year I was feeling strong I had the course record on the track and the golden heat just went over in a snap like this and I know I have the speed I know I just need to keep it together and find the right formula for me I've worked actually really hard I found a new way of training I will admit and I think that was really really determining a factor for me tonight and that's huge on behalf of all your fans and us here at DRL we're all very proud of you and congratulations and we can't wait to see what's next thanks so much whoa an emotional win for gab that was two years in the making and bumps him up in the season standings after four levels Vanover remains in first with 13 points dabbe moves into second with 8 and Newark sits in third with five the TRL season heads to Phoenix Arizona and the largest crowd ever for a drone race level five Chase Field coming up this is TRL puts roam racing lead [Music] this is the URL Allianz World Championship welcome to Chase Field where we've turned an iconic baseball stadium into a high-speed three-dimensional racetrack we've made it to the gold needs at level five Chase Field four guys are in it no gap 707 Luxy and Vanover each heat is two half mile loops through port to gates position iein whoa Criss crossing the stadium and this course TK is a significant factor it truly is because it's so open the pilots need to focus on carrying momentum through the turn more than carving tight lines the smoothest pilots here will rise to the top the switchback has been a key differentiator here all night take us through this critical maneuver the switchback is a complex double u-turn requiring precise timing the goals are minimize distance flown while maximizing exit speed from each you turn the keys to the first u-turn are making a single turn while staying as close to the diamond gate as possible pilots pitch up slightly as they roll and yaw right they must time the turn so that they line up the diamond and square gates in a straight line the keys to the second u-turn are beginning to turn prior to the square gate and a peck seen as close to the gate as possible they pitch up slightly as they roll right with minimal yaw if they don't line up the two gates in the first u-turn they must make additional corrections which is slower if they don't begin the second u-turn early enough they extend their line path the square gate which is slower mistiming either turn causes them to hit the diamond gate or the square game if you want to win a level you need to first make the golden e and now we know our four pilots and their colors nuf in purple gap 707 yellow flux e the swatch pilot red and white and Vanover the flashing disco drum final [Music] winner-take-all fantastic start from Doug he's got climbing to the sky gate gab and fan over chasing him look at these guys ducks in a row Craig not doing a great job keeping in that day though as he just wonderfully dropped down little switch back to the first time now I'll be able to accelerate out of the square gate but gap is keeping it blue there on the right side of the course around the right-field pole back to the Pentagon gate and the start of last number to sub in the lead these guys behind a bit of a bobble there goes down he's blows again gap has closed the distance to switch back yet again gaps running at a time there was a bump that drop snap back the sweeping left Oh [Applause] fantastic launch off the podium getting to the front of the group and not letting go a tiny bit knocks back the wind and sends a message of his own now first off congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment can you put it into words what does it mean to you it means everything getting these points getting real points up on the board it shows these other pilots that I have what it takes still to stand up there on the podium at the end of the season and come back for another year before now what was holding you back that you overcame on this level I think it was a combination of things I wasn't getting a ton of practice I was in my own head a lot I wasn't thinking very positive I was dwelling on all of these negative things it would happen to me during a race and this time I just let it all go and just kept on flying my race so how do you take that how do you bottle it up and use it for the future levels that we have in front of us it's just an extreme confidence boost I've shown the guys hey I'm here I'm staying and you're not getting rid of me well once again congratulations you earned every bit of it thank you the overall season standings are getting interesting Vanover misses his first podium of the year but remains on top with 13 points gab is now just three points back with 10 and with this win now moves into third with six level six here in Phoenix would give the pilots another shot at season points with huge implications in the world championship title race next the drone racing league brought to you by aliens global leaders in asset management investments and insurance by the US Air Force aim high and by swatch welcome back to our review of the first six levels of the 2019 TRL Allianz World Championship season getting set for Heat number four of our finals here at level six Phoenix fan overs one two heats he's at the gold meet that's why training for gap just won the last teeth joining Vanover in that gold deep well I'm not gonna lie not do a little stretch a little bit less stress there by yourself winning Heat no I I'll give you a bit of confidence you know right no way to get by yourself people don't like being my team so anything that just gave me more confidence knowing I can make that make up that time on you out of all people I stay the last one Gabon Vanover have really separated themselves from the others here tonight TK what are you seeing that they're doing better you know that's a good question I don't think it's one thing in particular more everything all of them know the track inside and out and the best line through each element but Vanover and gab are executing those lines almost perfectly for two laps when the others make even a small misstep at any turn they fall behind they're up and away the left turn to the Pentagon Kade Vanover with the hole shot through the watch be built slime bin over in front cap 707 and yellow and jet conserve that was an aggressive turn out of a swash beat by gathers like two different clothes that distance to the top and he's always great on this drop here he goes this is the switchback Vanover gab jet they exit but gab stay right there with it over that's usually where he flips a gap in get this ringing a little wide out of that switchback that slows it down over there see this watch me so climb again jab is going for it there he goes on the drop he excels here and it's proving it right there gab momentarily passing Dan over but the swing back again gap slightly in front [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thank God dang it I don't know how to catch you guys that's your bedtime or what yeah it's true good job good racin gab how fun is it for a pilot of your level to race at this level you know this is the stuff that we all dream about we all think when we go out on the field let's say we practice together we'll get it heat like that and then we go to the next one and then nothing happens again it's one of those you just get one of them but we just did two of them in a row so I think we got something going here it's time for the golden heat flux e's last-second victory heat six means he joins Vanover and gap the stakes are huge if Vanover wins this heat he will have enough season points to clinch the world championship title if gabber flux ii win the entire season podium frame he determined in level seven all three away game over first to the Pentagon cave he'll be first to the slicing oh yeah kiss the swatch gate and is done fan over through the sky gate luck she's gonna have to play catch-up now into the switchback set up van over this is one of those maneuvers confidence in every heat well flux he's in a bad position here he's got to play catch up but that's not good for him if he could do this on every single one of these turns and changes a little bit of ground he can have his fighting chance he needs to figure it out remember these guys know each other's flying very well it was camped ban over weeks ago where they were together spending hours upon hours each other's tricks in treats but you have to believe but over the lightness [Music] unbelievable one little mistake like that costume give that to van over the crown has been passed all hail band over the season is his captain VIN over finally some smiles but also a lot of emotion that we saw just now what does it mean to be not just the level champion but now the world champion of the 2019 season I'm doing this for my dad and I love you that like this is for you you were a world champion and you inspired me it's this is this is for him this is for you he's watching up in heaven and my lord and everything just the support and everything this is hopefully the first of many but for me right now this is just probably the best one in my entire life I feel like I've I've served a purpose that I maybe can't grasp just yet but I hope these guys see it and I really hope that they see the motivation the passion in my faith and everything behind the scenes because that's also why I'm here I'm here to serve Him and not to serve myself or other people it's incredible you've racked up quite a trophy case here in your rookie season looking back at what you've accomplished what are you most proud of just my improvement in my dedication I've really focused so hard on this season trying to be the best pilot and that was it and just trying to not just be the best pilot for myself and my Lord and my dad who I'm serving but to show all these other guys that hard work and show everyone at home I was I wanted to be on D role and I put in the work to be here and then they get to world champion you can do it yourself that's what I'm here to show and that's my biggest proud moment is that anyone can do it it doesn't matter what obstacles what people call crazy that's great because I want to prove crazy to be right and that's just incredible it's so much to take in right now on behalf of the fans congratulations let's go to the overall season standings Vanover with that win now has a seven-point lead over gab 707 which means he has clinched the season win Vanover is your 2019 world champion
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2020.10.18 10:54 milankundairy Sometimes the Racial Tension Feels Imaginary

Don't get me wrong, I'm fully aware that there are clearly some issues regarding race and economic inequality in the country, but I just thought I'd share something from a personal perspective to fully illustrate how bloody weird it is to read that the place is going up in smoke on a daily basis when my lived reality is pretty different.

I'm 20 now, I'll be 21 soon. From my friend groups, to my dating life, to the social settings I frequent - there's diversity. There's a lot of diversity in fact. Nobody's oblivious to the idea that we're of a certain race with certain cultural backgrounds and that, but it's never been a big deal. It's literally the furthest thing from anybody's mind...

And then you log on to the internet, or flick on the news, or something. Jesus H. Christ, you'd be convinced we're on the brink of civil war. There'll be blokes writhing with racism, hate and prejudice recycling the same boring shit about how much they hate Black people or how much they hate White people and how either group is on a quest to fuck the other's lives up in the name of weird ideologies formulated by dead blokes nobody could be arsed to remember (or crackpot leaders of today that'll suffer the same fate).

Ffs, I'm either trapped in a little bubble or I'm masochistically seeking out bad news, but something's got to give.
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2020.10.18 03:11 iridiumhatandcoat [spoilers for all of it] - looking back on COUNTER/weight

me, in A Splintered Branch, a Ringing Bell, Part 1: "Okay, the big confrontation on September is over, so this must be an extended epilogue? Weirdly long runtime for that, but okay. Look, all the minor characters from the whole show are back for some fun fanservice, and we get to see where they end up and how they live out their lives!"
me, in A Splintered Branch, a Ringing Bell, Part 3: "Oh. Oh no... OH NO."
In my continuing quest to inhale Friends at the Table in its entirety, I have finished COUNTEweight. I have talked earlier about how this was a rough start, and I took a very long time to get through the first third of it or so. I binged the final third in about a week. Holy shit, y'all.
Everybody who gets through C/w says that it is very good. I don't think it's possible to really put that in perspective, though. I am awestruck. This was so amazingly good.
I know that I am eventually going to have to relisten to COUNTEweight. I feel like there's a lot of stuff I didn't catch, or things I didn't understand the significance of until much later. There's just moments I want to reexperience. I'm going to give it time to settle-- a lot of time, I'll probably get caught up on the rest of FatT before I return here.
I remember feeling very lost in the early episodes, which back then felt like long lists of planets and factions, way too much to actually ever get my head around in any meaningful way. They made me care about all of it. They made me care about all of it. Amazing.
I can't even hit the highlights, it's too much. I think it's really important that the people were all so multidimensional. Ibex was a snake, but was he really a villain, in the final accounting? Was Maryland September? Was anybody? These are all just people who got caught up in systems much bigger than them. Rigor is a monster, but also a reflection of real-world tendencies to dehumanize people, treat them as only the potential that can be extracted from them, consume and discard them. This whole season is, at a certain level, a story of personal human triumph over impersonal inhumanity, and that's so uplifting.
I am writing this in October 2020, and it is difficult to listen to the parts of the show that joke about the 2016 American Presidential election. I had a hard time after that election, and I am having a hard time now. Friends at the Table has been, for me, a strategy to block out a lot of the political news and noise that fuels my anxiety, and I am bracing myself for when that 2016 result creeps into the conversation here, too. But I think that now, as then, a story of human triumph over inhumanity is a very important sort of story, and desperately needed.
I've talked in previous posts about how impressed I've been with the group's seamless ability to shift between game systems. Firebrands, for the finale, was a particular high point. At first it struck me as the Mario Party of rules-light roleplaying, but as it went on, it became clear just how powerful a tool the system was for forcing dramatic moments and terrifying choices. Orth shaming the Steiger twins over sushi had me cheering, but Aria's showdown with Paisley, and later, Kobus's duel with Vicuna, had me speechless. It's a hell of a thing when a system's combat resolution mechanic includes saying to your counterpart, out loud: "you have an opportunity to kill me... do you take it?" There are a lot of small ways this system impressed me with the starkness of the questions it led the players to ask.
In the last part of the finale, I knew I was in trouble when I got all choked up for Lazer Ted. I saw it coming a long way off-- as soon as it became clear what the crisis points were doing. I had been pretty convinced I didn't even like this goofball character, at first, like he spoiled the mood of this serious dramatic story. I guess he grew on me on his own merits, but also, that was before I really understood the stakes of the final conflict with Rigor, and how many sacrifices were going to have to be made. Way to go out with a bang, though, damn. Keep it wavy. Yeah.
The floodgates really opened, in the finale. I forget how many times, and exactly when, but the hardest I cried was when it became clear how Cass was going to die: pinning Rigor to a doomed planet, staring into its hateful face until they fell into the sun. And again, in his final call to Aria. When Austin told the group they were going to have to individually, privately, decide whether to sacrifice their characters to stop Rigor, I knew I was going to be in for a rough time. I had to pause the podcast to do some other things, and I almost didn't want to start it up again to find out. I really thought Orth would sacrifice himself, but I'm glad he got a happier ending, and is sleeping again. I was surprised and pleased to know that AuDy survived in a strange form. My heart hurts for Mako, and how Rigor got its claws into him in such a lasting way. Honestly shocked by how much I ended up caring about these characters, even the minor ones that seemed like cameos, and about what happened to them in the end.
I feel so, so glad that Aria got her happy ending, and got to dip her toes into the sea of a cleaned-up planet.
I really appreciate how many characters in this game use they/them pronouns. This is a small thing, but it makes me feel seen and understood and included, in a way that most fiction doesn't. I particularly appreciate Kobus, who doesn't use they/them because of being a robot, or an Apostolician being with a complicated gender that's abbreviated in this way as a shorthand for the listener, but because Kobus is just, you know, like me. I don't often get that.
Impressed with all the players and how they did, and especially with how Austin did at running the game. I've run Dungeon World more than I've run anything else, so I know a lot of the principles of running a PbtA game, and ideas like "draw maps, leave blanks" and "play to find out what happens" are familiar ones. I'm really impressed by how hard Friends at the Table committed to that fluidity in this season. You could tell there were places where Austin was merciless about dropping the hammer when player choices and bad rolls gave the opening (r.i.p Paisley Moon), or scrapping a bunch of prep to go off in a different direction (what do you mean, Rigor can just get to September right now?), or just being totally willing to turn the campaign on a dime to make a player choice possible (what happens if Aria just kills Cass, here in the finale?)
I feel like a lot of tabletop gaming in general, as well as some popular actual play podcasts I could name, are a lot more scripted than this, because they're trying to tell a good story, a particular story, and so this kind of flexibility has to be curtailed so that outcomes can be planned in advance and written for, and I'm just so, so impressed with what Friends at the Table has done here with the opposite outlook.
There's no way I am going to be able to remember all the thoughts I meant to make note of, so I'm going to wrap up this very long post.
I remember deciding to listen to Friends at the Table in order, and being really excited about the Dungeon World fantasy campaigns, and regarding COUNTEweight as a sort of bump in the road, that I would endure, but really be looking forward to getting over with it so I could get back to Hieron. I'm still really glad I listened to Autumn in Hieron first-- I think it adds a certain depth to COUNTEweight to get all the little references and in-jokes that this group shares-- but wow, this has really surprised me with how much I loved, loved it.
Onward to the next thing. It looks like Marielda is next. I'm going to wait at least a few days before I start it, to give all of COUNTEweight time to settle in my head, but I'm looking forward to seeing what it's all about.
I went back and found the first message where somebody recommended Friends at the Table to me. It's dated March, 2017. Hate that I took so long to get into it, but glad I managed in the end.
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2020.10.17 22:47 orphancrippler_ GPT-3 Reviews The Oculus Quest 2 and Games

The Oculus Quest 2 is the first headset I ever purchased, and I have to admit that it’s become pretty much a permanent fixture in my house now. It’s currently a couple months away from the release of the Oculus Quest 2.5 with its superior processing and graphics, but the current headset remains a formidable piece of technology.

This is my quick-fire review of all the VR games I have played on the Oculus Quest 2 so far, ranked from worst to best.

I’m gonna split it up into two parts - part one will cover the initial round of games I played, which aren’t very good, while part two will cover the games I played in December 2018 and onward, which are a lot better.

Part one is here: /the-oculus-quest-2/

Part two is here: The post also includes Steam links to the games.

The full list is here

'Distance' is a nice, relaxing rhythm-based lane-based runner which contains a few genuinely stunning environments, but also nothing new that you haven't seen before. It's also exclusive to Quest, but only costs $10, so if an even cheaper Portal Runner is what you're after, then you might as well give it a shot.


'FANTASTIC DISCOVERY' IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. I tried so hard to like this game - I mean I don't even really like rhythm games in general, and yet this game is one of the few rhythm games I've enjoyed in my life, so I really wanted to like it. Yet every time I played it - I HATED IT. Something about the controls, something about the aesthetic - I just couldn't get into it. Maybe it's because I didn't have an Oculus Touch? Maybe it's because the music is far too aggressive? Maybe it's because the reviews on Steam were so universally good? Maybe because the hub area is so oppressive? I just don't know. Still, *someone* liked it, because the game is currently sitting at a review-score of 96% on Steam, so... maybe I'll try it again if I ever gather the courage.

This game just isn't very fun - it's a very short, dull story about finding a lost person's teddy, in a world full of NPCs that barely move or speak to you. Even on easy, this game is far too hard for its own good - and doesn't have any options for tweaking the difficulty. The handful of environment settings would have been nice if they all lasted the same amount of time, but there are levels that run from around 10-30 minutes, and others that are only around one minute long. The jumps are boring and the story is boring and the world is boring and the characters are boring and the music is boring and everything is boring.

This was pretty much a live tribute to the Marble Madness series, only a lot simpler, and with no modes or different tricks. Good marble race games are very hard to find on Wii, and even harder to find on Oculus Quest, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this little gem exist. That said, the controls are a bit awkward, with the 'grab' mechanic leaving you with no option to press or hold button(s) at the same time as moving the controller, making the game feel like it wants you to completely stop holding the controller as soon as you start moving. On top of that, changing your camera viewpoint in any meaningful way is very difficult, and the game never really warns you about the context-sensitive terrain, which could've taken up a significant amount of time if I hadn 't been warned about it in advance.

OMG get me some of that ZONE-7 in my cupboard! What? It's... not there any more? Darn - I had a nice little stash of that stuff. I used to play it on my pocket-computer while I was at work, and some of my friends had it too... I used to hum the theme tune to myself all the time...

I usually hate rhythm-based games, but this one is the exception to the rule. The graphics are very well-designed, the gameplay itself is varied, the current song list is very good, and the hub world is hugely refreshing, compared to most rhythm games which tend to be fairly linear and bland. If you like music games or rhythm games, this is one to add to your library.

Ah yes, this game, I remember it - I loved it. Or at least , I would have, if it was still the same game that it used to be... it's had a terrible rework, where it now plays nothing like it used to. The graphics have been changed in a tragic attempt to make it more like a Flappy Bird-killer, the camera is jumpy and confusing and the tracks are very bland for the most part. The only good parts are the menu, the music and the loading screens. I don't like. I might review it next time I get time.

I have no idea why, but this game was the only game my headset didn't work with at all when I got it. I don't think it's that great anyway, but since I wasn't able to try it for myself, I won't be ranking it in my list. I will probably check it out again later, so I'll definitely add my full review to the blog at a later date.

Eh... I guess if you're into very short, time-trial-like racers, you could give this a shot. If you're not, then I'd rather recommend Toki Tori 2+ or Cosmic Trip, which are both longer and have more of a story to them. ust_V

The only thing I remember about this is that the sky looks terrible.

A post-apocalyptic 3rd person shooter where you can charge up your gun-blasts - it's kind of like a watered-down version of Gears of War, - it doesn't really do anything wrong, but it also doesn't really do anything particularly great, especially as the shooting just doesn't feel very good because of how many things you can shoot with your bullets.

I remember trying this a very long time ago, and it being outrageously infuriating - but it's much more playable now. This game is the Mario Kart of life-sized shooting-gallery games, having a variety of grab-able objects to shoot at. The controls aren't as tight as they could be, however, with aiming often throwing one or two shots off the target, meaning that getting time on the leaderboard can feel a little bit too luck-based . Still, it's a ton of fun and very colorful and vibrant, making it worth trying if you like shooting gallery games.

A very bizarre and fun puzzle-shooter where you control a tiny inside a robotic bee, flying around a castle and listening to an old wizard chat at you while you complete puzzles. The plot is a bit weird, but everything else is great, and it's definitely worth a look if you're into puzzle-shooters, because it's a more charming and fun take on the genre than most. _ Bees/

I remember trying this a long time ago, and it seeming pretty good at the time - I'm still not convinced that I didn't get this one freemium game confused with another one when I was pulling my list together. I do know that I got the 'VR' trailer for this one from YouTube, whereas I got the Quest trailer for the other one from the Quest store. I used to love freemium gem-matching games like this in the old days; I wonder if every one of them got ruined with a rework? I'll definitely give this game a try again in the future.

Above: Will this be the finest, best-ever, this-game-will-bring-unity-and-peace-to-all-mankind masterpiece of all time?

No? Ok, well, you've had your chance to make history. Go sign up for Year 7.

This is a very fun and technically impressive little title, reminding me of how much I love the Vivid arium's mechanics, and putting them in a very different environment. The only major issue with this game is that it's only about ten minutes long, and doesn't really give off the feeling that it's full of exciting secrets to uncover. That said, for a game that is packed with content, and a little hidden unlockable panoramic view, I still had plenty of fun with this title .

A Virtual Reality based recreation of the original mission-based / zoomed-in section of SimCity 4's gameplay. This game is not about building a city however; it's about controlling a simulated environment, managing your simulated fire service, urban planning and dealing with a simulated population. It reminds me a lot of SimCity Deluxe, except you have to manage a lot more things, a lot less things are automated, and things feel a little more polished and professional. It's actually quite impressive how much detail goes into these things that can be so difficult to control from a top-down perspective: Grid-based fire control, divetrotting for sprink ler placement and truck servicing, redrawing firewalls, building efficient public-transport links, and more. All of that is a lot of fun, and makes this game a ton of fun, even during the slower sections, when you're trying to raise the money to buy a new firetruck or watch your fire service upgrade itself over time. I just wish there were a little more to do, a little more to unlock and a little more to explore... Viv ed_V

Phew! AAA title #4 is a longer one: a beautifully-crafted traditional JRPG that has been placed in a virtual reality setting. If you are a fan of JRPGs, and actually own a headset, then I recommend that you seriously consider checking this out - if I did rankings, this would be ranked very high !

Note: As this review is still a bit of a work-in-progress, more opinions and information will be added to this review when I get the time/energy. For now though, I hope this helps out anybody who is interested in this game, and I hope to see you again soon!
- GPT-3
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